Thursday, May 18, 2017

Japanese Cat

Almost every house or shop has at least 1 Japanese Cat figurine. Some collect the whole family! A HK immigrant came with a 1m tall Cat. She told me it's a limited edition, likely the tallest, from a Japanese dept store in HK.

Why this Cat of about 400 years history originated from Japan gained worldwide popularity? Is it that pretty, charming or cute? A Lucky Charm?

In my earlier years of Research on Auspicious Things, passed by a Japanese food stall in a food court. Saw the Cat was placed in a nice tray together with 2 cups & a small coconut, at eyes level. The staff rejected my request to photo such placement. He explained that it was rude to photo their God! Very nice of him to tell me that the cup of wine, salt & coconut were offering to the Cat God.

Recently an article highlighted that Male Cat has the Right Hand Up to Channel in Fortune & Good Luck. Left Hand Up is the Female Cat to Build Good Relationship. Cat of White colour means Lucky. Black to avert calamities & evil. Yellow for Relationship. Gold for Fortune & Prosperity. Purple for Beauty & Health. Green for Happiness. What you want?

Crystal is not a Chinese thing but often used in Feng Shui. So it's all right to add the much adorable Japanese Cat to your Auspicious list. Meow! Meow! Meow!

18/5/17, 2.30pm