Friday, October 9, 2015

Death Planning

in the old days, it's common especially for the rich to engage a Geomancer to search for a piece of good feng shui land for burial. it's a known fact that a good feng shui land, proper site, tomb design & auspicious day will bring good life & fortune for the next few generations. moreover some years ago, there's a scientific test proved that the remains has chemistry reaction with the earth.

in modern days, especially in many land scarce countries, cremation is highly recommended. the remains or ashes will then be put into an urn & place in temple or columbarium. some will dispose the ashes into the sea.

the temple or columbarium's feng shui especially the location of the urn unit will still play an important part in compassing the family's fortune. 

usually for chinese buddhist, taoist or free thinker will have the deceased or ancestor's tablet set up in a temple &/or one's home. thus the location & position of the tablet is vital to good or bad fortune.

next, let's examine various dates. when the body will return home or go to the casket is quite beyond control. but the date of the funeral is controllable. it should not clash with any family members. in addition, it must be a day that suits for funeral. Rev Hong Choon, the great feng shui monk who's abbot of kong meng san temple had his funeral date changed coz the original date was inauspicious although obituary was made. i delayed a client's bury hour coz the original hour was inauspicious although the day was all right. 

the above also applies to relocation of burial ground to cremation. when the grave should be dug? when the cremation should take place? where the ashes & tablet will be? 

To Benefit All, I've come up with the following:

1. Location of Urn & Tablet. To Select the Suitable Place for the Urn & Tablet in the temple or columbarium.

2. Auspicious Date/Time.

Price on Application 

from now till year end, 10% proceeds will be donated to Man Fatt Lam Buddhist Temple's Rebuilding Fund. 


this Taoist parents allowed their kids to become Christians. when the mum passed away, the dad did her the Taoist funeral. some years later, the dad was in coma in hospital. the grown up kids got a Church Father to baptize him. a Christian ceremony was done for his death. few days later, all the kids who lived separately had the same dream on the same night. their dad told them that he's sent to Heaven by some Angels. up there he's rejected for they felt he's baptized unknowingly. when he's escorted to Hell by the guards, the Lord realised that his name was no longer in his book, for he changed Religion! he became an unwanted soul & hid among trees near his home!
advised his children to get a Taoist Priest to redo the funeral ceremony.
well, casket companies do arrange for all types of Religious Services.  

from FB, an urn carrying the remains was smashed in a car accident! wrong day for the transport. 


Know Your Self

Personal Assessment Package: Life as Destined. Ideal Colour, Career, & Area including Sleeping & Sitting Positions. Compatible Zodiac. Year of Luck in General.

Date & Hour of Birth Required. Take about 3 days to process.

$100 by email/post. $200 at my place. $500 at your local address.

All Enquiries Welcome. T: 67450023. Sms/Whatsapp: 96919423. E:

from now till year end, 10% proceeds will be donated to Man Fatt Lam Buddhist Temple's Rebuilding Fund.