Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dream of MH 370

1+ am, 20/3/14: Tall Green Grass, Hard Dried Ground. Lots of Soldiers in Green Uniforms & Caps. Race of soldiers unknown. The Pilots were Drugged.

Woke up at 2+ am to record & paint the dream. The Blue portion of the picture was added at about 9+ am after the Second Dream when i went back to sleep.

4+ or 5+ am: 1. Deep Blue Sea. Many Voices said Very Cold! Very Cold! 2. An Ipoh friend who lives in Singapore wanted to go Kelantan & Terengganu to watch Turtles lay eggs. 3. A Singaporean couple in their 50s visited Bejing for the first time. Within an hour the lady bought lots of men's clothes. Later found out by the husband that she has a boyfriend.

For the 1st Dream, Which country has such Green & Hard Ground & Soldiers on standby 24 hours?
For the 2nd Dream, point 3 highlights Love, Trust & Betray! Point 1 & 2 are self-explanatory.

I've no intention to do any checking or reading about the missing plane since day 1. These Dreams came as a Surprise! 

Just hope that these dreams would help the readers & authorities to figure out something. 

20/3/14, 11.18am.


1. 24/3/14, Dream: captain owned a handkerchief or towel with the letter P printed or sewed on it. P is a place of authority that presented him the item.  

2. 25/3, Dream: Someone's Spouse & Colleagues were Closed! Love, Trust & Betray.  

3. 28/3, Day 21, according to taoism, it's the 3rd 7th day (三七)。 

4. 29/3, Dream: Part of the jet, some bodies were be found. Good Friend Lee, a Christian, suggested that a Thousand Hands, Thousand Eyes Goddess of Mercy to be put there. Few were at a well-decorated round table eating happily. 

5. 16/4, Dream: 1. The authority wished to send a plane 371 to travel what 370 did. Such was to identify some technicalities. Eventually they didn't do so cos 371 was full of ghosts/spirits from 370. 2. Rev Hui Kong wanted to lead a team to KL to pray for 370. She chose to forgo the trip after knowing my earlier dream. 

Yesterday was 3rd 7th, important day for taoist or chinese free thinker's funeral cause. The few at the round table meant they received the offerings from the living ones well.  Goddess of Mercy is famous for helping all. The One mentioned has Thousand Hands & Eyes so can save the Dead faster. Not only for this missing plane but for any previous accidents happened there too. Saving as in Bringing Them Out of Suffering & Directing them to the Right Place. Put THere but Where? Will the authority or people build a huge Kwan Yin of that look & drop it into that sea spot at a later date where the plane dropped located? Or should it be in Perth or KL looking at that sea? If there's a Pendant of the Thousand Hands & Eyes Kwan Yin perhaps is more easy to drop it into the sea. 
 Shuang Lin Monastery

5. 7/4/14, Dream: Pilots had some kind of parties or celebration before take off. in the cockpit or where? unclear. 

6. 21/4/14, 5.36pm: In Buddhism, if a deceased can receive a Prayer from anyone, &/or Charity Act done under his or her name, within 49 days of death, the deceased will be Guided to the Right Track, & Free from Suffering or Hell. Now MH 370 is very near to the 49 days, 7th 7! Hope the family members, relatives, friends or some kind people will do some kind of Prayers or Charity Act & Dedicate or Transfer the Merits to those on board. 49th day is the last chance! According to Buddhism, the one who acts ythe prayer or charity act will receive Merit too.

Well, Malaysia's Luck is certainly not on her side! One problem after another! Perhaps Mass Prayer should be conducted &/or Audit the Nation's Feng Shui.

7. 15/6/14, 1.30pm: learned from the newspapers that today, Father's Day, is the 100th Day of its missing! To the Chinese especially Taoist & Buddhist, 100th Day is a major event of the deceased.
A Religious Ritual or Prayer is always recommended. On a lighter side, donate to Charity, ideally under the name of the deceased. Moreover now some families created a Fund Campaign, Indiegogo.

8. 7/8/14, 10.37am: this year the Unlucky Star 3-Bi is in SouthEast Asia. Australia is at the extreme end of the region. MH 17 recently gunned down was to go down under. MH 370 lost within aussie water. twice Aust involved!

Condolences To The Families & Friends of Those on Board. 
Malaysian PM announced on Mon, 24/3/14, at around 10pm, that MH 370 ended in the Southern Indian Ocean.   

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Painful Green Dream

if there're unexplainable Pain in your limbs, check your plants including those green near you. their damaged roots & stems usually are the cause. 

weird looking tree near you especially those outside your window or door will input you with Nightmare. put a mirror on your unit to reflect off its bad energy &/or get the authority to trim or chop it.