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20% OFF for New Full Feng Shui Job book from now to 15/3/15! Our 27th Anniversary Offer. If job can only be done after 15/3 and before 31/12/15, 30% deposit needed. Offer not to be missed!

New Year is near. Time to Spring Clean & Decorate your Premises. A + point to Channel in Good Luck & Avert Calamities especially in 2015 Goat Year. From now to mid-march, we offer to Feng Shui your property the WalkAbout Way just to ensure all is OK at a Special Rate:

1. Home: a) HDB Apt $500, b) Pte Apt/EC $1000 up, c) Landed Pty $1800 up.

2. Business: a) Table Space $200, Room $300 up, b) Office/Shop $688 up, c) Factory/Hotel: POA.

2015 GOAT YEAR READING by email/post $60 (add $10 for oversea posting), face to face consultation at my place $160, at your local place $300. This Reading includes Personal Highlight, 12 month summary, & Year Note. Please send cheque, dob (hour of birth not required), & name to Cheong Geomancy Consultants, 330 Ubi Ave 1 #04-653, S'pore 400330. 

All enquiries welcome. Thank you & Best Wishes

Danny Cheong - Consultant HK Trained   

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Confession of some Myanmar Maids

is it a sin to lie? lord guide me.
the agent said must change the age to 23. it's a rule of that country for maid to work there. i was only 17. my mum said to cure this long time headache i should go to this rich & advance country. the employer will pay for my medical fee. on the form, agent ticked can cook very well. also worked few years as a maid in my country. i did nothing. only my mum cooked.
a husband & wife fetched me from the agent's office in the evening. dinner was cooked by ah ma. i ate. so diferent from my mum's cooking. day 2, with their kids, we went to the zoo. spent whole day there. dine out. ate my favourite burgers & soft drinks. 
day 3, the worst sunday of my life! mdm asked me to cook lunch. myanmar dish also can, mdm said. i pretended to look into the fridge & told mdm, no burmese ingredients. Stupid! ah ma screamed! sir & mdm starred at me. the kids laughed at me. trouble! trouble! i knew it. went to hide in the bedroom. my head & heart in great pain! very pain. what should i do, lord?
laid on the floor, body shook, closed my eyes & waited..... the kids called for their mum. Sun Sun fainted! sir & mdm came in touched my forehead. i kept my eyes & said no word when they asked me. she rubbed medicated oil on me. i acted on. shortly i was carried into an ambulance.
at the hospital bed, a male doctor came. injected me & said wake up, stop pretending... i kept my eyes closed & stayed motionless. i was too ashame!
day 4, after nice breakfast, i saw sir, mdm & the agency boss. heard the boss told my employer to quickly discharge me as there would not be insurance claimed for the first month of arrival! my employer looked angry & spoke to the boss in mandarin which i don't understand. shortly the boss phoned & passed me the phone. on the other end, my myanmar agent scolded me.... i cried.......
2 days later, my employer came with my luggage. i was discharged & they brought me to the agent's office. i knew i can't hide any further. spoke with the boss about my medical condition. she passed me a letter from the hospital. the doctor spotted a dark spot in my brain & advised me to seek medical help when got home & pass them the letter.
now i'm warded with help from my church. i feel sorry to everyone especially my employers. 

my first employer caught me stealing her daughter's clothes. what's wrong sharing with me? we're both 18. moreover she can't wear so many nice clothes. they returned me to the agent. not wanting what i stolen coz they said dirty already! good for me. 
my 2nd employer engaged me for the agent lied to them that i was bullied by the granny! they pitied me. stupid people. my mum & teenage daughter collected many nice shoes. i liked too. whenever they're out. i tried them on. so nice. 
3 months there, enough. i thought of a way to go home to start a shop selling lady clothes & shoes. mum, help me, i tried to stop the hot water pot from falling & scalded my right arm. she's fooled & brought me to the clinic. i pretended to be in great pain & cried.... my employer let me do lesser work.
my mum & daughter went oversea for holiday. best chance came. i cried often to my sir, & asked him to send me home & not to the agent. i can't work any more coz i saved your water pot! 
a few days later he told me that he spoke with mum who's still oversea that they're first send me to the agent to collect my passport then agent were sent me to the airport. my wish fulfilled! i requested sir to help me buy a few big luggages as i'd many clothes & shoes to put. he agreed but go agent first.
before we leave to the agent, he chekced my bags & questioned about my many nice & moderns clothes & shoes. i bluffed him that the first employer gave them to me. well, he took away some fruits & cookies i stole from his home.
on arrival at the agent's office, he excused himself to the washroom. he never returned. the agent had her way to make me confessed of all the lies & stealing. she wanted to call the police if i didn't work again to repay the loan also about stealing from 2 employers. i'd no choice but to work again. 
i can't afford to go jail. i still wish to open a shop in my country selling nice clothes & shoes. i'm sure soon my agent can fool the next employer. are we wrong, god? Mary no wrong!

Buddha, Help Win. i'm 30 years old. single. many of my relatives & neighbours flew airplane before but not me. hate to be a farmer. must find a chance to fly and visit another country. moreover my dad is getting weak. went to register myself as a maid.
half a year with this family. never expect so tough to be a maid. wake up at 6 non-stop working, slept at 11pm. so much housework to do. also have to handle a noisy bedridden old lady! the pain in my right hand returned often. told the employer of my pain. they said see doctor. told them ah ma was too heavy. they said they were help. told them my father died soon. they became angry. 
how i cried they just refused to let me go. don't they know i can't take it anymore. it's so different lifestyle back home. i hated the aeroplane. i just want to go home, to be a farmer. 
my employer was kind enough to let me phone the agent, m.m.station with outlets in katong, bt timah & hougang, so that i can talk to a burmese staff to understand my problem. she told me that my loan repayment ending in a month's time. good time to change employer or quit! i called it kindness but my boss called it business trick! 
her kindness angered my employer.  
well, my sir & mdm talked to me often about staying put but i can't. the best i could help them was to wait till the new maid come, train her till she knows.
can't take it anymore. my employer was buying time. i'd no choice but to act Crazy. Cry, Scream & Bang My Head! it worked. 3 weeks later i was introduced to their new maid. an Indonesian with many years of maid experience. a new maid to train an old bird! i dare not i just showed her this family's routine & style.
3 days later i was sent to the airport. although i paid for my own air fare & just got a few dollars of salary, i was very very glad to be home. look back i really regretted to be a maid. i feel sorry to my employer too.
my mission now is to tell fellow burmeses girls Don't Be Maid!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

2015 Goat Year Talk

Wool Taken, Sheep Happy? Sip Nice Coffee/Tea, Taste Fine Pastries, & Listen to HK Trained Geomancer Master Danny Cheong's Talk about the Goat Year's Economy, 12 Zodiacs, Who meets False Romance Star? When to Rest/Resume Work? When/Where to Visit on CNY Day 1? Lots more...

The Speaker: Invited to NZ by her Tourism Board for 100 Years of Tourism event. Seminiar Leader to SG Hotel Assn, PATA, SKAL, PSA, Book Fair, Far East gp, SMU, EPTC, SPGG, IFast, CitiGold, BNP, & many good Hotels/Clubs etc.

Pinetree: "Funny & Accurate". Fort Canning: "Most Interesting Talk of the Year". Raffles TC loved Him. A 5-Star Hotel: "How can we start the year without you".

ACT NOW! Booking by Email to or Tel 67450023 will be taken as Firm. Any cancellation is chargeable in full. Cheque to be made payable to Cheong Geomancy Consultants, & post to 330 Ubi Ave 1 #04-653, S 400330 asap. Notes, Lucky Draw, & Light Refreshment included. All Enquiries Welcome.

DATE/TIME:     Saturday, 22/11/14
                             2.30pm - Registration
                             3.00 - 5.00pm: Talk

VENUE:              Recipes A Bistro, The Treasury
                             100 High St # 01-03, S 179434
                            (please park at Funan Mall or public parking place)

FEES:                  Early Bird:  $30 per pax   Book by 7/11
                             $40 pp   Book  8 - 14/11
                             $50 pp   Book 15 - 22/11

PERSONNAL READING with Highlight Page & 12 Months Summary at $60 by email/post. Add $10 for oversea posting. $160 Consultation at my place. $300 at your place in SG. Send Cheque with Name & DOB to the above address. Please allow about 2 weeks to process.

Prepare Early & Be At Your Best in 2015. Contact us NOW!                       


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2 Great BKK Temples

WAT PHO, the world largest or longest Reclining or Sleeping Buddha is located near the Grand Palace off the famous river. big estate & beautiful architectural. Awesome! 

transport to there could be Awful! boarded a taxi from pratunam costed 80 baht by metre charge. as usual on return trip no taxi willing to use metre fee. all wanted outright charge between 200 to 300 baht to chinatown which's half the distance to pratunam! even tuk tuk asked that much! was in a rush to visit the next temple thus didn't bother to wait for a metre taxi. bargained to 130 baht just to go from there to chinatown.

feet bottom

root of thai massage

building extension fund raising

chinese god guards

WAT TRAIMIT, the world's biggest or heaviest Solid Gold Buddha, is in chinatown. just a block of building but worth your visit.

ring for good luck

the main purpose of this bkk trip from sep 6 to 10 was to visit these 2 Great Temples. felt very Blessed visited them on sep 8, lunar 8th mth 15th day, mid-autumn festival. Truly Worth It!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bye Bye Love

my 3rd aunt, 82 age, passed away peacefully on sun around 2am in the hospital. a few hours before her departure, her beloved hubby in the home felt strong chest or heart pain! at about the same time, her 2nd sister, ie my mum felt giddy, strong sound in the ears, & breathing uneasy!

is this telepathy? supernatural? strong love between my aunt, my uncle, & her sister. they're christians. my mum, buddhist.

peaceful journey, my 3rd aunt, mdm wong fong yoke.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jurong Lake District

in the early 80s, i travelled from geylang to jurong lake to fish. gave that up after a few visits coz only fished up tilapia and rubbish! no sign of soon-hock (marbled goby) or snakehead fish though many claimed such prized catch existed. 

the beauty of jurong lake are free fishing and convenient location. that's from an avid angler's point of view. i founded s'pore's first registered angling organisation, the pioneer angling club. also wrote the nation's first fishing book, the right way to pond fishing. 

it's heartwarming news that this lake although man-made will be revamped. although i've retired from fishing, please keep the sportsfishing there alive! the pioneer angling club was invited by pub to try out reservoir fishing before it's officially open to public. well fishing in jurong lake should permit live bait & unlike reservoir only confined to articial bait, commonly called lure. for live bait, eg dead prawn, is certainly better than lure, eg spinner. although lure can spin liked a live fish or prawn, it lacks the smell that lure the catch. 

some years ago attended a mid-autumn mooncake festival event at the chinese garden organised by the rc. due to her chinese architectural design, it blended very well with the chinese event.

since 1988 till now, i'm a geomancer, thus the creation of jurong lake district is of great interest.
historically, in china, japan & korea, many national buildings & landscapes were designed according to feng shui rules. well, in any chinese community in any countries, geomancy is there in one way or another. 

i wish the relevant authorities will input at least some feng shui into this mega project. dr evelyn lip, former head of nus architectue dept & author of several geomany books is one non-commercial sifu to seek advice from. well, not forgetting to have auspicious date & time for first renovation, open new water course, soft launch, official opening etc.

look forward to this new water & garden district of the nation. water means wealth!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Naming for NewBorn, Adult & Company

Naming whether for NewBorn, Adult or Company is Hardwork. 

Recall a case almost 20 years ago: a pregnant lady in her late 30s came crying for help. she wanted not only an Auspicious Date for Caesarean & Naming for the future 2nd boy but the Assurance that these 2 jobs will reverse her bad life! she didn't choose a good date & name for the 1st delivery some years go. shortly after the boy was born, her hubby's business went bust & owed much money! he'd no choice but went into illegal dealing. so unlucky that the boat that carried duty unpaid goods sunk. another misfortune was the big boss who was on his way to pass him some black money died in a car accident! he went into hiding. no assurance. i only do my job the way it should be. a year later, she contacted me with positiveness

A good name not only must balance the newborn's elements & number. of strokes, more importantly, it must fits & suits his life. No point giving him strong name like Kuan Yew whereby he's too 'light' to carry it. On the other hand, a 'strong' kid shouldn't use light name like Xiao Ming.  He'll float.

Of course, the name must sound nice & meaningful too. Don't forget to blend in the surname. Example Zu Gong is great name but if the surname is Li, that would sound awful!

The name will be base on chinese pronunciation, & not dialect.

Date & Hour of Birth, & Gender of Newborn, chinese names of parents, & siblings (if any) required. You can also highlight any word you like or dislike. Well, if your ancestor's book insists to use certain word, we're afraid we might have to reject your job. For that certain word might be harmful to your kid. Will not do, if it's natural birth but you want a good date to operate & deliver it. Don't go against God's will.
Usually we'll provide several middle words to match with the last words for selection. It isn't our style that you pay more get more names. We'll provide whatever possible. Hanyu pinyin & word meaning will be given. also what to take note/avoid too. 

$200 if collect name after 3 days. $300 to collect the next day. 

If it's a Caesarean case, an Auspicious Date/Time is highly recommended. Date of birth of the parents, & operation period needed. $100.
Top up some $, Ideal Study Stream/Career Type/Area & Lucky Colour will be provided.

Unless you're from oversea, otherwise we discourage naming by email. Lots to explain. 

Company Naming is another of our expertise. Rigel & Avaplas are pleased with their Chinese Names. Fee will depend on whether it's proprietorship, partnership, pte ltd. P.O.A. 

Change of Name or Name Select for Entertainer & Writer too. Other Race eg German, Japanese, who wish to have Chinese Name, can be done as well.

Good Name brings Good Luck & Good Fortune.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ghost Festival & SG National Day 49

usually the chinese 7th month Ghost also known as Hungry Ghost Festival falls in August which happens to be SG's National Day period. this year's interesting for national day aug 9 is on lunar 14th day. Hell Gate Open Date!

in taoism Getai (stage performance), the front row is left vacant. it's meant for the Visitors from Hell to watch the show! will the NDP organiser prepare that too since the national day parade is on the Grand Day? so if you were to be at the parade & spot 1 special row of empty seats, don't chop it happily. it isn't mean for Living Being!

also at the parade, don't anyhow smile to the one next to you. for your neighbour might tickle you with tongue 3 feet long! it's their month, they call the shot!

the good ones are granted early release, maybe 1 weak earlier. on the last day of the 7th mth, all are supposed to return. well, many will try to escape, AWOL. Hell is a Hell place! they'll hide near/in tree, better still Vacant Property! Don't leave your house vacant in that month! they'll become PR than legal owners. and you, tenant! 

after that month. the Hell Guards, commonly known as Ox Head, Horse Face, will come to earth to hunt the runaway ones. if your luck is very very low, best don't stay out late in the night..... for the guards might mistaken & take you away!

interestingly, in Buddhism, lunar 7th month is Buddha Happy Month. in the old school, devotees can invite Monks to stay at their premises. 

27/7, lunar 7th mth 1st day: i could sense that "They" are strong/fierce this year! don't come home late in the night. best by 10pm. if you can't then pray hard, wear/carry amulets, jade or crystal. stay away when see people burn offering as you might be obstructing 'Them". walk carefully. don't step on ashes of the offerings. my neighbour's young daughter stepped on them. from then on hardly grow & became insane! bring in hang-out clothes by sunset. belief that "They' might stick to it! 6.12pm.

for taboo & other related Ghost matters, kindly surf my earlier page: 7th month 2014 and Supernatural & Unbelievable.  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Guan Gong & I

Lunar 6th mth 24th day, is the Birthday of the Great Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms, GUAN DI or GUAN GONG. proper name Guan Yun Chang or Guan Yu. also recognised as the God of War & Martial Wealth God. He's famous for Loyalty, Bravery & Brotherhood. in Taoism, there're Temples built in memory of Him. in Buddhism, He's called Jia Nan Busa, guarding the Southern Heaven Gate, with a sword instead of the usual knife. in hong kong, many if not all police stations have a statue of Guan Gong. it's also in the underground society.

let me take this great day to share with you my relationship with Him.

in the mid-80s, Goddess of Mercy in a dream, instructed me to buy a Blue & White robe Guan Gong statue from a taiwanese emporium in people's park complex. His knife was movable! haven't seen white/blue robe! knife blade movable! the emporium is still around.

1 sunday went with a pal to check it out. Wow! really there's! the salesgirl said only 1 left & gave a discount coz the porcelain blade wasn't properly clued with the long bamboo handle. that's why it can move. dream came true! the height of the statue was more than 30 cm.

very carefully, the pal drove me to Man Fatt Lam temple. the late Rev Fa Kuen was totally impressed by the statue. sometime later, She enshrined it.

many years before the dream, i was always attracted by a large heroic picture of Guan Di, His's Godson Guan Ping, & colleague & sworn brother Zhang Fei hung on the wall of my granny's shop. her company prayed to it. when they decided to close shop, she can't give me that picture. coz she said worshipped before can only be burnt & not give away. as a consolation, she passed me the Urn & Sutra. both items now are antique. 

the other sworn brother was Liu Bei. the 3 of them showed what Brotherhood is all about.

the White China Urn was with Blue Dragons motif which you won't believe it, matches the dream Guan Gong of Blue Robe very well!

one day my mother came back with a beautiful print of the 3 gentlemen. she told me she saw it when shopping. it's quite similar of what her mum had but much smaller in size.

statue or picture, common pose of Him carries Big Knife or Book. some prints show He, Zhang Fei & Guan Ping. 

it usually rain on His Birthday. folk tale said that He sharpens his Knife to meet the guy who chopped off his Head! 'Return My Head'. Cao Cao, the famous rival, treated Guan Gong as his buddy. many times he persuaded Guan Gong to join him. but his loyalty was only with his own army.

firm belivers of Guan Di especially from the Taoism's section don't consume beef. it's stated in His Sutra, no beef. witness that will throw out if eat such meat.  

many movies & tv dramas were made to highlight Guan Gong in one way or another. 

He means Loyalty, Bravey, Justice, & No Nonsense.

Monday, July 14, 2014

2017 Auspicious Wedding Date

often couples come with 'dream date' for their big day, eg birthday, rom anniversary, 1st date etc. i'll try to work on their request. VIP, the proposed date for their ceremonial wedding must be in harmony with the date of birth of them including both side parents.

another common request is the wedding date ideally be on weekends. well this's to convenient the guests for the banquet. i'll try but no promise. VIP, the date must be auspicious & suit the couples & families, in material it's weekday or weekend. moreover some guests even on a weekend might come unhappily coz he or she actually wishes not to be invited. if the guest is pleased to attend the wedding, even on an odd monday, will come gladly. 

if to trace history, auspicious date is even for the man to propose the marriage, meet the parents, engagement etc. now in the modern society the following functions are to be observed:
  • Registry of Marriage (once you sign on the paper, you're Husband & Wife, even the ceremonial or chinese wedding were to be a year later). anything can happen if Inauspicious date were used.
  •  Ceremonial Wedding (time to fetch the bride, tea ceremony etc).
  • Gift Exchange (the man brings all the goodies to the girl's side).
  • Bed Placement (decorate the bridal chamber & set up the Bed).
Auspicious Date will bring all the Good Luck to the couples & families. Good Kids too.

Xiaxue the famous blogger's ROM date was changed by me! see earlier post Xiaxue I Do.

i've the know how to pick dates for the future & not wait till the almanac to be printed. example now i'm ready to select DATE for 2017. such work benefit many couples as well as venue operators.

get in touch with me if you wish to have early & the best dates! 

consultation is by appointment only, 11am to 9pm daily. on-the-spot selection. english or chinese date of birth of the couple & parents needed. ph 67450023, email

Happy Wedding

Monday, June 23, 2014

New Zealand Tourism 100 Years

In year 2000, NZ celebrated her 100 Years of Tourism in a big way. I'm proud to be involved. Her regional manager, Mr Tony Everit (Everrit), stationed here, after attended my Feng Shui & Tourism Talk cum Slide Show at a PATA event, invited me to bring the same show to NZ. 

Recently packed cupboard & found a photo album of that event. In those days, at least for me, IT wasn't so advance. No blog or facebook. Now to take advantage of the new world, decided to put it into my blog & facebook. 

In the new millennium, Ms Helen Clark was the NZ PM. The exchange rate was S$1 to kiwi $1.25. Some years later, after my presentation, the exchange rate went the other way round. Big movies, eg Lord of the Rings, King Kong followed. 

I got to meet many managers from different Asian countries. Also got to meet Ms Sara Noble, author of Feng Shui in S'pore. Before that we met here, where she did her research on Geomancy for her Master degree. Most memorable was I was invited to feng shui a proposed Maori Cultural Centre by 2 Maori businessmen. (Tony advised me don't crack joke about the Maori. Looking at their size, No Joke. His one thigh is the size of my body).

Not forgetting, I boarded a cab. The NZ driver showed me some old Chinese copper coins, & asked how could this enhance the energy of his vehicle. I told him, sure it worked for he got a feng shui man. 

The event was held in end May to early Jun, end Autumn. Temperature was 5 degree C in the night, & 10 in the day. I went there in full winter gear. Didn't need to use the cap, scarf or gloves. Well, when I came back to this tropical land, for a month I showered in cold water!

 Tony on my left. On my Right, the GM or MD (forgotten his name).

Great dinner hosted by Sara

 Sara fetched me at Auckland airport

Young Maori Lady wished to learn Feng Shui

Malaysia, Taiwan & HK Manager

                                Bee (Thai mgr), Korean, Malaysian, HK, forgotten 2 ladies, Tony

Evangeline, HK Manager

Betty, Taiwan Manager


If anyone know the whereabout of Tony, Betty & Bee, please let me know or inform them. 

Photos/Album turned Yellow. Memory lingers on..... A Proud S'porean Geomancer.

23/6/2014, 9.30pm