Sunday, July 8, 2007


DREAM is someone or something trying to tell you something, seek help or revenge when you're in another state of mind. Dream of Lottery Nos? Do Respect Dreams! Try Keeping a Dream Journal.

PSYCHIC could See or Feel Things through Dream, Mediation, Crystal Ball etc. Discovery Channel always telecast Psychic Power. Interesting & Informative.

I happened to have Dream Power inborn. And very often related to clients or pals. 'Pink' took half day off & went with me to look for a place after telling her a Dream. We found that place. She entered & was Enlightened! 'Neo' was told to drive with care.

If you've Repeated Dreams of the Same Story over & over again, Please check it out asap. Some folks trust that Dream always shows the opposite result. Chinese or English have volumes of Books on Dreams. So Interesting!

I'll relate more in the Chapter called ' Unbelievable & SuperNatural ' soon.

Cheong Geomancy Consultants estd 1988

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