Friday, February 22, 2013

Silver Jubilee 8813

To Celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Cheong Geomancy Consultants, I chose to write this article instead of a party or big charity drive. also add in FaceBook! Something different.

'twinkles my eyes, 25 years slipped by
yesterday was with 2 masters in hk, today i'm a geomancer
no shop, no strategy. only honesty & sincerity  
from lion city, kiwi, dragon land to tiger den
many clients now own many & drive bigger cars, & properties too.
some found God, some found Love
am i good? am i pleased?'

Look Back, Memories:

1.   Publicity:   i don't pay the magazine or newspaper to have my page. hardly advertise. but the mass media
      have been kind. veteran journalist ms lee siew hua did the first intro. prominent writer mr wong kim hoh       brought me to the next level with his article on feng shui & casino. so interesting that the chinese             press translated it. wrote for Interior Digest & Raffles Town Club too.

2.   Extreme Success:   in the toilets in most commercial properties in the region, Rigel is a name you can't 
      miss. about 2 decades ago it started with a 300 sqf shop only. today Rigel is a multi awards winner,
      & its area size + fortune worldwide are uncountable! in the owner's own words: he never expects
      Rigel to be so big! a few years after it started its founder Mr Ng shifted the whole shop to a 4000 sqf 
      property off balester rd. there i told him to change car from Honda to MB, he's stunned! some years
      later he moved to his first house in east coast, i told him to change his 200 to at least a 280! Lexus he
      chose. now he drives a BMW 7 series. some years ago without geomancy he invested in a plant in
      china. it failed him! very urgently i went to chengdu in winter to correct the problems. last year Rigel    
      celebrated its 21st anniversary with Dinner & Dance at MBS. and i won a Lucky Draw Prize. 
      21/10/13: now working on Rigel's new regional HQ at Changi Business Park, 6000sqm.

3.   Disappointment:   sometimes new clients will ask for discount because of hardship. when they're ok, 
      at the next consultation when i quoted them my actual price, the reply: Expensive!
      often enquiries will compare prices. mine usually on the high side. i'm a consultant & not merely a
      feng shui chap! if you were to engage a specialist, master hairstylist, etc do you pay gp or barber's 

      some thought today after consultation, tomorrow he'll become the President or Millionaire! 

      can some Masters stop conducting mass Feng Shui classes? many fellows attended some short courses
      & started to be Masters! wrong medicine by a doc kill only 1 patient. wrong feng shui advice could 
       kill a family!

4.   Hotel & Tourism:   about 20 years ago, my first hotel job was in Riverview. followed by Hilton,
      MM, Ritz-Carlton. then many hotels come along. the latest is St Regis. glad to say that most hotels and
      their establishments have Cheong's Feng Shui in a way or another.

      in 2000/1, PATA's chairman contacted me on a fri that could i talk on feng shui tourism the next day
      as the original speaker from Malaysia couldn't make it! with my colour slides i went as The Replacement
      Speaker! (Chow Yuen Fatt's movie The Replacement Killer was a hit then). that presentation brought 
      me to NZ some months later which i'll share with you later.

      i speak on Year of Luck annually at S'pore Hotel Assns's events. at the S'pore Flyer's outing, a 007
      James Bond looked alike Mr Patrick Fiat invited me to talk at SKAL. spoke there a few years too.
      number of talks conducted in many organisations lost count!

      To All Hoteliers, Tourism & related people, Thanks for Your Complete Trust in Cheong! 

5.   New Zealand:   in the late 80s, ms sara noble, sent by her Korean Professor in University of Auckland
      to here to do a Thesis on Geomancy for her Master of Arts degree in Geography. i spent about a year
      helping her with no fee. she graduated with 1st Class Honours. her thesis was eventually published as a
      book Feng Shui in S'pore. i helped her to launch it at a full house crowd at the Book Fair.

      in her book Introduction page she wrote "...grateful to Master Danny Cheong, whose enthusiasm for
      this study and sincerity and dedication have been invaluable in helping to convince me that feng shui is a 
      living philosophy in Singapore ".

      some months after the earlier PATA's talk, Tony, regional manager of New Zealand Tourism Board, 
      enjoyed my presentation so much that he invited me to give the same in Auckland, Rotorua &   
      Christchurch in conjunction with NZ's 100 Years of Tourism! he advised me on the weather for end 
      Autumn, 5 deg in the night & 15 deg C in the day; & don't make fun of the Maori. looking at 
      the size of the Maori, their 1 leg is the size of my waist! 2 friendly Maori businessmen came & invited me
      to a hill to take a look at their proposed Maori Cultural Centre. climbed the hill with full suit & leather 
      although i didn't get to meet Ms Helen Clark, the PM then, years later they attracted Lord of the Ring,
      King Kong, more tourists, & the Kiwi $ became strong!

      during that unforgettable trip, Ms Sara Noble, fetched me at the airport. arranged lunch between her
      Korean Professor & I. visited her house & had dinner with wine at a nice sea-side restaurant. 

6.   Mr Patrick Fiat & Mr Noel Hawkes:   allow me to say Patrick this Ang Moh is very Chinese. at 
      many CNY Lo Hei functions, his accent on Huat Lah is louder & better than many Chinese! in his 
      office will find many things Chinese! besides inviting me to speak at SKAL's functions, he invited me to 
      look at Royal Plaza on Scotts & 8 on Claymore. hope one day he'll invite me to the Royal Palace 
      in Brunei. was told that the late great Feng Shui monk did some magic at the Palace.

      i know Noel when he's the GM of Hotel Phoenix. had the privilege to feng shui his condo in Sentosa 
      Cove some years back. also did his pretty wife Nancy's office. now he's VP - RWS. recently he and
      the wife survived cancer. God wanted something back from them. at his 60th birthday, he donated 

      it's an Honour to work with these 2 good buddies who're Golden Hoteliers.   

7.   Extreme Challenge:   i was only given nothing more or less but 12 mins exactly to speak on Year of Luck
      at Hilton/Conrad Group's GM Convention at Conrad Hotel many years ago. And must not talk about 
      certain zodiac animals because some Top People's zodiac were bad that year! 
      a single mum with 3 young kids with few jobs seek my help to feng shui her hdb 3-rm flat at yishun. 
      she knew feng shui could help her but she can't afford the fee. already she checked with many other
      feng shui people. in those days, the lowest fee i could offer her was $300 but she wanted even lower! so
      what i could do was pay me $100 then the remaining $200 to pay me within 6 months. the remaining $ 
      came 8 months later & she said she saw result!

      Simon & wife were both Tigers so if they could have Pig baby would be best. few months into Pig 
      year, they said Miscarriage! how can that be! i chose their wedding date & feng shui their exec 
      masionette in toh yi. they then disclosed that due to their shift duties at hospital, most times they stayed 
      at a relative's flat in Tiong Bahru! i wished to see that unit free. the fault was a Large Full Size Mirror 
      faced their bed! they stayed in Toh Yi then. when the Tiger year came, they, Catholic, delivered Twins! 
      God is Fair!
      some years later they upgraded to the condo across the road. now looking at Landed House.

8.   Extreme Spooky:   from the Kowloon Club magazine learnt that the sole bread winner of a HK migrant
      family lost his job due to unknown medical ground after they shifted into a HDB flat! they appealed for 
      fund. i told the Club Secretary that i wished to feng shui his flat free. his wife told me before my offer, 
      another member brought a Ghost Buster, & he already captured a Family of 3 Malay Ghosts! the 
      resale flat belonged to a young Malay family whose mum passed away in the unit. when they shifted, 
      they didn't inform the deceased properly. thus her soul still lingered around & with the ancestor 
      thought why their flat was occupied by strangers! they haunted the hk family very badly & 
      caused the man nearly life! 1 of them actually flew to the hospital to disturb him. the doctors
      remarked that his survivor was miracle! his wife went to the temple to pray many times till her knees &   
      forehead bled! sure major feng shui faults in the unit eg his bed was parallel to the door etc.

9.  Research & Study:   in addition to aid Ms Sara Noble in her research, also helped several groups of
     SMU students in their projects. attended 1 of their presentations & spoke too. advised a Ministry's 
     Director for his MBA. 
     assessed & advised S'pore Poly Graduates' Guild on the Date to Ground-Break their new premises.

10.   Green Feng Shui:   instead of using crystal or auspicious items to Enhance/Dispel the Good or Bad 
        Energy of your property, i like to apply Green. it's Healthy & Nice. of course the Right Plant must
        be at the Right Spot. Fagerdala has Bamboo Plants surrounding its plant. this's to protect & to 

11.   Water Geomancy:   Wind means Luck, Water means Wealth. in every premise there's a Lucky
        Water Spot but also an Unlucky one that could bring Misery! i always recommend to activate such
        Good Wealth Point by putting Fountain, Aquarium, Painting/Print of Water or a pail of Running 
        Water. glad to say Green & Water Feng Shui have become my Signature!

12. WISH:

a.    To Have a Shop in a Mall, Hotel, Shop-House or HDB Heartland.

b.    Developers will factor in Feng Shui for all their developments.

c.    All Architecture & Interior Design Courses to have Feng Shui as a Subject.

EPILOGUE:   No Regret as a Feng Shui Man. The Motto To Make A Better You still stand. In other pages of this Blog, you'll find relevant information on Feng Shui. Permit me to use our former PM Mr Goh Chok Tong's Famous Words: More Good Years! My Heartfelt Thanks to All Who Have Helped Me In One Way or Another. Also to Those Who've Total Trust in Cheong Geomancy Consultants!
Wishing All A Happy, Healthy & Wealthy 2013 Snake Year, Eve of Chap Goh Meh.From now to end March, all new full geomancy jobs are entitled to 20% off, & 5% will be Donated to Charity!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Snake Year & U

Water Snake, 10/2/13 - 30/1/14, will bring Mixed Fortune & Weather. Strong Illness Star in the South-West. put a Natural, Real Jade or Crystal, or Brass Hulu there. Property, Stock & Metal markets might have a Shake Up. Accumulate if you've the Guts & Feel. don't be greedy. to harmonise with the Snake, ideal to have Monkey items. not applicable to people of Tiger zodiac sign. for Tiger is the enemy of Monkey. to have Peace, best to have some kind of Bamboo Plants in or around your Property. hopefully by the last quarter of 2013, the Champion Horse will Gallop in! 
if you're well prepared (personal reading + property review) this a Mdm White Snake, Good Snake Spirit. if you're kind of prepared (personal reading or property review) this a Python, Dangerous but not Deadly! if your attitude is Tidak Apa, this a Cobra!


11pm (9/2) - 1am, 3am - 5pm,                  West (God of Fortune)
7am - 3pm, 5 - 10pm                                North -West (God of Luck)

Avoid:   South (Death Gate), East (5-Ghosts)


1.    Rat
2.    Dragon   (Tai Sui)   (Romance Star)
3.    Horse     (False Romance Star for Man only)
4.    Monkey (Tai Sui)
5.    Dog
6.    Tiger      (Tai Sui)
7.    Snake    (Tai Sui & White Tiger)
8.    Rooster  
9.    Goat      (White Tiger)
10.  Rabbit    
11.  Pig         (Tai Sui)
12.  Cow      (White Tiger)

Offering to White Tiger at Taoist Temple on 5/3. Repay Service Dec 3 - 21.
Offering to Tai Sui during Lunar 1st month.
Apply to Taoist & Chinese Free Thinker only.

To Prevent False Romance Star place ideally a Wooden Rooster in the premises
&/or wear 1.

For Personal Reading & Property Feng Shui Review please refer to earlier post
Good Luck 2513 for details.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

T Road & Daisy Suites

T road is actually a NO NO in feng shui coz if your property faces any of its 3 Junctions, the Bad Forceful Energy will Rush In! everything will suffer! 

But base on the above photo Daisy Suites is built by its side. so if you like that part of District 13, also its Freehold Attraction, Individual Swimming Pool, mere 25 units, & its acceptable Condo design, why not?

1 Night in Chinatown

Chinatown is a Must Visit in any countries. it's one unique community & lifestyle. 

for me Chinatown is a Must Visit during Chinese New Year. Lights Up, Decor, Food, & Goodies specially for the festive are worth your patronage. not forgetting the Mood. for that moment your worries will be gone. well, it's an open area, rain will worry u. human traffic jam can be so bad especially in the night that there isn't room to shop! 

during cny: certain plant eg !@#$%^&* willow only bloom. certain food eg wax duck, raw fish salad (yusheng). not forgetting mandarin orange, leek etc. all for Good Luck. 

Chinese usually believe that New Year is a New Beginning. thus themselves & their homes must decorate for the event also to Channel In New Luck. 

as usual this Snake Year 2013, I, a conservative n traditional chinese folk, visited Chinatown twice. the day visit was unplanned. just coz i attended a lunch invite near there then took the opportunity to visit it under hot sun with lesser crowd. night is the annual event. what amazed me was a Long Lighted Up SNAKE hung up across the main road. Wonderful! more younger families went even with baby strollers! pity the poor little thing! more Tourists & many of them had cold beer along those casual eating outlets. 

if you've not visited Chinatown for CNY do so now. 1 week to go. of course you can say shopping malls all over the city also have the goodies. why join the jam! well the Feeling is totally different!

after a tired night out, time to feed the stomach. we went to the nearby Chinatown Hawker Centre. as it's supper time, many stalls were already closed. the Raw Fish (Wolf Herring/Ikan Parang) Noodle caught my eyes but the young owner couple said sold out or perhaps no more that dish. in a wanton mee stall, i tried the unusual Laksa (Spicy Soup Noodle). worth the $3 with lots of Cockles (C-Hum), Fish Cakes etc. well my pal didn't enjoy the $3 Dried Wanton Mee. she felt less salty both for the mee & soup, not spicy although she asked for extra chilli!