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24/10/12: she drove n asked me has my apt got lift landing! she on wheelchair! the consultation took pl at my corridor! lucky there's a bench n nice garden. entry to my apt has 2 high steps which she cant, although she came w her maid. in her mid-40s. she'd car accident at 5, from then on depend on wheelchair. married 5 yrs ago but recently hubby left w another woman. used 2b an administrator but now jobless. her dad a cab driver died when the 4 kids were young. mum died few yrs later. granny took care of them n went for public help. her childhood was in lim chu kang, grandparents had pig farm. lots of killing. her life as destined base on her date/hr of birth: Luckless Life. Hardwork will not pay off. How hard she tries to have a family will still be a dream. karma! Checking: past very tough. better from now on. to repay all past wishes/favours granted. don't attempt anything new. west is ideal place. recommend her to feng shui her premises in the west (she read up alot on geomancy), be very religious, be kind n charitable. hope she'll heel my advice.

Dream 28/8/12: a family of bro n sis moved in to a resale apt. visited them n asked how's the new pl. 1 lady said they heard Noise in 1 of the rooms! went in that rm & saw (dunno the family see wat i saw or not) an elderly couple, white hair, on the bed! the old couple said their kids shifted but didn't invite them tats y they remained there! i offered help by pushing the bed where they were. but i didn't see the uncle on the bed anymore. aunt told me he left by taxi already! if you move to a new place Don't Forget to Invite Your Parents or GrandParents who Passed Off but Ever Lived in that Property B4 to your new place!  

a goldfish died, i wasnt in. d maid scooped it & kept it in d net tat afternoon. she 4got 2 tell me in the evening. my girl went to the toilet in d middle of d nite, heard fish's breathing!!! she followed d sound n saw d dead fish! she alerted me tis am. it was no longer in d net. wen asked d maid, she said tis morning she pumped into d net den realised the dead fish den threw it! told her d fish caused her to pump into it!!! her Forgetfulness caused a corpse 2b exposed many hrs!

'Thks very much. Now so anxious...' maggie msg tis after her EA was sold on sun (wkends advt) after having put up 4 sale 4 6mths. a price she desired n well above valuatn! 1st time visited her last wed 2 assess y her nicely decor apt got no response.
tis's 2nd time in my 21 yrs advising on How 2 Sell Your Property!!! Magic works well by placing Water Feature in certain spot. she happy, her family happy, i happy.

'nice breasts. touch' an area near her breast. unhooked her bra. lying on d couch. to unzip her dress. gd things must share.' bad feng shui of d clinic likely 2 hv caused a GP 2b wild w his assistant! mayb his hse bad fs 2. ST report, 290509.

pauline n alfred chose date for their wedding, named d bb, FS their flat. also intro many clients. last wk she contacted me tat d hubby fainted n bled. in out hospt twice but no result! oso some bad luck. asked them many ? eg renov home, env, etc.... den she disclosed tat her mum paid a "famous lady master" (who called herself Queen) 2 fs her flat!!! in apr 09. i felt v relief coz reason 2 their misfortune is obvious. moreover tat lady didnt provide date wen they renovated their masterbedroom!!!
visited them yesterday & realised tat tat queen had ltd chinese knowledge, noe little abt geomancy, n surely dun noe how 2 use auspicious items!! she asked them to keep all auspicious things including d illness cure Hulu, & a goddess of mercy etc!! shifted the water feature 2 next 2 d kitchen thus created water n fire clashed!! C in less den 2 mths, the family suffered Bad Misfortune!!
pauline disclosed tat d queen's attitude was bad! so wat queen?? down u go!!alfred jus called 2 say tat the guy who cheated them $ appeared jus 2 pay back!! Magic!! Magic!!
wen the family told her d misfortune after her consultatn, she taichied tat it's part of his life!! in tat case, y FS, y religion??
hmmm! wat kind of master is she! in d 1st pl she shldnt b in FS! wonder how many guinea-pigs she'd killed! how many victims she hurted!! tis isnt d 1st time heard of her issue! she learnt feng shui partly tru koh pu lin. whr she got other knowledge fm???

all d trouble it's going tru. merged w posb, investment faults, n d latest death of key figure! well, it HQ must feng shui. the late CEO got Chinese Name! was his ch name checked on Nos of Strokes, Elements, Words Used....? an angmo fr oso got ch name.... oso passed off early!!!jenny bought a left vacant hse. no feng shui, no auspicious were used. shortly all family members could c things even in bright daylight!!! after some yrs they no longer can tahan their 'tenants'. well who's actually the tenant?? jenny or those things??
1 day a bus load of thai monks came. chanted for a long time. the monks left but they remained!
jenny didnt give up moreover she got $. she flew all d way 2 tibet n returned w a lama. he gathered the whole family 2 sit facing him n advised them not 2 fear, not 2 look bk, shld they hear anything. many hrs passed. Suddenly they heard BANG fm the door!!! the lama 'announced' tat they'd left.
fm den till now almost 20 yrs already, they nvr hear or c any 'tenants' again.

1 + 1 = 2, wen hock came 2 c me w a sexy china study mama! he wanted me 2 fengshui a coffee shop tat he jus took over n were b managed by tat x-massage parlour boss. tis happened late last yr. he oso told me tat his supervisor played him out n his cleaning co were go bust. tis yr d news came tat he really got busted!

hock was my earlier client in d 90s. fm 0 job till can select contract of mega malls. fm 3-rm flat 2 exec. fm lau-cock-cock honda 2 big benz. fm simple meal 2 golf club membership. he always eyed on other ventures but irrelvant ones eg health ctr, bars, niteclubs, chicken hotels.....
hock will seek advice on each move, n read his fortune annually w/o fail. every now n den remind him Dun Womanise, Beware of False Romance Star. all tis bring DownFall!!!!
my Best Wishes 2u Hock. 2nd chance awaits U. i'm always here for U. Good Luck.

mdm T rang me up just. she's abt 2 buy a madza 3 n the onli color left was black. she knew black was her ill color. well by putting lucky n/or religious items in the car might help. 19 yrs ago mdm T contacted me 2 name her pals's gdchild. den names for her gdkids, date 4 her kid's wedding, feng shui some apts in dist 9 were all done by me. 19 yrs ago she's abt 50+. a fortune teller fm KL told her tat she would live till 60! she passed it.

Head i Win, Tail u Lose. jenny's colleagues felt tat she shld change d useless bf. to prove their point i was invited there. casted an ordinary Coin 3 consecutive times, Head, ie 2 change. jenny challenged tat made it Tail 2 change. Tail appeared! a couple of time she tossed. edward was unsure 2 join A or B co. 3 consecutive times, Head! ie 2 join B. but he wanted A. i casted twice, he did once.
Toss Coin, an ancient decision method. esp w 20 yrs of experience n born psychic power, it doesnt matter i or d client toss. it'll still work wonder!

joe went w his newly wed wife to visit her granny's tomb during qing ming. a big family's affair. infront of d old lady, he said aloud tat if they were 2 strike 4D, he were sweep her tomb monthly! shortly his FIL struck Big but joe only $250. surely he 4got d promise he made! shortly d old lady appeared in joe's dream n reminded him of d promise! from then on till now w/o fail he appear at her tomb monthly! MAHJONG a fav pastime of 2 young mothers. they luv the game so much tat they could leave the young kids n hubby away 4 many many hrs. after feng shui, they didnt seem to enjoy better luck whether game at home or elsewhere. the reason is 4 them to play less n spend more precious time with the family.

Ann a charming lass in her mid-20s had many suitors of many races. Whenever they talked about marriage, they're broke-off! Such repeated cases stressed her out!
Upon checking realised that she were to Marry the Man from her Past Life. An unfinished love carried fwd. But she can't zoom in to anyone she like
d. It must be introduced by someone.
'How'd I know that's the right one?' Ann asked. 'Well, pay again to check.' I replied.
Some mths later she's asked to meet her White friend's new room-mate, also White. They met & Love at 1st Sight! The checking confirmed the romance.
As her hubby was a regional consultant, they travelled alot. Now they've a few beautiful kids. Every year w/o fail, she'll email me to check her luck, no matter which country she's in.

Tan handled his wife's funeral the Taoist way as they're Taoist. Liberation was given to his children who're Christians.
Some years later Tan passed off. To avoid Unfamiliar Religion & Custom, at his death-bed, church authority was called in by his children to baptize him. A week later after Tan's funeral, all his children although stayed in different parts of S'pore had the same dream on the same night.
" Tan was escorted to heaven by the angels was refused entry coz the authority felt that he's baptized in an unconscious manner. Thus they can't accept him as Christian. Then he went to hell with the guards but was rejected too. For the authority there felt that he's no longer a Taoist. Save My Soul, children, now I'm a wondering spirit outside the house. Get Taoist priests to redo the ceremony "
The Shocked Kids did as what the old man pleaded.
This's quite common happening between Parents & Kids of different religions. It's actually very easy, just request the casket people to handle the type of Religion style you want.


Tina had a NightMare that 'she's chased by a Malay woman & her kids. She ran to a temple & consulted a high Monk. He told her that he can't help her!'
With a Singing Bowl (6-word Mantra type), I slept in Tina's room. Shortly in my dream: Tina knowingly or unknowingly Involved with a Married Man. His wife consulted a Bomoh to warn her the Black Magic Way.
In the dream the Malay woman & kids were chased off by me. They begged that I don't Run the Singing Bowl for that were Destroy them 4ever. To be fair to them, I advised Tina to stay off that Married Man!

10 yrs ago, May'd Treble HeartAttacks: She contacted woman's illness & was operated on. Her dad who's not supposed to travel (according to a fortune-teller) came from oversea to visit her was killed in a road accident just outside her condo. Her hubby was posted to Bejing & Hooked by a Chinese Mermaid.
The feng shui of her apt was so-so. My checking said that nothing need 2b done & her man will come back. She's skeptical & went on to check with other experts. All of us gave the same ans!
May did lots of things! Her man eventually didn't come back!

Mrs Hoo told me that she could Feel Things. She called it Vibes. Her late granny kept "Little Ghosts". As a punishment to her granny's evil occupation, she's born with such ability.
She shifted hse a few times but those things just followed. Blessing by her Catholic priests were short-lived. Even at shopping centres she could feel "something". Only once when we visited a pte apt that she's keen to buy, my compass signaled Very Negative Energy!
So far, Religion, Geomancy, Reiki including any unknown "science" she tried, had failed to help.
She just got to live with her granny's fault!

My pal's pal during the Ghost Month will be granted 1 mth leave by his understanding boss. In that mth, once on the road, he not only could see things in daylight, he even Scold & Fight with Them! He was caught & sent to WoodBridge several times but he could prove his problem!

Maggie was amused when Lena told her that furniture in her hse could move by themselves! Maggie's wish to stay there for 1 night was granted.
In the middle of her sweet dream, she heard sound from drawers. She opened her eyes & saw an Old Lady
sat on her bed & opened the drawer! When Maggie opened her eyes bigger, the old lady turned around & smiled at her! Maggie Fell Off the Bed & Fainted!
I dreamt of a method to handle the Guests in Lena's hse. She rejected my help. As a serious Christian, she preferred the Bible & chose to live with those guests.

The Lim family bought a resale flat in Chiam's est from a Malay family. The kids heard noises on the 1st night. Mrs Lim felt that they just imagined in a new envirnoment. Shortly the sole-bread winner had Stroke, Bedridden, & Lost His Job. Mrs Lim went Crazy!
An oldman, a GhostCatcher offered help to them b4 me. Mrs Lim told me that temporarily those things were forced in a wall. When I passed by the kitchen I felt things zoomed past me. The feng shui there was Bad.
Mrs Lim disclosed that her neighbour could see the deceased granny of the former owner returned to cook & hang clothes! The new lady was angry that the deceased didn't move to the new place or they didn't invite her along!
Mr Lim told the wife that while in the hospital, a few times he saw an old Malay woman by the window scolded him for occupying her flat!
The ghostcatcher confirmed that they were 3 of them, the deceased granny & her buddies. For the time being he could only force them into a wall & a huge mirror was placed opposite it reflecting their souls to be there. When the time was right, they'll be varnished!
Some yrs later, I read about the Lim family in the papers. Mr Lim survived the stroke, managed to pull thru, & returned to the workforce. The kids scored well despite the hardship. Mrs Lim for her tolerance. In the photo, I saw a Happy Family w/o the Ghostly Images!

The collapse of the Hotel New World didn't surprise Gina at all. To & after work, she got to pass by there. She saw Japanese soldiers & local, all Haunting! After the collapse, the no. of occupants there were about the same but New Faces too. Replacement!
At her work place, sometimes her duty was 2b at the Fitting Room. She's chased away those Cheeky Male Ghosts that hid in the female area to admire those bodies & parts!
In other depts, whenever those "Shoppers" felt that "they" were spotted by Gina, they're disappeared thru Walls! Gina highlighted that those "Shoppers" dressed the types of clothes of their era' & they're "White as Paper".So the next time U enter the Fitting Rm, BEWARE OF ADMIRERS!

Cheong Geomancy Consultants - estd 1988

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