Friday, January 3, 2014

Lucky Me Bangkok

certainly a dream comes true when the chinese press informed me that i won her 90th anniversary lucky draw prize! the travel period must be in dec! among the few dates offered, we chose dec 28 to jan 1, bangkok. confirmed in oct.
the national issue between the ruling & opposition parties worried us! the good news on dec 28 was the opposition party took 5 days leave for the nation to celebrate the new year! that's our travel period. lucky!
another lucky thing was coz of the political trouble, the thai baht hit a record low against many dollars. it surely benefits the tourists.
still quite a crowd at the airport. it took us an hour to check out.   

deluxe room. the large mirror is interesting. slippers & toothpaste were missing in this best 4-star hotel in bkk. her advt claimed. location is VG. opposite central world. next to Big C, a new shopping centre.

arnoma hotel i last stayed in more than a decade ago. invited by client dennis. now the tour co who sponsored the trip gave the same hotel!
 nice international buffet breakfast

 smoking room available
 egg counter is popular for breakfast
 the lucky draw winner

 guarding the long corridor on the 8th floor
 met an italian room guest twice. he helped to shoot this cozy smoking corner
voted her for the best hotel staff award. she went the extra mile to ensure our seats were good & drinks served to us (supposed to be buffet breakfast). hope she'll win.
nice pool & fitness centre

whenever i visit bkk, Praying & Offering to the 4-Face Buddha is a Must! Bless My Family & Myself.  

MBK some called it bkk People's Park. very high quality made in thailand branded goods found here. 

 nice food court of mbk
 oyster omelette at its best

 another thai speciality 
mango sticky rice, thai national dessert 

 Chatuchak hot open air market Worth Visiting

 price tag for local only for this stall! 

 fried worms! 

 what eggs? 

 air-cond JJ mall next door only

 thai national soup

 original thai drinks 

 grilled big river prawns
 solid prawn head

 giant sea bass in sweet n sour sauce
 thick flesh 

 fresh green

 common family run restaurant

 bkk chinatown


 lowest grade birds nests soup 200 baht

 solid shark fin soup 400 baht 

 chinatown here sells many other things

 dec fruit

 palladium mall off pratunam

2nd time Countdown in bkk

 light beer

 Big C supermarket next to my hotel

 pig blood & fish maw noodle

 river taxi

 boil cockle

 chicken rice is getting popular in bkk. 40 baht only.
 chicken rice chilli
Countdown at Central World
 popular DJ
 fireworks as seen from my room

will come again when there's Total Peace

 Thanks for 5 Days of Peace for My Lucky Draw, Birthday, 2nd Honeymoon & Countdown Trip!