Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Raffles Hotel

some years ago in some tourism websites, read some negative comments about the grand dame Raffles Hotel! recently the straits times penned an article,  Is Raffles Losing Its Shine, mentioning several minus points of the hotel. it received some feedback including those from past employees, the former GM too. in general all the comments focus on 2 major points, Service Standard & Hotel Condition dropped drastically! 

well, earlier a news reported that the property opposite Raffles eventually was up due to very long delay. lots of feng shui factors involved. she's like a giant Lion watching the front!

a particular feng shui theory believes that major forces or Qi will change every 20 years. much correction needed for the existing premises to capture the new Energy. likely hdb major upgrading plan has something to do with it. now we're into the 8th Luck.

Raffles Hotel has gone through many 20 years but it grows stronger and stronger. only in recent years she faces downturn. could it also be coz newer hotels were built? 

of course, the management has to examine why the staff standard & performance is now below par. why there isn't consistent maintenance? what's going on in the f & b outlets?

in recent years much construction & redevelopment in that area. such certainly disturb & draw away the positive energy of Raffles.

it's certainly a challenge to correct or improve this hotel from the feng shui aspect.

19/5/15, 4.05pm

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Very Hot Phuket & Bangkok

sunny sunset phuket

 the govt installed drinking water counter on the road to beat heat n thirst in bkk

march in phuket very very hot. showered 3x a day. april in bkk very hot. bathed 2x a day. the locals told me no rain, & unusually hot!
such fear! sign of tsunami! earthquake!

6/5/15,   10.50pm