Saturday, February 22, 2014

Goodwood Grand

in today's soft property market situation, 3-Bedroom pte apt is asking for $2.4m! look carefully again it's Freehold in dist 10! well it's at Balmoral road side. hope Goodwood Hill is at the back of this property & not the front or the side. natural waterfront is missing. it wouldn't be that good if one can see the 2nd most famous Cross Road (X), raffles town club, chinese girls'sch.
proper Feng Shui advice needed for the buyers. worth your consideration. 

22/2/14, 4pm.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rivertrees, Riverbank & H20 Residences

water is wealth made these 3 properties with water view worth a serious consideration. their side by side structures made it more interesting. their recent launch surely made a stir at fernvale sengkang. before you jump onto the bandwagon, do examine the Positive & Negative Feng Shui Effects:

LOOK at the above pic Very Carefully. although one always says Water Frontage is Good but one must also consider its other factors. in this case, LOOK at Punggol River shape & the point where these 3 properties anchored. 
You're facing or poking the Back of a Person! it isn't a good angle!
Riverbank is the Left Green Dragon, H20 Residences is the Right White Tiger, & Rivertrees Residences is the Pearl. basically such form a Good Feng Shui site. would even be better if there's mountain, hill or highland behind. Layar LRT disturbs the peace especially for H20.

Riverbank too close to each other. Fighting to breath. 

H20 queuing to go somewhere. Judgement awaits.

Rivertrees has no fair picture to talk about!

If you're serious about getting the above property, Get a Geomancer to help you to choose a better unit, to Feng Shui the Interior, & Pick Auspicious Dates too.

Sunday, Feb 16, 2.45pm

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentino Horse Year 2014

Valentine's Day falls on Lunar 1st month 15th day (in China it's also known as Chinese Valentine's Day)! 
An unusual Romantic & Auspicious occasion. Suggested to many hoteliers & restauranters to add in Chocolates & Roses to the New Year dish, Yu Sheng (Raw Fish Salad).  And name it Amour Yu Sheng.
Yu Sheng of Wo Peng Restaurant Macpherson branch at its best. Fried Fish Skin superb!

This Wood Horse will gallop in Recovery but caution needed for the Property & Metal Markets. Minor Fowl & Weather issues. Double Springs & Twin 9 Months make Auspicious Weddings. North-East, South-East & North-West seem to be weak. Illness Star in the East thus best to put a Hulu (vegetable bottle gourd). Not necessary the real thing, Crystal or Jade made is fine too. Ground-Breaking not to be done at North-West as the Tai Sui Star is there. 

Ranking of the 12 Zodiac Animals: 

1.   Rooster   (Romance Star)
                     (Abacus, Kirin)
2.   Rabbit   (False Romance Star)
3.   Pig        (Stay Sober)
                  (3 Ingots)
4.   Cow      (Beware of Traps)
                    (Hulu, Citrine)
5.   Goat      (No Short-Cut)
6.   Snake    (Wisdom Star)
                    (Elephant, Amethyst)
7.   Horse    (Beware of Water Events)
                   (Hulu, Amethyst)
8.   Dragon    (Avoid Operation)
                     (Hulu, Amethyst)
9.   Tiger       (Fierce Trouble-Makers)
                     (Hulu, Black Obsidian)
10. Rat            (Accident prone)
                       (Cow items)
11. Dog         (Respect the Law)
                      (Amethyst, Citrine)
12. Monkey    (Be very Watchful)
                       (Hulu, Black Obsidian)

Wear &/or Put the Lucky Items in the Shop/Home. High Quality Items Found in 

Personnal Consultation available.

Let me end this page by using Award-Winning Hotel Royal Plaza on Scotts, GM Mr Patrick Fiat's famous words: HUAT AH!