Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snakes & Friends

Bamboo such 4 seasons Auspicious Plant whether is water or soil base is hardy & easy to maintain. trust in the Year of the Snake, Curly Bamboo will be most popular, for it shaped like the Snake.

of course by putting them at the Right Location &/or with the Right Combination will bring even Better Luck.

in this series, i'll attempt to create what could be Lucky. in feng shui lingo in chinese it's known as 风水阵。

1。灵蛇会三星,皆大欢喜。All Happiness When the Auspicious Snakes Meet The 3 Wisemen. 

27/1/13,  11.48pm. 

与蛇共舞,无往不利。Dancing with the Snakes, Lucky All The Way! put the Curly Bamboos parallel to each other. Good Luck come your way!   28/1/13, 1.50pm.

for cny, florists will decorate Bamboo plants in all kinds of Auspicious meanings. for this 3-tier or layer type, it can be known as Good Luck of 3 Generations - 三代同堂 , All The Way Up - 步步高升, 3 Lucky Goats - 三羊开泰 (Great Auspiciousness), 3 Ingots - 大三元 (Good Luck & Promotion) etc.

in general, Bamboo Plant symbolises Peacefulness & Prosperity. even if it's not cny period, it's still Good to have some Bamboo Plants in the home or shop. moreover Green improve Health, & Wealth too. US$ is also called Green Backs.