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Chinese Geomancy more affectionately known as Feng Shui, Wind is Luck, Water is Wealth. Originated in China dated back no less than 3000 years ago with no distinct Founder. It's an Environmental Science & Not Religion. I call it Traditional Chinese Interior & Exterior Design Method (TCIEDM).

In modern age, Wind Water should be divided into 3 parts:

1) Feng Shui for the Dead (Yin Hse): This's of primarily importance. When the decease is buried, its remain will somehow or rather will work with the earth energy, together with the shape of the tomb & land, & auspicious date & time, the next few generations will either benefit or be destroyed. For cremation, the venue where the urn will be placed is important. It may no longer be as effective as burial but still vital. At this point, you'll probably know why your cousin is smarter, richer & better looking than you. Will your rich relatives bother to alter the tomb to benefit you?

A client told me that after their grandfather was buried, no Male was born! Even those who married out gave birth only to Girls! Although a Geomancer was consulted before the burial, they surely didnt expect such "negative birth". After meeting with many relatives, they decided to examine the tomb & opened the coffin. To their dismay, the coffin was tilted! They trusted that's why no more Boy! Who tilt it, caretaker, God, weak earth! Once the coffin was placed right again. Boys were delivered!

2) Feng Shui for the Home (Yang Hse): Since you cant control the Yin Hse, this Home Feng Shui becomes VIP. In your house, you're the King & Queen. You can decide where to sleep, where the TV should be, fine too if you wish to paint the wall black etc. Good Energy will benefit your family only.

3) Feng Shui for the Work Place (Yang Hse): If you're not the owner of the business, you cant possibly choose where your office should be. Even if you're the key personnel, a lot of decisions is restricted.

From the above 3 points, you're left with Home Feng Shui to benefit from.

Base on your DOB, check which area is ideal for you, eg north or South. Then what's your best facing or orientation, East or West.

Best shape for land or pty is Horse-Shoe or letter U. Such can contain Wind & Water, i.e. Luck & Money. The property must be on good soil high land or mountain & faces water course, eg calm sea, river, lake. Road of X, Y, T shape will kill you. Any station, eg police, fire, mrt gives out bad energy which will hurt you, if you're too near them. Bad neighbours also include worship places, brothels, nightspots etc.

For apartment owners, the higher the floor the better. Sit High See Far. For landed pty, please ensure your main entrance is not obstructed.

Stove represents Career, Fertility & Women's Health. It's of Fire element thus shouldn't face Water element, eg Washing Basin, Fridge, Washing Machine. If Fire & Water has to be in line, it should be at least 1 foot or 30 cm apart. Make sure the stove isn't below clothes, pipes etc. It shouldn't be too near the window too. The wind will blow off the fire. No sharp pts should be poking at the stove otherwise you'll be Arrowed.

Bed is about Relationship, Reproduction & Feeling. No thing should be placed on the wall above the bed. Forget about your wedding photos. Bad energy from there will come crushing down to pressure you. Bed shouldn't be in line with room door. This can kill. If Bed is parallel to the door, you'll be operated on frequently! Well, if such is unavoidable, use Divider or create some kind of Partition. Over or Under Sex is also Bad Feng Shui.

No mirror should face Bed, Stove, Door, Altar etc. Its Reflective Energy will weaken you day by day. How can you perform then? It can even cause Miscarriage!

In any property, there're Rich, Prosperous, Wisdom, Romance area. Sometimes Negative Energy area too. Always place Lucky items including your Photos at the good area. Can consider to put Plant, Aquarium or Big Furniture at the Negative area.

All the above Points have been repeated in all good feng shui books. Thus show its Basic and Importance. Even if you dont engage a feng shui man, you should observe these rules. All other designs will depend on each DOB.

Feng Shui veteran Mr Stephen Skinner defined the subject as " the art of living in harmony with the land, deriving the greatest benefit, peace & prosperity from being in the right place at the right time."

Besides Good Health, it will also develops one's Wisdom & Opportunities. Without Good Thinking Power & Chances, one goes nowhere in this modern society.

In about 1873, Rev Ernest Eitel of the London Missionary Society was sent to China to spread the Religion. Eventually he became probably the 1st angmoh expert in Chinese Geomancy. His Classic " Feng Shui " is a Must Read for all Feng Shui enthusiasts. His most famous words: "by far the best & effective means is to engage a geomancer, to do what he says, & to pay him well". I like it.

Nowadays there're many Con Geomancers , man & woman, all ready to Con You. Beware of beautiful advertisements & websites. Don't just blindly go for the cheapest fee. You might end up buying lots of things from him, & using his contractors. Check out his portfolio, his years of service, etc. Ask around too. And not just who's expensive, who's cheap...................

Lastly, Chinese believes the following order:

1. Life 2. Luck 3. Geomancy 4. Charity/Kindness/Filial Piety 5. Studies

If one's born of Good Life, quite naturally his Luck is always OK. See Mr Richard Li. If one's life is so-so or bad, how kind, filial, & hard you study, you'll still feel the stress. Geomancy is the Breaking Point. The well-off just need one bad pty to bankrupt him. And the average or poor guy just need a good premises to turn over a new leaf. Look at Mr K K Fong, Chow Yuen Fatt, & the venture between SingTel & Virgin Mobile.

A pal with fortune worth about S$30 milllions went to buy a huge house which publicly felt was a Jinx house coz all past owners went in rich but came out broke. It took the family in less than 3 years to go broke!

One might wonder, since Feng Shui is so incredible, when a crook applies it, his evil deeds will turn into an empire! As Geomancer turned Nun, Rev Heng Dao explained that " Feng Shui will not work for the wicked ". This's to say that the Feng Shui magic of the crook will be short-lived.

Chinese Geomancy can always help the Bad Shape ones to Good Shapes, & the Good Shape ones to Better Shapes, & the Better Shapes to Best Best Shapes.

Guess the only thing that can disturb Feng Shui is Greed & Wickedness.

Cheong Geomancy Consultants estd 1988

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