Saturday, May 30, 2009


Wonderbowls read in Cantonese is Treasure Found! 搵到宝. in addition to related trade items eg Pixiu, Kirin, Crystal, we've Art by d famous, like Prof Sunyee, n yet-2b-famous Artists including myself n 2 kids, Antique eg Magnifying Glass, Jade, Plant, Notes w Special Nos, Photo, Stamp, Collectibles etc.
d selling pt is every item is selected of d Best Quality, unlike other shops. viewing n purchase by apptn at my place. email/mms applicable.
so whether u r looking 4 something to power luck, avert calamities, beautify ur pty or as a gift, jus contact me. i'm very sure Treasure is there 4u!
Pic shows a rare Double Rainbow Obsidian Ball, Buddha Head, Pixiu, Singing Bowls, Vase; Jade mixed.

Friday, May 29, 2009


tis pg is dedicated 2 all parents esp d anxious n happy ones.

not 2 worry if ur kid isnt gd-looking, healthy smart, obedient or rich. by putting him in d Right Sleeping, Sitting Positions, Colour, n Study Area, he'll automatically improve! 2 add Power, check his Chinese Name, Ideal Course, n perhaps Career Type. Geomancy always Work!

share w u some highly successful cases:

ang's son now a commando. top scholar fm day 1 in ite. his team was nominated 4 LKY awards. he's once a skinny EM 3 boy.
dennis's girl was fm temasek pri went on 2 duman high den nus maths/sci specialist course.
chan's girl top psle w 275. scholarship w rgh den rjc. now a doc n married 2 another doc.
karen's girl w 5 pts GCE 'O' lvl, now in njc.
wen irene shifted 2 serangoon area, some yrs later, a sap sch shifted there. jus nice 4 her son.
ivy's naughty teenage boy now an obdedient young man.

so folks jus leave ur kids w me. those who wish 4 more children esp bright ones oso can!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Secret Weapon Naturally

so interesting to read abt ST's report on 'the open conversation n dinner marking the 150 annv of the botanic gdns', thu, may 7 2009. moderated by ambassador-at-large Tommy Koh. reported by Clarissa Oon.

let me share w u: greening spore w trees all over the island was a key economic strategy fm day 1. 1 of his 1st tasks on becoming PM was to develop a Garden City. we'd 2 make tis a 1st world oasis in a 3rd world region. it's part of a bigger plan. u cant just plant a tree n walk away. the tree will die. u need tree docs. 2 get pple 2 change fm 3rd world 2 1st world behaviour. not 2 steal d plants.
if u keep ur envn nice n clean, your pty values go up. japan for 2 landscape architects 2 help. if they destroy nature, they r putting themselves at risk. u owe a responsibility to urself n future generations not 2 destroy tis planet. Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. Clean River/Sea is another big n highly successful campaign.

GREEN & WATER r vip elements in Feng Shui. 2b Healthy, Wealthy n Happy, keep PLANTS & WATER in ur areas Folks!