Saturday, August 31, 2013

Water Point & Feature

Don't Wish people after reading the above report in today's Straits Times & start installing Fountains merely to beautify their homes or shops!

WATER POINT is an important area in any property. base on the cardinal points of the area, if open correctly, it'll bring Good Fortune. of course Very Bad Fortune to the extent of Death will happen if open wrongly. that's why some pools always have Drowning mishaps! 

usually simple Fountain, Aquarium or Water Related Picture is put there. if complicated Fountain, Pond or Pool is involved then its Shape, Measurement, & Auspicious Date matter too.   

Running Water is good enough to Activate the Water Point. as simple as a Air/Water Purifier! Recall 2 cases, both clients even after many many months of attempts & valuation expired over & over again, their flats were not sold.

after my advice, this Indian Hindu family put a basic ball type fountain at destined location in their HDB-5 rm flat. the unit was sold that weekend. later they invited me to feng shui their new 5-rm flat.

this Chinese family told me when they bought over the Executive Apartment, they cemented its Koi Pond area. spotted a Not In Use Water Purifier at the Water Point Spot. told them to On It 24 Hours. the unit was sold that weekend. quotation was given to feng shui their terrace house. i didn't get the job. they said $2k+ was expensive! some people are Ungrateful!

I do have Speciality Job eg just to check where's the Water Point, Rich, Prosperous & Wisdom areas.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Importance of Ground-Breaking Date

as reported in today's newspapers that a Contractor went bust in a mega project causing its delay! this isn't the 1st time such problem happened. 

according to the Chinese Almanac, they're Good & Bad Dates for Ground-Breaking, time too. where Not To Do The 1st Knock Or Drill matters as well. for each year the Tai Sui Star will be in one location, for eg He's in the Central in 2013, so Ground-Breaking Must Not Be Done in the Central of the property for this year!

recalled many years ago, Kopitiam Food Court in Plaza Singapura did some underground repair work. after that more than half of the stalls had poor business! i was consulted on by a stall holder. then realised that  although the date & time when they started the hacking was acceptable, the Spot they hacked was the Tai Sui's Head! it took about half a year before the business improved.

trust JEM the new shopping mall didn't choose Good Date. it's always in the News for the Wrong Reason!

even for Home or Office Property, if it involved Floor Hacking, please Check for The Right Date & Location. better to be safe than sorry. recently the Toilet Specialists Rigel had Soil Test for her 6000sqm new HQ, an Auspicious Date/Time/Location was provided.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Reverse Geomancy Sea Horizon EC

this project has Sea View & the Horse-Shoe Road which suppose to mean Good Feng Shui! BUT if you examine it very carefully base on the above pic, lots of ???? 

1. what's the facing of this property? not sea view facing coz can't go against the horse-shoe road! sea view thus become the back.
2. the horse-shoe road faces a main road thus Cut Off! more liked Trapped!
3. in the future if any property were to be built between the Horse-Shoe road & the Sea, it'll surely obstruct your good luck!

for this 99 yrs leasehold executive condo, buy only if the cost is very realistic & you willing to input Strong Feng Shui element.