Tuesday, December 23, 2008


New Year, time to spring clean & decorate ur home/shop to channel in good fortune & avert calamities. we offer to fengshui your pty the Walk About Way at special rate:

1. Home: a. HDB 3-4rm $388, 5-rm $488, EA/M $688. b. Pte Apt/EC $888, Penthse $1188. c. Landed Pty $1288 up.

2. Business: a. Table Space $100, Rm $200 up. b. Below 199 sq ft $388. c. 200-499 sq ft $688. d. 500-999 sq ft $888. e. 1k-4999 sq ft $1188. f. 5k-9999 sq ft $1488. g. 10000 sq ft $1888. Hotel: P.O.A.

to celebrate our 23rd Anniversary in 2011, all full package Feng Shui jobs will get 23% discount. book from now to 28/2/11. job must be done by 31/12/11. (30% deposit rdq).

Year of Luck Talk & Fortune Reading Service can be arranged for your Festive Events.

phone 67450023 or email mastercheong@gmail.com. ACT NOW!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Moo Moo 2009

Mild Recovery! Improved Economy. take when there's profit. right timing is crucial. good time to enter d weak market esp stock n share. evil minds still rule! (riots, terrorism, silly acts etc), strong reserve VIP.

False Romance Star disturbs Mr Horse. put wooden rooster &/or hulu by d bedside to avoid fatal attractn!

West, illness zone. sick mind, body & spirit. put/wear hulu, clear qtz, &/or amber.

Our Yearly Prediction Always Come True! Come do Year of Luck Reading! All Enquiries Welcome. Ph 67450023.

the Pinetree Club: funny & accurate. fort canning club: the most interesting talk of the year. raffles town club: love DC. a 5-star hotel: your talk rocks.

ACT NOW! Pte 2009 Reading at $60 by post/email, $160 face2face at my place, $260 at your place in S'pore. DOB rqd. pse send cheque to Cheong Geomancy Consultants, blk 330 ubi ave 1 # 04-330, S 400330.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MahJong Caring n Sharing

i'm Not Promoting Gambling! 卫生与爱心麻将 only. here many mj lingo will b used to reflect mj mood. for other mj related cases pse refer to d pg Gamble. dun laugh tat i only learnt mj at tis mature age. n i learnt mj fm a website. many seasoned mj players told me tat it takes lots of luck 2 win 13 yao. Luck, in additn 2 fengshui, Luck come fm Kindness. how kind n charitable r u? me so so. in tat site, i might b d record holder of 13 yao wins! no $ jus pts. many happy enough.
play mj, happy lor. wat abt those sufferring? we happy, they sad. poor health, wealth, flood..... can we play mj n at d same time help? Sure Can! tat's d main pt of tis pg:
there's tis group of kakis, can b a club 2. they donate part of their winnings 2 d needy. i.e. U n I. how? my plan-in-brief: every session 'draw water' 抽水. eg $2 per round of east wind 东风. commercial game, i heard, $10. % of each win can oso 2 charity. Charity Game Theme oso can. 'draw water' $, $1 to charity, $1 to ' DC or CGC foundation'. haha, serious ok. we can even give a name 2 tis proposed group: 13 Wonders, MJ w Love, MJ Care n Share, AiXin MJ Club.....
i'm so impressed w tis HandCrafted or Made HK MJ A1 set i bought recently, $100+, fm chinatn. discounted liao. saw many at katong, marine parade, city plaza.... my 1st set was Traveller set fm MP. it's interesting 2 collect MJ sets. already asked HK relatives 2 bring over true HK MJ sets. bought Table already, ordinary ones. hv more $ can buy Rosewood type or they told me hv Auto Wash Cards type! now hv 2 antique sets, 1 yellow crystal set.
C i'm all rdy. how abt u? if u hv a heart n luv MJ, join me. Donate some winning 2 charity.
1st game went well on xmas eve. tks to ken, jason, billie, & winston. Charity Water for World Vision. more to come, more charity to benefit.
took part in an online mj contest in may 2009. round 1 must play 20 matches (1 match: 4 games). W 8, D 1, L 11. v interesting. top 64 players will play KO later.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yam Sheng

1 cny in the early 80s, uncle loke a seasoned drinker insisted tat i 2 visit him. he lured me with tis vintage chinese wine, MouTai. wen i arrived cousin seng n kwok, n d old man were already drinking Martell n eating Yu Sheng. tru enough, he took out d great drink. seng n kwok didnt 1. mayb 2 many gt stories abt MouTai. uncle loke suggested a few ways: neat, on-d-rock, even warm it. i tried ice n eventually went neat.
eat, drink, chat..... they're surprised tat i alone finished abt 2/3 d bottle, 500ml, 53% vol. i drove home.
my dad oso drinker told me tat a makan stall owner in chinatn drank MouTai n slept 4 3 days! Ronald Bush, english, x-staff of british high com. told me tat he visited Kwei Chow MouTai plant. den he oso slept 4 3 days. Weng Yan, a young man, gd beer drinker, was lured 2 try d gt drink. his face turned red st off, n complained tat the drink burnt his lips, throat n stomach! i feel tat it's as smooth as baby bottom if not women bottom! d trick is how u drink it. wine, beer or cognac way? haha, 4 me 2 noe, 4 u 2 find out. MouTai will not drunk u but will help u sleep soundly!
over d yrs, diff pals taught me diff types of drinks. Ronald Bush taught me Brandy Alexandra, n Grand Marnier. Mr Goh, Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky. he used 2 drink a bottle a day. sake oso. Wendy, Tequila. saw her walloped a few glassess at 1 go! Rocky, Gin Tonic. time at pebbles bar hilton hotel. 3rd uncle, Volka. 4th uncle, XO Hennessy. cant recall who told me Chivas Regal. cant recall who told me Wine. mayb Advt. impressed by Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz, n surely Pinot Noir. in NZ, a resort operator showed us a bottle of Pinot Noir, n mentioned tat even SQ 1st class served tat. prefer wine fm France, Chile, n NZ. Julia intro Ice Wine.
my 1st encounter w drinks was probably in pri 2 or 3. at a ch rest 4 lunch, my dad n his FIL ordered draught beer. i wanted 2. galloped wen it arrived. threw out next! 五加皮 surely tasted better den 玫瑰露. 竹叶青could melt fats. guess in any spore joints, u tell them Black Label, it's understood 2b Johnnie Walker. but wen i said BL in a pub in NZ, they asked wat made. they didnt hv JW, i'd Jack Daniel instead. a fr drove me bk fm johor after i alone drank 6 cans of carlsberg w light snacks only. Vat 69, terrible whisky.
fm a note in my latest bottle of MouTai, "1915, it's voted as World 3 Top Wine". now it's China National Drink!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Moon Cake Cake Cake Cake, i eat it for bkfast, tea, supper, n dessert after meals. 2008 from Li Bai - Sheraton Towers, truly 5-star. hilton oso nice.
2009 tried Hua Ting, nice. in bejing shopping malls, abt the same price of hotels here. didnt buy any.

2010 Li Bai - white lotus seed paste w wolfberries n dried apricot (new): VG! Raffles oso VG!
ST Forum, Sat, 25/9/10: "i refer to ms sin chey cheng's letter on tue (seasonal delicacies: let's stick to tradition): concocting of new flavours for mooncakes is good, creative n challenging for its creators n for consumers. for the last 50 yrs, i've seen n tasted many types. life would be boring if for 50 yrs or more, there's only lotus paste."  
wen i was a kid, during mid-autumn fest, relatives n family friends were presented us w moon cakes came w those brown-paper carriers, lanterns, pamelo.... wish to hv 走马灯lantern.
best memory is my rich 4th uncle will personally delivered 大东 mooncakes to his eldest bro. his wife will come on another day to pass me lantern. after d departure of my dad, his wife took over d duty. in d 1st year of my marriage, my wife n i delivered moon cake to 4th uncle. he advised us not to do so coz "waste $". fm then on i followed his instrn. some yrs later, my aunt came w her 1st daughter-in-law to deliver moon cake. she tried to teach d younger pple to carry on d way. who knows the next yr, my mum received a call fm tat young lady to come dnstairs to pick up the cakes. tat annoyed my mum who's 大家sou! she rejected it. didnt noe wat went on but fm den on such traditn was avoided.
嫦er flew 2 d moon n made it her home. the spaceships n crew didnt c her. coz they didnt get permission fm the heaven god. wan 2 c den c meh!
moon cake, pamelo, yam n lengkok (black bull horn) made up d compelete set of mid-autumn goodies. u can add chinese tea 2. with all these offering some still pray to the moon on lunar 8th mth 15th day. 八月十五是中秋,有人欢喜有人愁,有钱人家吃月饼,没钱人家吃于头。
gone were d days of 南唐,大东,大同 mooncakes. 大中国 is still popular. 荣华 white lotus seed paste fm hk used 2b an in thing. nowadays many china n malaysian ones. flavours oso so many. most impressed was birds nests. last yr top of the town must b ice-cream moon cake.
dunno y i luv moon cake so much. dislike 莲蓉包, 五仁 和 豆沙月饼. moon cake w wine?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

7th Month 2015

2015 lunar 7th mth, 14/8 to 12/9, 14th day: 27/8; 15th day: 28/8. Dizang Bodhisattva's Birthday: 12/9, lunar 7th mth 30th day.
2014 lunar 7th mth, 27/7 to 24/8, 14th day: 9/8 National Day; 15th day: 10/8. 
2013 lunar 7th mth, 7/8 to 4/9, 14th day: 20/8, 15th day: 21/8. for real life Spooky cases go to Unbelievable & Supernatural Page.   2010 For the 1st time in many many years, our National Day wasn't in the Ghost Month! for so many years, you dunno who really was beside you at the Parade!!

26 aug 08: 1. a malay patron at a coffee shop took home some fruits fm the 7th mth altar there 4 his pet bird! he woke up d next day, speechless, cant talk! in tat few dumb days, his family brought him to consult western n chinese docs. No cure, & they told him sign of going Dumb! they desired 2 seek help fm chinese medium. 'he personally shld return 2 d same altar, seek apology, donatn some oil $, n return double amt d fruits he took. do tis daily or until he can talk again. shld d altar be gone n he yet 2 recover, do tis at d nearest taoist temple'.

2. another malay guy urined near (i dun tink at) d altar of a coffee shop. a few days later he died!
3. d above 2 incidents told by my fr reminded me of wat my relative shared when he was a committee member of a 7th mth functn: late 1 nite, he tried to carry the urn fm pt a 2 b. it's as though the urn was cemented 2 d table, he jus cant lifted it! he scolded some bad words n explained d reason for d shift den he'd d job done! (those good bros played w him or were having their meals). they're real folks.

2012 lunar 7th mth, 17/8 - 15/9. 14th: 30/8. 15th: 31/8.
to the Taoist n Ch free thinker, it's Ghost Fest. 1 mth holiday 4 them 2 come to get goodies. the gd ones will hv early release. try not 2 return 4 d naughty ones. thus any new property shldnt b left vacanted! they'll take shelter. renovatn 2 proceed 2 maintain Live Energy.
to the Buddhist, it's Buddha Happy Month. 4 u to pay Special Homage to Buddha & Reverends.
to others, it's just a mth. do u celebrate Halloween? do u afraid of Fri 13?

as a Chinese Tradition, Dont get Married esp w big celebratn in tat month! heard of couples were disturbed. Can proceed w Wedding Plans eg Select Wedding Dates, Visit Wedding Shows, Book Banquet etc. Can buy car, property etc. give Respect 2 14th (hokkien/teochew) n 15th (cantonese). a steady driving hokkien pal collected his car on d 14th, n ended up w many silly accidents (bus knocked him while waiting 4 traffic light, bike turned in n banged him etc).

Dont stay out 2 late in the nite esp 4 kids. Dont swim esp in the sea. Dont holiday esp places tat were havoced recently. Clothes hang out must b brought in b4 moon rises. if were 2 attend 7th mth getai, Dont talk rubbish. if were 2 attend 7th mth dinner, Pray 2 d Gods 1st den yam sheng.
if no choice but u hv 2 attend d above, please wear Amulets & Pray hard. wat abt national day?

Belief is tat they r most powerful at nite. Water Ghost fierce. Unnatural Death oso fierce. they might stick 2 ur clothes esp branded n sexy ones. at getai, cinema, who's next 2 u?

4 other religions n races, ok 2 get married w big party. enjoy d discounts by hotels.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Always wanted a Pg to scream like d japanese. Look C Hear. cant think of an apt title until Vesak Day at a food ct. a well dressed couple at d next table, d guy said Take Bus Home!
Wat A Gt Inspiratn! in sch days teachers always made us write A Journey By Bus, Bus Ride......
on d way 2 d bus-stop, at there, bus ride, on d way to d next spot always hv lots of happenings.
tis perfectly fit d theme of tis pg abt happenings around us n in tis world.

hotelscombined.com, a site for travel seekers. tried it myself. very efficient! try it now!

Canton a 50 something as his name is called is a Cantonese. know him in a foot massage ctr. d use of Singing Bowls has saved me some $ by need not visit tat ctr run by local anymore. & not coz a new ctr in d neighborhood. he claimed 2b a vip member of hotel 81. many were shocked tat canton married a hooker fm china 2 yrs ago!!! he challenged tat his wife left him w a bb wen d kid was a few mths old. he a 'bachelor' since den. after d marriage w d china lady, he sold his flat. afraid tat she might file a divorce n claimed d pty. hard 2 find rm 2 rent. as pple dun quite like china women. even his own bro refused 2 let them stay w him. ok if canton only but not w his wife. he said all religions r fake but must believe in goddess of mercy. he liked 2 boast he knew how 2 chant. he's a freelance plumber. jus a funni guy.

Highest Value in Pawning! on 29/9/09, 4 fun tried tis modern pawnshop at Lucky Plaza. d salesgirl offered my gold n crystal ring $150! told her tat a day b4 abt 3pm, ard d same time, an old fashioned pawnshop offered me $220; & an ord goldsmith shop gave $180, $200 if trade in! her colleage a young guy added tat gold price diff every min. for the last few days 916 gold at $52. they refused to accept my jade! so all their talks, advt & news were rubbish!!!

attended a bridal show recently at a hotel in havelock area. the MC sucks!!! to move d crowd he said "i dun smell" den he went on 2 smell his armpit!!! lucky draw, he read d couples names. only a girl went up. he asked abt her spouse. wen she said he didnt cum, d MC blasted: " tat Bloody Idiot "!!!

Courts Sale. rushed to toa payoh store. $488 destop! checked w d nearest salesman, he looked like a Zombie. he showed me d box, d set wasnt displayed. watever tech infor, he pointed 2 d box! his eyes looked elsewhr most time! $30 delivery fee xpected. i wanted a router 2, 100+ xpected. he explained tat Deliver meant Delivery! Setup was Chargeable fm $69 up! he got d tech side, contractor, 2 xplain more. shocked tat such fee can go up 2 a few hundreds! my disappointment xposed. she called another salesman 2 help. my 1st wds was 'ur tat colleague's attitude sucks'!!! he promise 2 lecture d other guy! didnt xpect 488 could become 700+!!! advt wasnt cleared!!! he den threw in speaker, on-d-spot Free setup, anti-virus for a yr! tat set was only 1gb, xp... i didnt buy!

Fat Liver! tis wat doc told Li. 2 cut dn on Oily food. he's a hotel kitchen helper so he n colleagues will finish up watever left over by diners!

Greed kills Wealth. Unclean kills Health.
so interesting. pple go hi-tech, upgrade, virus, flu virus oso noe how 2 upgrade! confused those experts. benefitted health industries, cleaners... there's a god, there's a demon. good vs bad.

heard tis at a coffee shop: obama is black. now's d turn 4 black 2 hammer white. 'swine flu' is d white man's illness!! muslim oso black, n no pig. 'pig flu' 2 d attack!! michael jackson returns! he's alittle black, alittle white!

MA is the word. today america has ObaMA. earlier on taiwan has MA yingjiu. dun 4get OsaMA presented mr bush a big gift wen he became d president. will OsaMA &/or his team present mr bush a farewell gift??? wat abt MAhatir? wats d 4 MA r thinking rt now??? dun 4get at home u n i hv a dear MA. MA rules.

Chuan Kee Braised Duck, blk 20 ghim moh rd 01-04, & blk 105 yishun ring rd 01-159, made me tis cantonese who only go 4 Roast or Peking Duck a surprise. some1 presented me a takeaway all d way fm ghim moh to east coast. the distance was far but the Duck, Rice, Gravy, Toufu, Nuts even the cucumber tasted Great! a client brought me 2 d famous braised duck store off pasir panjang, it didnt taste gd, so was d svc. go try Chuan Kee.

Chicken Crossing roadsign shld be put up between lor 22 n 4 Geylang! many chicken jus dashed across tat area. drivers oso slow dn. Jam. in sch areas common 2c Children Crossing. in some countries, they put up Cow/Sheep/Wild Boar Crossing.... in d old redhill, wonder ever Pig Crossing!!

many yrs back, at a Buddhism class, d teacher-nun mentioned tat many monks n nuns r in hell! how can tat be? they were holy!
some yrs ago, a famous monk in thailand wore wig after dark n havoced in nitespots. recently here many famous monks were involved in "poor $ mgt"! drive posh cars! well in other religious faiths & charities 2. wen 2 much $ come in, Greed oso tag along. lets put aside bad feng shui & some ill primary objectives.
still alittle bit abt religion. Dress Code. although in some temples, they put up signs tat No Indecent Wearings Permitted, by d time a lady w Bra exposed read tat, quite sure she wouldnt bother 2 act. as a gen rule in visiting any religious pl, No Mini Shorts/Skirts, Tight or C Tru Clothes, Exposed Bra...... including guys make sure u zip up rightly.

a former politician of a neighbouring cty mentioned tat once he retired ie totally out. but lately he's more active den any1 else barking here n there. his cty is doing well.
our MM assured tat he'll come out of his grave once he feels here's unwell. isnt it lucky 2b here? which govt will give u a Lifetime Warranty?

long long ago a couple was lost in d forest. they rqd food. each day d guy plucked a type of fruit or rather d only type found 4 his beloved. she truly luv it. eventually it became d 1st duty of d day. whenever d girl desired d fruit more, she'll demand d guy Man Go. eventually tis unknown fruit got its name.

Nasi Lemak local fav malay coconut rice. a son in law was annoyed of his MIL. but no Bxxxx to say it. each time he visits her, he'll buy her Nasi Lemak. Ah Q's idea. (try breaking up Nasi Lemak n read it in chinese.) guys u can do tat 2!

on the bus saw an elderly Buddhist Nun in the usual robe but she wore a pair of Sports Shoe with the famous 3 Golden Stripes.

in the early 80s wen i was a social worker, in the bedok ctr for low-income, very often a pri 2 or 3 girl came w her younger sis. she's dark so i called her Black Pearl. w reason unknown i jus didnt get on well w BP. often screamed at her. after i left tat job till now w/o fail every xmas n cny i'll receive greeting cards fm her. n she always send v early. attended her wedding some yrs ago. she still call me uncle. w reason unknown i jus dun understand bond. she's going 2b a mum soon. tru here i wish her n family all d v Best. U truly touched me Black Pearl.

football well loved by many esp now betting is invloved, esp euro 08. watched tis am match. the germans lost the golden touch of 1974 (color tv was intro here) n the 80s. gone were d stylo frank b, gerd muller, bertir v....n the noisy goalie sepp m. the turks truly fought but lacked d experience n luck. next match is russia n spain. guess like the russian more. i played for d class team. oso formed neighbourhood n buddies team for near 10 yrs. can play all positions including reserve n referee. haha. my era belonged to gordon banks, bobby charlton, george best, pat jennings, pele of course. into retirement wen maradona n fandi ahmad became pop. now once in awhile play soccer with kids.

small world moves fast. 5+pm went out to buy something. met tis big man. we stopped n xchanged greetings though we'd forgotten our names. Ah! raymond former officer in D bk. he even advised me abt forex in the 80s. came to my old pl 4 party 2. lost touch after he moved 2 another br then another bk. now he's d mgr with O bk tat just opened a br at ubi area. new bk, new a/c, new hope. sure will keep in touch. friendship matters.

recently 3 big names, 2 religious leaders n 1 charity head, "misused" public donation! on the surface, GREED. how did Greed come abt? will 2 much $ make 1 wan more? wen 1 is rich, he'll tend 2 shop 4 all kinds of properities. 1 Bad Geomancy Property is enough to ruin him. Greed will develop!

Proud of the Olympic Game 2008. china truly proved it's there. of course our swimmer n ping pong girls did well.
hmmm.... the male ping pong guy cant play well w/o a coach by his side!! kids must parents in the class!!
president of the ping pong assn acted 2 rashly. residents of ang mo kio grc might be gay or sad of their mp! teachers/principals of schs there, beware! if ur sch doesnt do well, u might hv 2 go!
although boy team is always less popular n less taken care of (i think), there's still not gd excuse 2 underperform!
where'r d sporean boys n girls? parents pse ensure ur kids 2 take up Ping Pong, Badminton, Soccer, Water-Polo, mayb Sailing 2. furture is bright.

National Day contest by the straits times on Best Remembered Places. i submitted my poem. although didnt win, i'm pleased: national library stamford rd so much memory, besides books, many other things to see, convent sch girls, naughty boys, shy couples, walk abt, flip around, world knowledge known, red bldg, red bricks, real classic, 1 gt landmark of our home. proud to say, did some events there, fishing, creative writing, poetry reading, pioneer angling club, writers circle, sty of spore writers, 1st penpal date also there, good place, lucky place, now family friend. 2 great friends, 2 great librarians, little hair & silver head, mr vincent yap & mrs hedwig anuar, kind, caring & sharing, sifu & mother to many others, part of the large community. tears rolled, when lady in red, got to go, feel her now & then, in a tiny box, a little brick remained, like coffin & corpse, she's gone, memory not, once upon a time, there lived a grand dame. 11/7/08, 1pm.

NTU, 2 deaths in such short period of time!!!
8/3/09, 1.30pm.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Life's a Gamble.

No point to hv Casino on 1 side & Counsellors on d other! although i was extensively interviewed abt the 2 casinos, i dont play that way. oso geomancy many "mini casinos", punters & book-keepers (all types of games), stock broking houses etc.

MAHJONG - a great invention. who invented tis all time fav game worldwide??? now in some countries, it's helping the aged. HK & Taiwan are crazy over MJ.
my gdparents started tis mj chain. my granny was a famous player during her time. she hated to play w slow n cheap kakis. all my cousins are experts, they really play every nite after work & weekends with their own buddies.
Me surely loved d game. rather blur, since young cant understand the game but loved to watch. find it 2 complicated compared to card games. learnt fm a cousin till he fallen asleep. he's expert but poor coach. jus cant learnt even with the help fm many pple. no brain.
till a mth ago, my girl intro me to tis ONLINE site den................no $ jus points to make kakis gay. now my son oso luv d game. it's good 4 maths, thinking........
HU many times 1 Color (pure suit). tis week Miracle happened. HU 3 times 13 Yao in a week! hu d 1st time a kaki said suay esp if in real game. hu the 2nd time, he said either suay or HENG. 3d time he said Very HENG!
is it tat way in real MJ? now hope 4 TIEN HU!
17 May 2008 Wat A Day! in d same game, 13 yao, 1 color, pong x9!
18 May 2008 Vesak Day, almost Tien Hu! Pong x10!
very often clients wanna noe the best spot for MJ in their homes. sure will do my best. in any pty there's tis spot known as GAMBLING 1/4. in additn to geomancy power, usually kakis will wear or prepare all kinds of Good Luck things.
once a gemstone seller told me tat a famous boss in the dept store trade who's oso a famous player always buy tis Green Stone from him. whenever tis boss gamble, he'll hv 2 bags, one $, one Stones. if he wins, it isnt u r lousy! his Stones disturbed your Energy oso provided him Extra Power. U lost 2 d Stones! how abt calling d Stone SHARON?

till here tis am. Happy MJ. dun forget 4D oso. cheers!

4D -
23 tickets in 4D, 3 top prize, starter den consolatn. at least 1/2 d populatn hope tat their nos will appear! to squeeze in even consolatn, call urself Lucky. the higher the rank d better ur Luck.
recalled tis Goh, his gate measured at d Side-Income area. he told me his biggest hit in 4D was a few hundreds K! in those time, wed 4D only once a mth. he bought a new car n drove to penang to test d power. forgotten 2 inform his regular bookie 2 bet on the new car plate. it turned out 3rd prize!!! fed up!!! tat wkend told his bookie to bet $20 on 24 combinatns. 3rd Prize. he won.
myself d most interesting win till now was a former pager nos, 1st 4 digit 1st prize, 2nd 4 digit 2nd prize on the same draw!
dun be shocked tat a no appear on sat will return on sun. must always buy publicly known nos of yours eg hse, ph, car. if such nos appear, buddies will ring up, n u say didnt buy!!!!
TOTO - 45 nos. tis game to win rqd Very Hi Luck. still worth betting coz 50cts 4 min 300k.

in 4D in particular, if u didnt win, it means tat some1 else rqd d $ more than u do! Y d same nos appear 2x in d same draw? coz $ no enough!

share w u my cousin's case: tis happened in the 80s. he loved a game or 2. he's a fty manager. 1 day a junior staff, malay, told my cousin tat he got an amulet tat gave Winning Power! he rqd his capital, a jt venture. they won many things, horses, mahjong, genting....... a year later the malay pal told his partner tat the amulet's power expired! the partnership ended.
with a few hundred K of winning on hand
, my cousin went solo! he converted a rm in his 4-rm flat to b betting ctr. with a few good-4-nothing buddies to help me. he accepted all kinds of bets. he went Broke 1/2 a year later!!! Worst! got 2 sell the pty & borrowed fm many to help pay d debts. he learnt a hard lesson.

special feng shui design is needed for Gambling!
in addtn, Lucky amulets/stones etc do help. your Lucky Color for Clothings (incl underwears) 2.

Happy Winning! pse remember always donate some winnings to Charity! HUAT AH!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


THE HOUSE THAT HURTS (Lets c Wats Wrong w the Current 1)

A 2-storey corner terrace. Face Mountain. Arch liked Tomb entry w 2 potted plants on pillars made it more tomb like. St LIghts pointed in, sucked $ dried. Cable across gave Neg energy.
For No reason, Tom chose to enter d hse by a side dr which faces d Stairs meaning $ rushing out. Worst a st lamp there! Stove represents Career & Women Health exposed to Back Dr & Neighbor's Views.
All these + many minor factors truly enough to KNOCK them off.

A single-story terrace hse. Part of the Garden will make to create a Large Water Course, ie Swimming Pool (envy?). Backyard will be extended with Kitchen too.

Probably will be there after d renovation. More Updates then. Wat also Shocked me was d Price. You sell your Terrace Hse n go there to buy the Whole Est! Didnt see many Pretty Ipoh Charbos. They told me d Better Ones came Spore liao! China Charbos oso in Ipoh.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


from 30/3 - 2/4/08 i'll be in Ipoh to Save this Family. tom n family bought a hse there abt 10 yrs ago. thereafter many brothers n sisters were seriously sicked! the old man a retired medium (tang kee) couldnt help. $ were quite dried. $ tom earned here isnt enough. he intro me to his younger sis for consultatn. ivy, an attractive girl. i'd call her the mini Gong Li. her x-husband must be blinded. her folks in ipoh is taking care of her child. well, ipoh is famous for pretty women. will confirm tat.

last yr they managed to sell tat hse n downgraded to a smaller one. according to tom tis one i'm seeing is abt the size of our hdb 3-rm. it's so small tat an extension is rqd. tis's VIP coz they planned to build the Kitchen outside the hse! kitchen esp stove means Career, $ & Women Health. how can all these be exposed!

will hv to cast my magic. will let u know the outcome after my return. how positive am i for tis mission? well i'm not Superman, Spiderman or Batman, i'm just a good feng shui man. my motto: We Make A Better U.