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24/10/12: she drove n asked me has my apt got lift landing! she on wheelchair! the consultation took pl at my corridor! lucky there's a bench n nice garden. entry to my apt has 2 high steps which she cant, although she came w her maid. in her mid-40s. she'd car accident at 5, from then on depend on wheelchair. married 5 yrs ago but recently hubby left w another woman. used 2b an administrator but now jobless. her dad a cab driver died when the 4 kids were young. mum died few yrs later. granny took care of them n went for public help. her childhood was in lim chu kang, grandparents had pig farm. lots of killing. her life as destined base on her date/hr of birth: Luckless Life. Hardwork will not pay off. How hard she tries to have a family will still be a dream. karma! Checking: past very tough. better from now on. to repay all past wishes/favours granted. don't attempt anything new. west is ideal place. recommend her to feng shui her premises in the west (she read up alot on geomancy), be very religious, be kind n charitable. hope she'll heel my advice.

Dream 28/8/12: a family of bro n sis moved in to a resale apt. visited them n asked how's the new pl. 1 lady said they heard Noise in 1 of the rooms! went in that rm & saw (dunno the family see wat i saw or not) an elderly couple, white hair, on the bed! the old couple said their kids shifted but didn't invite them tats y they remained there! i offered help by pushing the bed where they were. but i didn't see the uncle on the bed anymore. aunt told me he left by taxi already! if you move to a new place Don't Forget to Invite Your Parents or GrandParents who Passed Off but Ever Lived in that Property B4 to your new place!  

a goldfish died, i wasnt in. d maid scooped it & kept it in d net tat afternoon. she 4got 2 tell me in the evening. my girl went to the toilet in d middle of d nite, heard fish's breathing!!! she followed d sound n saw d dead fish! she alerted me tis am. it was no longer in d net. wen asked d maid, she said tis morning she pumped into d net den realised the dead fish den threw it! told her d fish caused her to pump into it!!! her Forgetfulness caused a corpse 2b exposed many hrs!

'Thks very much. Now so anxious...' maggie msg tis after her EA was sold on sun (wkends advt) after having put up 4 sale 4 6mths. a price she desired n well above valuatn! 1st time visited her last wed 2 assess y her nicely decor apt got no response.
tis's 2nd time in my 21 yrs advising on How 2 Sell Your Property!!! Magic works well by placing Water Feature in certain spot. she happy, her family happy, i happy.

'nice breasts. touch' an area near her breast. unhooked her bra. lying on d couch. to unzip her dress. gd things must share.' bad feng shui of d clinic likely 2 hv caused a GP 2b wild w his assistant! mayb his hse bad fs 2. ST report, 290509.

pauline n alfred chose date for their wedding, named d bb, FS their flat. also intro many clients. last wk she contacted me tat d hubby fainted n bled. in out hospt twice but no result! oso some bad luck. asked them many ? eg renov home, env, etc.... den she disclosed tat her mum paid a "famous lady master" (who called herself Queen) 2 fs her flat!!! in apr 09. i felt v relief coz reason 2 their misfortune is obvious. moreover tat lady didnt provide date wen they renovated their masterbedroom!!!
visited them yesterday & realised tat tat queen had ltd chinese knowledge, noe little abt geomancy, n surely dun noe how 2 use auspicious items!! she asked them to keep all auspicious things including d illness cure Hulu, & a goddess of mercy etc!! shifted the water feature 2 next 2 d kitchen thus created water n fire clashed!! C in less den 2 mths, the family suffered Bad Misfortune!!
pauline disclosed tat d queen's attitude was bad! so wat queen?? down u go!!alfred jus called 2 say tat the guy who cheated them $ appeared jus 2 pay back!! Magic!! Magic!!
wen the family told her d misfortune after her consultatn, she taichied tat it's part of his life!! in tat case, y FS, y religion??
hmmm! wat kind of master is she! in d 1st pl she shldnt b in FS! wonder how many guinea-pigs she'd killed! how many victims she hurted!! tis isnt d 1st time heard of her issue! she learnt feng shui partly tru koh pu lin. whr she got other knowledge fm???

all d trouble it's going tru. merged w posb, investment faults, n d latest death of key figure! well, it HQ must feng shui. the late CEO got Chinese Name! was his ch name checked on Nos of Strokes, Elements, Words Used....? an angmo fr oso got ch name.... oso passed off early!!!jenny bought a left vacant hse. no feng shui, no auspicious were used. shortly all family members could c things even in bright daylight!!! after some yrs they no longer can tahan their 'tenants'. well who's actually the tenant?? jenny or those things??
1 day a bus load of thai monks came. chanted for a long time. the monks left but they remained!
jenny didnt give up moreover she got $. she flew all d way 2 tibet n returned w a lama. he gathered the whole family 2 sit facing him n advised them not 2 fear, not 2 look bk, shld they hear anything. many hrs passed. Suddenly they heard BANG fm the door!!! the lama 'announced' tat they'd left.
fm den till now almost 20 yrs already, they nvr hear or c any 'tenants' again.

1 + 1 = 2, wen hock came 2 c me w a sexy china study mama! he wanted me 2 fengshui a coffee shop tat he jus took over n were b managed by tat x-massage parlour boss. tis happened late last yr. he oso told me tat his supervisor played him out n his cleaning co were go bust. tis yr d news came tat he really got busted!

hock was my earlier client in d 90s. fm 0 job till can select contract of mega malls. fm 3-rm flat 2 exec. fm lau-cock-cock honda 2 big benz. fm simple meal 2 golf club membership. he always eyed on other ventures but irrelvant ones eg health ctr, bars, niteclubs, chicken hotels.....
hock will seek advice on each move, n read his fortune annually w/o fail. every now n den remind him Dun Womanise, Beware of False Romance Star. all tis bring DownFall!!!!
my Best Wishes 2u Hock. 2nd chance awaits U. i'm always here for U. Good Luck.

mdm T rang me up just. she's abt 2 buy a madza 3 n the onli color left was black. she knew black was her ill color. well by putting lucky n/or religious items in the car might help. 19 yrs ago mdm T contacted me 2 name her pals's gdchild. den names for her gdkids, date 4 her kid's wedding, feng shui some apts in dist 9 were all done by me. 19 yrs ago she's abt 50+. a fortune teller fm KL told her tat she would live till 60! she passed it.

Head i Win, Tail u Lose. jenny's colleagues felt tat she shld change d useless bf. to prove their point i was invited there. casted an ordinary Coin 3 consecutive times, Head, ie 2 change. jenny challenged tat made it Tail 2 change. Tail appeared! a couple of time she tossed. edward was unsure 2 join A or B co. 3 consecutive times, Head! ie 2 join B. but he wanted A. i casted twice, he did once.
Toss Coin, an ancient decision method. esp w 20 yrs of experience n born psychic power, it doesnt matter i or d client toss. it'll still work wonder!

joe went w his newly wed wife to visit her granny's tomb during qing ming. a big family's affair. infront of d old lady, he said aloud tat if they were 2 strike 4D, he were sweep her tomb monthly! shortly his FIL struck Big but joe only $250. surely he 4got d promise he made! shortly d old lady appeared in joe's dream n reminded him of d promise! from then on till now w/o fail he appear at her tomb monthly! MAHJONG a fav pastime of 2 young mothers. they luv the game so much tat they could leave the young kids n hubby away 4 many many hrs. after feng shui, they didnt seem to enjoy better luck whether game at home or elsewhere. the reason is 4 them to play less n spend more precious time with the family.

Ann a charming lass in her mid-20s had many suitors of many races. Whenever they talked about marriage, they're broke-off! Such repeated cases stressed her out!
Upon checking realised that she were to Marry the Man from her Past Life. An unfinished love carried fwd. But she can't zoom in to anyone she like
d. It must be introduced by someone.
'How'd I know that's the right one?' Ann asked. 'Well, pay again to check.' I replied.
Some mths later she's asked to meet her White friend's new room-mate, also White. They met & Love at 1st Sight! The checking confirmed the romance.
As her hubby was a regional consultant, they travelled alot. Now they've a few beautiful kids. Every year w/o fail, she'll email me to check her luck, no matter which country she's in.

Tan handled his wife's funeral the Taoist way as they're Taoist. Liberation was given to his children who're Christians.
Some years later Tan passed off. To avoid Unfamiliar Religion & Custom, at his death-bed, church authority was called in by his children to baptize him. A week later after Tan's funeral, all his children although stayed in different parts of S'pore had the same dream on the same night.
" Tan was escorted to heaven by the angels was refused entry coz the authority felt that he's baptized in an unconscious manner. Thus they can't accept him as Christian. Then he went to hell with the guards but was rejected too. For the authority there felt that he's no longer a Taoist. Save My Soul, children, now I'm a wondering spirit outside the house. Get Taoist priests to redo the ceremony "
The Shocked Kids did as what the old man pleaded.
This's quite common happening between Parents & Kids of different religions. It's actually very easy, just request the casket people to handle the type of Religion style you want.


Tina had a NightMare that 'she's chased by a Malay woman & her kids. She ran to a temple & consulted a high Monk. He told her that he can't help her!'
With a Singing Bowl (6-word Mantra type), I slept in Tina's room. Shortly in my dream: Tina knowingly or unknowingly Involved with a Married Man. His wife consulted a Bomoh to warn her the Black Magic Way.
In the dream the Malay woman & kids were chased off by me. They begged that I don't Run the Singing Bowl for that were Destroy them 4ever. To be fair to them, I advised Tina to stay off that Married Man!

10 yrs ago, May'd Treble HeartAttacks: She contacted woman's illness & was operated on. Her dad who's not supposed to travel (according to a fortune-teller) came from oversea to visit her was killed in a road accident just outside her condo. Her hubby was posted to Bejing & Hooked by a Chinese Mermaid.
The feng shui of her apt was so-so. My checking said that nothing need 2b done & her man will come back. She's skeptical & went on to check with other experts. All of us gave the same ans!
May did lots of things! Her man eventually didn't come back!

Mrs Hoo told me that she could Feel Things. She called it Vibes. Her late granny kept "Little Ghosts". As a punishment to her granny's evil occupation, she's born with such ability.
She shifted hse a few times but those things just followed. Blessing by her Catholic priests were short-lived. Even at shopping centres she could feel "something". Only once when we visited a pte apt that she's keen to buy, my compass signaled Very Negative Energy!
So far, Religion, Geomancy, Reiki including any unknown "science" she tried, had failed to help.
She just got to live with her granny's fault!

My pal's pal during the Ghost Month will be granted 1 mth leave by his understanding boss. In that mth, once on the road, he not only could see things in daylight, he even Scold & Fight with Them! He was caught & sent to WoodBridge several times but he could prove his problem!

Maggie was amused when Lena told her that furniture in her hse could move by themselves! Maggie's wish to stay there for 1 night was granted.
In the middle of her sweet dream, she heard sound from drawers. She opened her eyes & saw an Old Lady
sat on her bed & opened the drawer! When Maggie opened her eyes bigger, the old lady turned around & smiled at her! Maggie Fell Off the Bed & Fainted!
I dreamt of a method to handle the Guests in Lena's hse. She rejected my help. As a serious Christian, she preferred the Bible & chose to live with those guests.

The Lim family bought a resale flat in Chiam's est from a Malay family. The kids heard noises on the 1st night. Mrs Lim felt that they just imagined in a new envirnoment. Shortly the sole-bread winner had Stroke, Bedridden, & Lost His Job. Mrs Lim went Crazy!
An oldman, a GhostCatcher offered help to them b4 me. Mrs Lim told me that temporarily those things were forced in a wall. When I passed by the kitchen I felt things zoomed past me. The feng shui there was Bad.
Mrs Lim disclosed that her neighbour could see the deceased granny of the former owner returned to cook & hang clothes! The new lady was angry that the deceased didn't move to the new place or they didn't invite her along!
Mr Lim told the wife that while in the hospital, a few times he saw an old Malay woman by the window scolded him for occupying her flat!
The ghostcatcher confirmed that they were 3 of them, the deceased granny & her buddies. For the time being he could only force them into a wall & a huge mirror was placed opposite it reflecting their souls to be there. When the time was right, they'll be varnished!
Some yrs later, I read about the Lim family in the papers. Mr Lim survived the stroke, managed to pull thru, & returned to the workforce. The kids scored well despite the hardship. Mrs Lim for her tolerance. In the photo, I saw a Happy Family w/o the Ghostly Images!

The collapse of the Hotel New World didn't surprise Gina at all. To & after work, she got to pass by there. She saw Japanese soldiers & local, all Haunting! After the collapse, the no. of occupants there were about the same but New Faces too. Replacement!
At her work place, sometimes her duty was 2b at the Fitting Room. She's chased away those Cheeky Male Ghosts that hid in the female area to admire those bodies & parts!
In other depts, whenever those "Shoppers" felt that "they" were spotted by Gina, they're disappeared thru Walls! Gina highlighted that those "Shoppers" dressed the types of clothes of their era' & they're "White as Paper".So the next time U enter the Fitting Rm, BEWARE OF ADMIRERS!

Cheong Geomancy Consultants - estd 1988

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Fake & Bogus Master please quit! Feng Shui can be a matter of Life & Death! You'll be Punished one day! Go do something else. Half-Past 6 sifu too. Go learn more before trying to make $. It's a Holy Profession. Not $ making trade. Moreover you're playing with one's life. Yours too!

Malaysia's Old Master Yap Cheng Hai saved Lillian Too when she failed as a banker donkey yrs ago, now 'spokeman' for the condo project Elemen on genting. its top is like Emperor's Hat. many can't take on such strong element. there's only 1 King. moreover genting has too much & strong Gambling Qi. 22/2/13. 

'interest in geomancy since young...learnt from various masters overseas...same root as the late feng shui monk Rev Hong Choon...' website infor of several new 'fengshui man'! Stop using such marketing ideas! Stop conducting feng shui class! You're fooling the public!   6/2/13.

2013 Water Snake Lunch Talk on 24/11/12. Personal Consultation Coming Soon!
Is Your Premises or Yourself Ready for 2013? 

Nirvana Memorial Gdn's marketing is strong. many times contacted me 2b her agt to sell urn space. rejected. nov 26, it advt highlighting intl fs conventn tour to its gdn. many 'grand masters' said good abt nirvana. 
according to sci research: when buried the bone of the deceased will somehow have reaction with the earth of the burial ground n with the good or bad environment including shape of tomb etc will affect descendants! such is primary level of feng shui.
DISAGREE with wat a local big boy said "...cremation has that similar principle can still be applied at a columbarium w gd feng shui..."! it's sec level.
Now for the living wats most VIP is your Home Feng Shui! 

Self-Created Lucky items WILL NOT WORK!!! what wealth wallets! All Rubbish! geomancer male or female including business pple merely wanna get more $ out of U! DON'T be Psycho by them! Feng Shui in gen is abt balancing of Qi between U n d area thus benefiting from it. Traditional Lucky items eg Wealth Toad, Pixiu, Lions etc r merely Supplement only. if d Qi is Wrong, even a 1 ton Elephant is useless! 
many ' geomancers ' who created own items to sell or cheat all ended up 1/2 'dead'! some 'dieing' soon. 
One's doing is watched by Heaven or God. Reward or Punishment is only a matter of time.  

advt in st 11/3/11: lillian too presents 3rd dimension pt 2, the secrets of sacred amulets... make/use/wear Talismans... come n receive oral transmissions of powerful Mantras... Spiritual Feng Shui...
WRONG to add Religion into such environmental science!!

master chong swan lake died last year, was told sudden death, thus left marina bay IR unfinished! shortly 2 key top staff of sands quit or asked 2 go! delay! as reported in sun times 14/3/10, his 'student' (never know he got student) mentioned that she took over d project. the whole sands IR rep buddhism praying setup. probably chong planned his death. his spirit will linger on there. so folks dun b surprise u c things there!

passed by marine parade a thai buddhism follower cum geomancer put on his signboard: celebrity geomancer. 1 hell of rubbish!

table tennis assn chief is d guest of honour of a fs seminar organised by a trade fair org! it's gd if she were 2 invite those speaker-'geomancer' 2 fs d assn hse 2 solve all d 'trouble'! although most of those 'geomancers' r unrated, it might still work some wonders. tis event may duplicate d annual fs convention but a chance for d undrated. i rejected its invitatn. u can call me snobbish.

now probably due to the many courses, many evil, suddenly many 'masters' were born!! all hv donkey yrs of experience, all were past dn fm past generations!!

In the early 80s, Rev Hong Choon of Bright Hill Temple, KH Lim of SanYen, Peter Gwee of Fulu & Yew Long Zi were the Big Names. Dr Evelyn Lip, researcher/author turned geomancer, sch of architecture studies - NUS. Chong Swan Lake & Koh PL kept low profile. Tan Koon Yong of Way was relatively unknown.

Rumour was that you need at least 10k to engage the Rev. Lim & Gwee occupied big office with rosewood furniture & many staff in Parkway Parade & Wisma whereas Tan only occupied a small place in Fulu Shou. Yew Long Zi was better known for Name Selection.

A Big Restructure in the 90s. Rev Hong Choon passed away. Lim vanished (anyone know his news?). Gwee moved to Katong then to Geylang, Red Lights area. Dr Lip stayed low-key but disclosed to the NZ Researcher Sara Noble that she was involved to feng shui several State Projects. Tan's popularity shot up. In fact Tan was pioneer in strong advt.

Lilian Too, with a failed career turned to writing feng shui books made it big in the mid 90s. She brought FENG SHUI TO NEW HEIGHT. Also made famous Malaysian veteran Yap Cheng Hai. Lynn Yap called herself the Queen of Feng Shui!!!!! (a case in my Supernatural/Unb pg surely enough 2 dethrone her).

Around the New Millennium period, came Adelina Pang, who mentioned that her girl almost died from bad feng shui. It's only fair for Joey Yap to try to make a name for himself coz his dad Cheng Hai made famous Lilian, also he's truly old.

Aggressive Marketing & Advertising made Lynn & Adelina popular too.

It's interesting that how Vincent Koh (teach hobby feng shui course in S'pore Poly) managed to register as S'pore Feng Shui Centre? Tung Cheng Loong is interesting & low-key too. Others are not worth mentioning.

Currently local Geomancy scene is quite Crucial. Courses are easily available by many so-called Masters. Even books are full of Rubbish. Moreover many wish to make it a trade. They thought Good & Easy $.

To all " Master Hopeful ", Fake Masters, Teachers & Authors: Feng Shui involve Life & Death! Bad & Wrong advice could kill not 1 patient but a whole family! Retribution Awakes!

Hong Kong is still the World Centre for Geomancy. Grand Master Cai Bo Li is still the no. 1. Several Masters only service exclusive clients. Taiwan's politics is more interesting than her Feng Shui. Moreover Astrology & Tarot Cards are more common there. Chairman Mao during his time had chased many Feng Shui Masters out of the Mainland. What's left now in China?

In the WEST: Stephen Skinner is an estd author/geomancer long long ago. Raymond Lo was very sicked before picking up Geomancy. Sarah B, an American ID was sent to HK. There she learnt the trade & wrote on the subject & changed career too when returned to USA. American Feng Shui Institute was made famous by this Chinese man Larry. A good outlet for the foreigners.

I was approached to chair the 1st INTERNATIONAL FENG SHUI CONVENTION by the organizer. Due to some miscommunication the organizer lost touch with me. With that main reason + the inauspicious date of the inaugural event, I BOYCOTTED it although the organizer later invited me. Till now I'm least keen about her events.

Many Masters link FENG SHUI WITH RELIGION. Sarah B learnt geomancy from a master who's more famous in Tibetan Buddhism than feng shui. Once a student from Way Geomancy came to select wedding date. He mentioned that Tan Koon Yong highlighted that Feng Shui work faster with the aid of Taoism. Tan is a Taoist & owns a Taoism Centre. Sometimes people wonder is the power of Feng Shui or Buddhism of Rev Hong Choon that worked!

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DREAM is someone or something trying to tell you something, seek help or revenge when you're in another state of mind. Dream of Lottery Nos? Do Respect Dreams! Try Keeping a Dream Journal.

PSYCHIC could See or Feel Things through Dream, Mediation, Crystal Ball etc. Discovery Channel always telecast Psychic Power. Interesting & Informative.

I happened to have Dream Power inborn. And very often related to clients or pals. 'Pink' took half day off & went with me to look for a place after telling her a Dream. We found that place. She entered & was Enlightened! 'Neo' was told to drive with care.

If you've Repeated Dreams of the Same Story over & over again, Please check it out asap. Some folks trust that Dream always shows the opposite result. Chinese or English have volumes of Books on Dreams. So Interesting!

I'll relate more in the Chapter called ' Unbelievable & SuperNatural ' soon.

Cheong Geomancy Consultants estd 1988


Check & Measure those Lines on your Palm. They can Move, Shorten or Lengthen! Why? Because they're Controlled by your Luck. It goes the same to your Face. The guy sometimes looks like Chow Yuen Fatt, sometimes Forrest Gump. The girl sometimes is Zhang Zhiyi, sometimes Xu Choon Mei.

Luck can be improved by Religion & Feng Shui. So why should I be bothered with palmistry & face reading!

Some features are very distinct, eg Big Nose means Wealth like Jackie Chan. Large Sharp Oval Eyes for Lady is 'Hiao'. Elephant Ears is Stubborn. High Forehead is Wisdom like MM.

No feature of Bruce Lee, Leslie Cheung or Teresa Teng showed Short-Life. And yet!!! Guess Bad Feng Shui hurt them.

Not everyone can afford operation or plastic surgery in Korea, Japan or USA.

MOLE is more interesting. Mole at some places including the Body is Good, some Bad. It's one very Detailed Science. Well, if your Moles are Dark Red colour, you're in Luck. Best of All, Seven or Nine Moles very close to each other is Top Luck. You're that Special Being! But if these Special Moles are on your face, sure you'll fly to Korea, Japan or USA.

Our darling Fann Wong has 1 lucky mole hidden at her left eyebrow. Dare she remove it. Diana Ser if without that mole will be less charming. Same as the Taiwanese actress Hu Jing.

A client removed a small mole near to her eye. Sometime later, it grew again & Larger! God's Will.

So Worry No More about those Lines & how You Looked.

Cheong Geomancy Consultants estd 1988

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Chinese trusts that Good Name Good Life. sure vice-versa. Bad Name can bring misfortune even death!! i'm concern esp other race who wants ch name. hv d ch name checked, pse dont just hv 1.
If you're an adult, don't bother to Change your Name unless you've tried Religion & Geomancy & still see no improvement. How bad can your life be? Sure, if you feel that your name don't Sound Nice then ok to change it.

A New Born has no name thus it's a duty to Pick A Good Name for the child to Start Right from Day 1.

When I do Name, 1st I'll assess his Life base on his Date & Hour of Birth. If his life is Good & Strong, Strong Words can be used. If his is average or weak then only words of Suitable Strength should be used. Next will be the Elements & the No. of Strokes.

In modern days, only Chinese or Mandarin will be considered unless the parents or gdparents still prefer the Name to be in Dialect Pronunciation.

Well, if one wants to poke Fun on your name, he'll have his way. Any name or word has a way to be poked fun on.

A standard rule is that the proposed name Must Not Be that of his parents or grandparents. I can't guarantee the child can use certain middle or last word as preferred by the folks. Each child's life varies. Best that the parents come with certain words they desire to use or not to use.
For Company Names, DOB of Owners if can be factored in would be Great. Chinese Name of Toilet Sensor Giant RIGEL, & public-listed AVAPLAS were my effort.

Chinese Word Analysis: One writes a Chinese Word & asks about his luck, health, wealth, career, love etc.

It's another Ancient Fortune Reading method. There's no standard rule that coz you write this word therefore the answer is such. The Feeling of the writer, master, word & the questions asked play Vital Role at that moment of time. Another person if were to write the same word, meaning would be different. It's a very lively Art. For those who can't write Chinese,

I've a Special Way for you. Come Try It Out!


With the Material of the Tongshu required, Knowledge & Hard Work, I'm able to Select Date into the Future Years, eg 2014.

Couples & Hotels are Happy.

Just provide me the DOB of the couple & their parents, grandparents (optional), wonder will be done On-the-Spot. $80 for the current year. $160 for the future. Hard work deserves more $. In fact plus dates for Bed Placement & Gift Exchange will cost you $100 more only. It's still the lowest cost in your wedding budget.

The beautiful gown, nice hotel & food will make your wedding great for a short period only. My service is suppose to provide you with Good Luck, Good Kids, Good Life in perhaps a life time. Only that if you happen to live in a very bad feng shui pty you might be 'sway'. Of course those who don't pick good dates have higher 'sway' chance.

Don't overlook ROM! Once you signed you're man & woman even though the customary is much later. If anything were to go wrong, you've to go RODivorce. So if you haven't ROM, kindly for you own good, spend a few $ more to pick ROM dates. If you already ROM, please don't bother to know is that a good date. Unless you feel troubled then see me for help. famous Blogger XiaXue wanted 14/3/10 for her ROM. a bad day! advised her to use 13 instead. she trusted & now happily married.

An Auspicious Date must not only be Good for the couple, it must also be in Harmony with the parents. If you overlook the parents, once you confirmed the date, their health, wealth or relationship with you will suffer!

Qing Ming
is perfectly all right to get married. It's a festival in memory of ancestors. They'll be happy of your marriage. Only that if you pick the actual Qing Ming day then sentiment is weird.

Ghost Festival
is No No for wedding unless you aren't Chinese, Taoist or Free Thinker. It's a period for the unwanted ghosts to come for food & $. Your celebration is of no respect to them. They'll Haunt you & Sabotage your Wedding Night! Heard from hotel friends that some couples had their wedding nights in the 7th month, came screaming out of their rooms!

It's surely OK to visit Bridal Show, Banquet Venue, Sign Wedding Deal, Select Dates in the 7th month.

Bed Placement
in modern era is to decorate your bridal chamber with new bed, bed sheets, pillow case, lucky items. It's ok to sleep on the new bed. Some old belief is to have kids, sleep, play even urine on the new bed. This's to ensure Fertility. Those MIL sees your figure & feel that you may not be able to give birth.........It's an Insult, isn't it?

Bed Placement is to be carried out 2 - 7 days before the wedding. It's the in-laws duty to decorate the place. The couple doesn't need to be around. If the in-laws are not convenient to do then seek help from relatives or elderly pals. People who're very lucky will not assist you coz they afraid losing their good luck. No No to divorced, widowed, playboy, playgirl or broken family type. 'Sway' lah!

Gift Exchange
is usually 10 - 21 days before the wedding. The Groom brings already agreed on Goodies, Cakes, Pin Jin etc to the Bride's parents. I'll not go in-depth about the type of gifts & goodies coz Dialect varies. It's also the day that Invitation Cards are to be delivered.

Pin Jin
. If the girl's side didn't mention the exact amount then if you can afford it give by the thousands of $ in cash & do prepare smaller notes in a large red packet. Your MIL will not take all. From your $, she'll return some. Even if you give 9999 & get back 9, No Complain! Good milk powder, rice, dress in those days were not cheap to feed/doll up your Bride.

Whatever the dialect, 2 bottles of hard liquor is a Must to your FIL even if he doesn't drink or already bye-bye. If he didn't mention his ideal choice, giving VSOP is safe. It can be Duty-Free. Don't give wine, beer is worst! In return, the Girl's side will give 2 bottles of sparkling Syrup or Soft-Drinks. This isn't short-change, it's Custom.

also says CANNOT MEET ON THE EVE OF THE WEDDING. But can sms, icq, msn, video conference, 3G lor! Chinese Clock starts from 11pm so don't go for midnight show on the eve of the eve!

Very popular Taboo about attending Red or White Matter. Please include Visiting the Very Sicked too. Ideally 3 months before & after your wedding. For the Red event, need not give angpow or gift. For the White event, please donate 'white gold'.

If the couple's immediate family member pass off, some say wedding must be done within a specific period. Well, it all depends on the dialect group. See what can be compromise.

Each day will clash with 1 Chinese Zodiac animal. For eg, your Wedding Date clashes with the Monkey Zodiac, they still can come for your event day or night. You've to excuse those Superstitious Monkey relatives or friends who choose to absent. They'll still give you angpow.
Pregnant women Can't be Bridesmaid or Sisters. It'll Clash! Clash with the bride, 1 person. But the other side, 2, Mother & Unborn! If the bridesmaid isn't aware of her pregnancy then it's OK.

The Best-Man or Buddies whose wife is Pregnant still can be Best-Man. His pregnant wife is also welcome to attend. Only what if she gives birth on-the-spot! Double Happiness! Eh! Couple poised this question. Funny right!

Well if you're not in contact with your parents, please don't bother to provide his or her DOB when come for Date Selection. DOB of God-Parents, Siblings, Mother's parents all not needed.
Auspicious Wedding Date is your Gateway to a Happy New Life.

Many couples whose wedding dates were done by me, now return to choose baby names also to Feng Shui their homes.


In addition to correct placement of door, bed, stove, etc, we do need some Magic Stuff to either enhance the energy or to avert calamities. Common ones are Plant, Aquarium, Fountain, Crystals, Mirror. etc. And Lucky items are Wealth Toad, Lion, Kirin, Pixiu, etc. Commonly you use Japanese Cat.

Those shrewd businessmen thus created 'Feng Shui Fish, Plant, Altar, etc. See, I'm a Feng Shui Man. Some business-minded Geomancers even create what they call 'Fortune' stuff. All Rubbish.

. Since Feng Shui is a Chinese thing, quite naturally they use Chinese Fish. Goldfish is always the no. 1 choice. Not truly coz of its beauty or the word Gold. More importantly is that Goldfish eat & shit FAST & ALOT. Demanding you to Change the Water often thus Movement.

Change of Luck.

Its cousin Carp was transformed to KOI. That need bigger area, dig earth & ultra power pump. Bigger Movement. Dragon Fish was later introduced. Now together with Goldfish & Koi, they made the
Three Lucky Fish.Other species are secondary.

For Feng Shui power, the maximum no to keep is 9.The no of Black fish must not be more than other colour fish.

To ward off extreme Bad Luck, keep 6 Solid Black fish, any type, place it at a place you dislike most. After taking up your bad luck, they'll die. Replenish instantly. The no.of fish must always be 6. Once your luck has improved, you can keep them still. It worked wonder for my client, Li Hwa, her black goldfish even gave birth.

Actually most importantly is which place need Water, Clean Moving Water. Fountain can replace aquarium. Best of all, you can also use a pail of water with a pump. It'll work too but Visitor will call you the Mad Scientist.

Quite often you read about Drowning in condo's swimming pool. Sometimes repeated cases in the same pool. That area shouldn't have Water! If wrongly placed in your home or office, instead of bringing you Good Luck, Bad Luck come. All these areas need to be assessed.

SINGING BOWLS (SB): Some years ago, an Indian Catholic pal offered to cleanse a pty with SB.I rejected him coz I wasn't aware of such instrument. Last year by chance I read an article about SB in a Buddhism mag. I was Enlightened! Now I'm head over heels about SB. And even formed a division Wonder Bowls. Before using SB, I visit Foot Relexology fortnightly but now once in 3 months!

SB is a Metal Bowl, when strikes or run with a mallet will create Sound & Vibration that will work Magic. Very ancient thing orginated in India. But popularised in Nepal, Tibet & Japan. To many SB is a secret tool of the Lama.

This ancient Bowls is made from several types of metal. Nowadays usually brass. Crystal Bowls is rare & very costly. Basically it's either machine (high pitch) or man-made (low pitch). Machine-made types are usually imprinted with Symbol or Mantra. Other than a power tool for feng shui, it's popular for Healing, Mediation etc.

Let me end this page by highlighting about Auspicious Measurement & Numbers. In the auspicious measuring tape, each inch represents something good or bad. Other than the Altar, please don't be too concern for other furniture, otherwise you've to tailor-made your bed, chair, table etc. And please don't start measuring your height or fingers. Maybe that's why high-heel & manicure were invented!

The influence of sound alike Good Number came from HK. Thus you've to pronounce any nos in Cantonese, & never use other language or dialect. Once I picked a nice no for client's new Benz. 3266. He's upset coz he's Teochew. Well, he kept that for 7 years then switched to a Lexus. Now he drives a BMW 7 series. Base one's DOB, Lucky Number can be worked out. What if yours is 4444?

*Cheong Geomancy Consultants estd1988


Chinese Geomancy more affectionately known as Feng Shui, Wind is Luck, Water is Wealth. Originated in China dated back no less than 3000 years ago with no distinct Founder. It's an Environmental Science & Not Religion. I call it Traditional Chinese Interior & Exterior Design Method (TCIEDM).

In modern age, Wind Water should be divided into 3 parts:

1) Feng Shui for the Dead (Yin Hse): This's of primarily importance. When the decease is buried, its remain will somehow or rather will work with the earth energy, together with the shape of the tomb & land, & auspicious date & time, the next few generations will either benefit or be destroyed. For cremation, the venue where the urn will be placed is important. It may no longer be as effective as burial but still vital. At this point, you'll probably know why your cousin is smarter, richer & better looking than you. Will your rich relatives bother to alter the tomb to benefit you?

A client told me that after their grandfather was buried, no Male was born! Even those who married out gave birth only to Girls! Although a Geomancer was consulted before the burial, they surely didnt expect such "negative birth". After meeting with many relatives, they decided to examine the tomb & opened the coffin. To their dismay, the coffin was tilted! They trusted that's why no more Boy! Who tilt it, caretaker, God, weak earth! Once the coffin was placed right again. Boys were delivered!

2) Feng Shui for the Home (Yang Hse): Since you cant control the Yin Hse, this Home Feng Shui becomes VIP. In your house, you're the King & Queen. You can decide where to sleep, where the TV should be, fine too if you wish to paint the wall black etc. Good Energy will benefit your family only.

3) Feng Shui for the Work Place (Yang Hse): If you're not the owner of the business, you cant possibly choose where your office should be. Even if you're the key personnel, a lot of decisions is restricted.

From the above 3 points, you're left with Home Feng Shui to benefit from.

Base on your DOB, check which area is ideal for you, eg north or South. Then what's your best facing or orientation, East or West.

Best shape for land or pty is Horse-Shoe or letter U. Such can contain Wind & Water, i.e. Luck & Money. The property must be on good soil high land or mountain & faces water course, eg calm sea, river, lake. Road of X, Y, T shape will kill you. Any station, eg police, fire, mrt gives out bad energy which will hurt you, if you're too near them. Bad neighbours also include worship places, brothels, nightspots etc.

For apartment owners, the higher the floor the better. Sit High See Far. For landed pty, please ensure your main entrance is not obstructed.

Stove represents Career, Fertility & Women's Health. It's of Fire element thus shouldn't face Water element, eg Washing Basin, Fridge, Washing Machine. If Fire & Water has to be in line, it should be at least 1 foot or 30 cm apart. Make sure the stove isn't below clothes, pipes etc. It shouldn't be too near the window too. The wind will blow off the fire. No sharp pts should be poking at the stove otherwise you'll be Arrowed.

Bed is about Relationship, Reproduction & Feeling. No thing should be placed on the wall above the bed. Forget about your wedding photos. Bad energy from there will come crushing down to pressure you. Bed shouldn't be in line with room door. This can kill. If Bed is parallel to the door, you'll be operated on frequently! Well, if such is unavoidable, use Divider or create some kind of Partition. Over or Under Sex is also Bad Feng Shui.

No mirror should face Bed, Stove, Door, Altar etc. Its Reflective Energy will weaken you day by day. How can you perform then? It can even cause Miscarriage!

In any property, there're Rich, Prosperous, Wisdom, Romance area. Sometimes Negative Energy area too. Always place Lucky items including your Photos at the good area. Can consider to put Plant, Aquarium or Big Furniture at the Negative area.

All the above Points have been repeated in all good feng shui books. Thus show its Basic and Importance. Even if you dont engage a feng shui man, you should observe these rules. All other designs will depend on each DOB.

Feng Shui veteran Mr Stephen Skinner defined the subject as " the art of living in harmony with the land, deriving the greatest benefit, peace & prosperity from being in the right place at the right time."

Besides Good Health, it will also develops one's Wisdom & Opportunities. Without Good Thinking Power & Chances, one goes nowhere in this modern society.

In about 1873, Rev Ernest Eitel of the London Missionary Society was sent to China to spread the Religion. Eventually he became probably the 1st angmoh expert in Chinese Geomancy. His Classic " Feng Shui " is a Must Read for all Feng Shui enthusiasts. His most famous words: "by far the best & effective means is to engage a geomancer, to do what he says, & to pay him well". I like it.

Nowadays there're many Con Geomancers , man & woman, all ready to Con You. Beware of beautiful advertisements & websites. Don't just blindly go for the cheapest fee. You might end up buying lots of things from him, & using his contractors. Check out his portfolio, his years of service, etc. Ask around too. And not just who's expensive, who's cheap...................

Lastly, Chinese believes the following order:

1. Life 2. Luck 3. Geomancy 4. Charity/Kindness/Filial Piety 5. Studies

If one's born of Good Life, quite naturally his Luck is always OK. See Mr Richard Li. If one's life is so-so or bad, how kind, filial, & hard you study, you'll still feel the stress. Geomancy is the Breaking Point. The well-off just need one bad pty to bankrupt him. And the average or poor guy just need a good premises to turn over a new leaf. Look at Mr K K Fong, Chow Yuen Fatt, & the venture between SingTel & Virgin Mobile.

A pal with fortune worth about S$30 milllions went to buy a huge house which publicly felt was a Jinx house coz all past owners went in rich but came out broke. It took the family in less than 3 years to go broke!

One might wonder, since Feng Shui is so incredible, when a crook applies it, his evil deeds will turn into an empire! As Geomancer turned Nun, Rev Heng Dao explained that " Feng Shui will not work for the wicked ". This's to say that the Feng Shui magic of the crook will be short-lived.

Chinese Geomancy can always help the Bad Shape ones to Good Shapes, & the Good Shape ones to Better Shapes, & the Better Shapes to Best Best Shapes.

Guess the only thing that can disturb Feng Shui is Greed & Wickedness.

Cheong Geomancy Consultants estd 1988


1. HDB Flat S$ 788 up
2. Pte Apt/EC 1688 up
3. Landed Pty 3388 up
4. Business Pty 388 up
5. Unit/Site Selection 288 up
6. WalkAbout 488 up
7. Specialty Feng Shui 688 up

The above rate is for local On-Site Job only. 1/2 price for Off-Site Job. P.O.A for Overseas Job.

Complete Job: Compatibility between Owners & Pty. Also compatibility between each member. Env Study. Colour. Placement of Bed, Stove, Altar, Power Tools. Design Layout of all Areas. Identify of Rich, Prosperous, Wisdom & Neg Energy Area. Date to Collect Key, 1st Visit, Renovate, Place Main Door, Stove, etc.; Shift & Party.

Full Payment will be collected on 1st Visit. 2nd Free Optional Visit must be done within 6 months after shifted in. Min $200 per Extra Visit during the 1st year.

Client to provide Floor Plan, ideally site plan too, to my place. Cardinal Points must be shown. Full Payment. 1 week later come here for discussion. If we've to visit the pty to check the cardinal pts, client has to pay a min of $300.

DOB not rqd. We'll spot any faults, present or future. Remedy provided.

Speciality Feng Shui:
For those who cant or dont wish to feng shui the whole pty &/or with Specific Goal. Feng Shui for Love, Health, Wealth, Kids, Study, etc.

a. ROM or Ceremonial from $80 for current year, from $160 for future year
b. Bed Placement/Gift Exchange 60 each type
c. Shifting, Opening, Operation from 108

a. Baby/Adult from 168
b. Company from 328
c. Others P.O.A

10) PERSONAL ASSESSMENT 168 face to face 120 post/email
(Life as Destined, Colour, No, Area, Year Highlight)

(eg Love, Career, Health etc)
a. face to face 30 per question + 60 consultation fee
b. by sms/email 30 per question

12) WORD/DREAM/OMEN ANALYSIS 50 per 1/2 hr


(Weird Behaviour, Sickness, Supernatural etc)

15) TALK from 250 (1 - 2 hrs)
(Geomancy, Jade/Crystal, Happy Marriage, Year of Luck, Dream Singing Bowls etc)

The above rates are Starting Price only. It varies case to case.

Some people feel that my fee is dear. Guess they prefer to spend on Big TV, costly decoration etc. Well, expensive TV/HiFi is nice for some years only whereas I'm here to bring you & family Life Long Comfort. Moreover here's Consultant.


17/9/12: tks, we conceived right after consulting you on our new home, & things have been smooth sailing for us so far. PW - HDB apt.

update 7/6/12: St Regis, Royal Plaza on Scotts (scv apt inc).

Pizza Hut HQ, Renault AP, Sumitomo Chemical, Robinsons, Coselec, Rigel, Avaplas, Fagerdala, Tempur, Xedge, Blogger Xiaxue, Michael Chiang, Prof Peter Ng, Hellen Teo, NTU Alumni, Far East Gp, Maori Kurutao, NZ M.A. Feng Shui Author/Researcher, Official Make-Up Artist for Ms S'pore and Universe Pageant '91, Ms S'pore/Universe's Finalist/Actress, Dun & Bradstreet, Asia Seminar, MediaCrop, iFast, PSA RC, S'pore Hotel Assn, SKAL (Intl Tourism), SMU, SPGG, Book Fair '94, EPTC '02, PATA, NZ Tourism Board, & All Good Hotels/Clubs etc.

1. I never expect my business to grow so big. Mr E S Ng - Rigel

2. My company experienced some improvement & I'll not hesitate to recommend your service. Mr Peter Huber - Coselec

3. where enthusiasm for this study & sincerity & dedication have been invaluable in helping to convince me that feng shui is a living philosophy in S'pore.
Ms Sara Noble - Author, Feng Shui in S'pore. Assoc Dean - University of Auckland

4. we felt that our conversation with you that day was really inspiring & informative. we hope our classmates could benefit from your experience in the feng shui industry.
Mr Yam Yujian - SMU
SMU's Representative in a TV Forum with MM Lee Kuan Yew

our catering sales team broke 23 years of record sales. Dir of Marketing - 5 star hotel

6. u r our Trusted Family Advisor. Joseph Ong.

Special Achievements:

1. Invited Guest Speaker to '100 Years of Tourism' in NZ by the NZ Tourism Board. Helped to geomancy several outlets including a 10h Maori Cultural Centre, & Millennium Hotel in Rotorua.

2. Assisted Ms Sara Noble in her thesis on Feng Shui in S'pore for her M.A. degree from the University of Auckland. She earned 1st class Honours. Her thesis was published as Feng Shui in S'pore.

3. Compiled the book 'Spook De Fella' with royalty donation to Community Chest.

4. Assisted some SMU students to research on Feng Shui & Business. Attended their Presentation including Q & A session. Student Yam Yujian represented SMU in a TV forum with MM Lee Kuan Yew.

5. Helped a Ministry's Director in his research on Geomancy for MBA degree.

6. 2009, Speaker at Hilton Asia Pacific GMs' Convention, Shangri-La's Group of Hotels Lo Hei, Intl Tourism SKAL Lo Hei at Shang. 2010 also for Shang & Skal, including iFast.

Cheong Geomancy Consultants estd 1988

Friday, July 6, 2007


When I was a Social Worker in the 70s under the network of SCSS now called NCSS worked nation-wide & handled all types of cases, young, old, runaway, broken family, divorce etc. Very Sad! No End!

In the 80s, I taught Art in a pte missionary school for the 'O' & 'A' level students. Why cant they study in mainstream sch? Their folks were very worried. Over at the CC, I taught Art to kids. Those were lucky kids. 2 pic!

Over at the Social Front, many rich have poor health, problem with their spouse & kids etc. The poor & avg are strong like bull. Off Balance!

Why No Man is Equal? Why are we so Lucky here?

Since young already fascinated by the stories by the great story-teller Li Dasha. He, TV dramas & movies made Sung Dynasty's Geomancy Adviser Lai Buyi, my 1st mentor. The feng shui power of the late Rev Hong Choon of Bright Hill Temple made another mentor. My mum told me how 2 neighbours in Coleman St (now hotels) went thru Feng Shui then Black Magic war. Taoism & Buddhism also attracted me.

When opportunity arises in the 80s, with the contact by my HK relatives, I flew there to master the subject under 2 grandmasters. Touched mountains & clouds. Self-taught wasnt enough.

In 1988 my new career started. Till now almost 20 years already. No regret. Surely love it. Results is heartwarming. Case can be solved. Appreciated.

65% of my customers are Christians, majority are Catholic. 30% are Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus & Muslims. 5% are Free Thinkers & other Religions. If I were to divide my clients by nationality, guess I've yet to have Russian & Eskimo. I dont drive but have been driven or chauffeured in all types of cars including Single Digit no. plate. Waiting for true Sports Cars & Rolls Royce.

Cheong Geomancy Consultants estd 1988


Cool Link Zen Choir = 古灵精怪 Gu Ling Jing Guai

Cool: Steady, Calm, Excellent.
Link: Anything connecting 2 things. Join.
Zen: Type of Buddhism. Mediation. Deep Thoughts.
Choir: A group of band or singers. The part of a church where the singers stand.

Excellent Join to Deep Thoughts & Voice Out.

Think of Stephen Chow, Michael Hui, Eddie Murphy, Mr Bean Sisters Act, Leong Sing Bo, Patricia Mok. All are great comedians. When we say a person or a statement is Gu Ling JIng Guai, it's Witty & Funny.

Life's full of Ancient History & Civilisation (GU), Energy & Inspiration (LING), Smartness & Shrewdness (JING), Ghosts & Goblins (GUAI).

Life's full of Mystery, Strangeness, Bewilderment & Miracle. As such , here we talk about Tradition, Inspiration, Energy & Strange Things. Quite importantly, here's another source of Help.

" a little bit of feng shui, ring some singing bowls, place some crystals, add some power, pay homage to the lord, sprinkle some holy water, should be able to break, whatever magic, whatever science, 古灵精怪 (gu ling jing guai) "

Thanks to all who've helped to the birth of this Blog. Special thanks to Anita & KM (USA).

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