Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fierce Casino MBS

 'MBS blames bad luck for profits dip' in ST, 5/5/11. wat to do, master chong died b4 it's done. oso showed his so-called student fm usa lacked knowledge. dec 5, SuT, reported wat geomancers advised punters to wear &/or bring, work! more error by mbs in following notes. maybe i could help mbs. 

Very Fierce Design! mass gaming floors of marina bay sands. 天罗地网,血滴子,鸟笼,天璇地鑚!Heaven Trap, Head Cutting Weapon, Bird Cage, Blank Mind. on the mild side it might be Incense or Mosquito Coil!
your consolation is the casino opened on 27/4/10, lunar 3rd mth 14th day, Average - day, 3.18pm although sounded nice but Inauspicious hour. the day good for the Goat, bad for the Ox. licence was given on the Very Inauspicious Day of Mdm 3rd Lady, 26/4/10, 三娘煞! the proposed official opening date is 23/6/10, Average - day, good for the Dragon, bad for the Dog. not suit Come Out $, & Open 'Business'.
the colour to Combat her theme colour of Yellow, LV Sands from the West, would be Red &/or Blue. thus for better luck & clearer mind, wear Red &/or Blue. in addition to any other auspicious items u carry, u might wish to bring penknife, razor blade, scissors, axe, chopper to symbolise in cutting the trap, cage or net.
from 2005 till now i've been frequently interviewed, asked, & invited to talk abt the 2 IRs. i hope the student of the late geomancer chong swan lake, who died suddenly before MBS was completed, would give future Date Selection or remaining feng shui design of MBS more care.
the much talkabout Altar design spookly reflects that chong prepared for his own Altar ! so dun be surprised tat He watches while u play!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


often Wealth area is in the toilet. some absurd 'feng shui chaps' suggest Dun Flush! i like a taiwanese geomancer's advice: put plants whether water or soil base in bathroom. such will help & oso will beautify those areas. green r commonly found in hotel's restrooms. whether it's rich, wisdom or neg energy, same point. the hardy, min water & sunlight $ plant or Iron Tree suits.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


famous blogger xiaxue i do on 13/3/10. blessing to her n her handsome white hubby mike for accepting my suggestion of not using their org inauspicious date 14/3. admire this new age modern couple for giving respect to something ancient. bravo! credit mus oso goes to vernetta lopez n her wedding planner team for ensuring the best for the couple. jus a light note, 13/3/10 is Sure Live Live Sure, oso Sure Give Birth Give Birth Sure, whereas 14/3/10 is Sure Die All Sure! of course i dun use such Number Sound to select date. it's their dob n the Auspiciousness of 13/3/10 tat counts.
Happy Romance Folks. pic shows Luv Bonding Locks at Great Wall of China. Luv long like the Great Wall!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


tis isnt d 1st time tat Bee cum 2 my pl 2 build Hive but tis time a giant tiger bee came to build on a pickle n rail lamp shade! they did it on my pines, & on some paintings of flowers n calligraphy. very real works by great artists. well, those who know me well, will know that i'm very Sweet. Happy Fortune.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Rev Fa Quan founder of Man Fatt Lam Temple, 211 Old Bedok Road passed away on Qing Ming day, 5/4/10, 96 yrs old. If Bonsai were created by Monks, Rev Fa Quan really lived to that. In my 20+ years of buddhismship with the Rev, have seen her many Landscape & Bonsai creation. Pictures here some of her great effort.

She intro me to Rev Dhammajoti, a Malaysian Chinese High Monk, now stationed in Sri Lanka, to take Refuge from, when i was ready to become a Buddhist. To thank me for bringing out many Sutras from the library to the open for sunlight, & guiding them for a few days, she presented me a large piece of Buddhism Art. Now hang at my place.

Rev Fa Quan was also active in Charity. She even built Temple in China. In the younger years, Man Fatt Lam took in many old folks & orphans. Her disciple, Rev Yan Ming, is my 2nd child, Sophia's godmother. Both Sifu & student intro many clients to me.

This pioneer Nun will leave for Bright Hill Temple this Sun. Rev Fa Quan will be missed by many. Happy Nirvana!

Monday, April 5, 2010


green is wealth oso health. blue is water tat make green grow. yellow is sun oso help green. yellow + blue = green. with d stimulation of desert rose, found in earlier post fortune flower 1-3, green is a serious hobby now. choose qing ming day to create tis page for tis festival gets d family together to visit the tomb to trim green, oso filial piety.

my parents r green lovers too. they planted v nice orchids. some exotic ones were stolen. my mum foto w a pot of rare orchid by prof fotographer. in later yrs they'd bonsai too, hokien tea n shui mei. my dad even created racks at d corridor garden jus to get more sunlight. interesting to hv common hobby by couple. 

in tis virgin page i'll intro Bonsai Garden of Shuang Lin Temple, 184-E Jln Toa Payoh. rare, exotic n huge in big area. truly worth ur visit.