Thursday, July 10, 2008

7th Month 2015

2015 lunar 7th mth, 14/8 to 12/9, 14th day: 27/8; 15th day: 28/8. Dizang Bodhisattva's Birthday: 12/9, lunar 7th mth 30th day.
2014 lunar 7th mth, 27/7 to 24/8, 14th day: 9/8 National Day; 15th day: 10/8. 
2013 lunar 7th mth, 7/8 to 4/9, 14th day: 20/8, 15th day: 21/8. for real life Spooky cases go to Unbelievable & Supernatural Page.   2010 For the 1st time in many many years, our National Day wasn't in the Ghost Month! for so many years, you dunno who really was beside you at the Parade!!

26 aug 08: 1. a malay patron at a coffee shop took home some fruits fm the 7th mth altar there 4 his pet bird! he woke up d next day, speechless, cant talk! in tat few dumb days, his family brought him to consult western n chinese docs. No cure, & they told him sign of going Dumb! they desired 2 seek help fm chinese medium. 'he personally shld return 2 d same altar, seek apology, donatn some oil $, n return double amt d fruits he took. do tis daily or until he can talk again. shld d altar be gone n he yet 2 recover, do tis at d nearest taoist temple'.

2. another malay guy urined near (i dun tink at) d altar of a coffee shop. a few days later he died!
3. d above 2 incidents told by my fr reminded me of wat my relative shared when he was a committee member of a 7th mth functn: late 1 nite, he tried to carry the urn fm pt a 2 b. it's as though the urn was cemented 2 d table, he jus cant lifted it! he scolded some bad words n explained d reason for d shift den he'd d job done! (those good bros played w him or were having their meals). they're real folks.

2012 lunar 7th mth, 17/8 - 15/9. 14th: 30/8. 15th: 31/8.
to the Taoist n Ch free thinker, it's Ghost Fest. 1 mth holiday 4 them 2 come to get goodies. the gd ones will hv early release. try not 2 return 4 d naughty ones. thus any new property shldnt b left vacanted! they'll take shelter. renovatn 2 proceed 2 maintain Live Energy.
to the Buddhist, it's Buddha Happy Month. 4 u to pay Special Homage to Buddha & Reverends.
to others, it's just a mth. do u celebrate Halloween? do u afraid of Fri 13?

as a Chinese Tradition, Dont get Married esp w big celebratn in tat month! heard of couples were disturbed. Can proceed w Wedding Plans eg Select Wedding Dates, Visit Wedding Shows, Book Banquet etc. Can buy car, property etc. give Respect 2 14th (hokkien/teochew) n 15th (cantonese). a steady driving hokkien pal collected his car on d 14th, n ended up w many silly accidents (bus knocked him while waiting 4 traffic light, bike turned in n banged him etc).

Dont stay out 2 late in the nite esp 4 kids. Dont swim esp in the sea. Dont holiday esp places tat were havoced recently. Clothes hang out must b brought in b4 moon rises. if were 2 attend 7th mth getai, Dont talk rubbish. if were 2 attend 7th mth dinner, Pray 2 d Gods 1st den yam sheng.
if no choice but u hv 2 attend d above, please wear Amulets & Pray hard. wat abt national day?

Belief is tat they r most powerful at nite. Water Ghost fierce. Unnatural Death oso fierce. they might stick 2 ur clothes esp branded n sexy ones. at getai, cinema, who's next 2 u?

4 other religions n races, ok 2 get married w big party. enjoy d discounts by hotels.