Thursday, May 22, 2014

SouthEast Asia & 3 Bi (三碧)

Unlucky Star 3 Bi brings Trouble-Maker, Gossip, Legal Issue, Losing Money & Accident. In 2014 Horse Year, it's in South-East of the world. In general, it comprises of Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam. I always like to add in Australia & New Zealand as they're in the extreme South-East region.

So far, many of the above countries have some kind of major troubles & misfortunes. Malaysia's missing MH 370 (earlier blog Dream of MH 370), Vietnam's anti-China, Thailand's Military Coup, and so on. now, 18/7/14, MH 17 of Malaysia was shot down! both MH 370 & MH 17 have the figure 7, chinese don't like 7 as it means Death!

In Singapore, the South-East region generally covers Geylang, Jalan Besar, Lavender, Balestier, Little India, Serangoon, Bendemeer, Boon Keng etc.

To curb the Bad Energy of Southeast, it's ideal to place White Tiger, Hulu, Amethyst or Kirin at that area or facing Southeast. The first two items certainly are high power power tools. If you're in or have to go that area, & wish to be positive, can consider to wear one or have it in your bag.

22/5/14, 10.30pm  

Australia! Extreme South-East region. MH 370 disappeared in that region. MH 17 has most passengers going there for an event!   6/8/14, 8pm. 

Ancestor's Tomb & You

common in movie or tv drama to see one engages feng shui master to search for good site to bury oneself in the future or to relocate one's ancestor. such applies to other family members too. in real life this happens as well. the reason is simple for good geomancy site will benefit the family & future generations in all parts of the world. of course for bad site will bring bad fortune.

recently handled a case which truly shows how a bad feng shui site of the ancestor hit the eldest grandson & great grandson hard!

X died at the age of 50 something which is actually young. his eldest son Y left school after primary education joined his uncle to manage a provision shop. he mixed with bad company spent more time on gambling & disturbing others than on his job. with financial help from the family his life went meaningless.

Y not only ended up as a good for nothing, he also contacted diabetes. without controlling his diet & failing to follow proper medication, his illness turned bad. his elderly mother & working sister have no choice but to send him, a bachelor, to a nursing home. his health condition turned worst. half of his one leg was cut off. in between 2 weeks he's operated twice on the half leg to cut off further. 

at the nursing home, i noticed that the bed position was not too correct so advised him to sleep nearer to one side. the wall fan above the bed is bad but can't be relocated. in fact that bed position is the 'best' already. his sister has picked an airy room with windows. also advised them to place a hulu at the east side to curb the illness star '14. exterior environment is quite good with trees surrounding. what colour he should use were provided too.

christian fellowship is provided at this home & it touched Y. without a proper religion before hand, it's good for him to trust one now. no religion can change the already damaged ancestor tomb's issue but spiritually it gives one's hope. 

some years ago Y's uncle already consulted a geomancer & relocated the ancestor's tomb. his uncle's bad gambling habit & no-care family attitude were changed. for a short moment, Y's health did improve but short lived. that's why i felt that the place he stays is of question. hope improvement will happen to Y soon, & will stay. 

another family is aware that their ancestor's grave is of bad feng shui for it's at low land, near a drain, & already quite badly damaged by wetness. they claim no $ to repair or relocate it. the eldest girl since young dressed as boy, & till now only have girl friends. their lives pretty bad, both fortune & health.

bruce lee & son is another good example! both passed off early in mystery!

although now more go for cremation than burial, where the urn is placed still matters. where the urn should be right from the premises selection, eg which temple, church., to the urn space, you've a choice.

such is what we call the primary or 1st stage of feng shui. the 2nd stage or some call it modern primary is your home. 3rd is your working place if it's within your control to sit where. i'll talk about these two stages in the near future.

22/5/14, 1.40pm
05/6/14, 7.58pm

Friday, May 16, 2014

Soul Returning 回魂

taoist especially cantonese believes that after one's death, within 21 days (三七), he or his soul will return  to visit the family. the priest using his calculation is able to tell when that will happen (回魂).

usually 2 dates & time. 1, the dead will return with his friends & relatives quietly. the other visit, the guards, ox head & horse face (牛头马脸), will escort him back officially. for both the visits, the family is to prepare the deceased's favourite food & drinks. some families even throw flour or rice on the floor to see if there are any footprints after the visit. well, it's a custom that a sharp tool eg knife is to be thrown on the floor before the family can come out of their rooms to see. it's to frighten ' them ' away.

a friend whose dad passed off recently shared the following:

1. on the 1st visit, he'd 4 dreams: a. he felt cold wind & smelt hard liquor (his dad was a drinker). b. he, his elder brother & dad went shopping but eventually lost the old man. c. he & his dad went to their old factory & realised that many machines were put all over the place. d. his escalator was going down, his dad on the other escalator was going up. they met at a point. his dad said 'life is like a dream' (人生如梦)!

2. his relative who stayed for the night heard neighbour's dogs barked for a long time in weird tone. it's a belief that dogs can see 'things'.

3. the maid told the family the next day that the chicken meant as offerring for the visit dropped to the floor.

4. nothing happen on the 2nd visit.

a relative forgotten her late hubby's 2nd visit so didn't prepare any food/drinks. the next morning her kitchen was upside down.

another relative's late hubby drank half cup of the coffee she offerred.

someone said on the return night, chain sound was heard along the corridor. they trusted the guards chainned & escorted the deceased.

some said finger marks were spotted on some buns (pau).

if you're aware that someone has passed away & candles were lighted up at their door on a particular day. Stay Away, it's Soul Returning!

16/5/14, 0011.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 Blessings 五福临门

very often we hear one says or wishes you Five Blessings. what exactly is it? 

my friend's 90+ years old dad passed away recently has in a way prompted me to relook Buddhist Mr Chen Bai Da's chinese book of the same name. although my pal's dad, a retired businessman,  lived to a very old age, he suffered on the bed for about a decade with all kinds of illness. it turned out to be from bad to worst! last few years he's bedridden & the maid helped him in shower, toilet & feeding. about 2 years ago he's put on tube to consume milk only. a few days before his departure, his limbs turned purple with swollen fingers & toes, & eyes near popped out! (my friend cut short his oversea trip & returned soon he received a call about his dad's condition. they managed to meet). he's very wealthy but very unhealthy. why?

a week from now is the Holy VESAK Day, it gives me more reasons & motivation to extract some important points from Mr Chen's Five Blessings writing.

1. Longevity 长寿  who want short life?

2. Wealthy 富贵    who want to be poor?

3. Healthy 康宁     who want to be sicked?

4. Virtue 好德        kindness & charitable.

5. Good Death 善终 best to die in sleep.

the above 5 points are inter-link. i need not elaborate in details for i trust you're capable of understanding the inner meaning. under point 3 Healthy, someone even add in Easy Birth Delivery into it. just imagine an aunt went through 12 hours of labour pain! 

whatever is your Religion, i believe by adding in Geomancy will surely be able to create Five Blessings. 

7/5/14, 5.08pm

Monday, May 5, 2014

How To Lose Small!

often home feng shui clients wish to know where to put the mahjong table. besides the location of the table (lucky area of the place for the owner), One Must Know His or Her Lucky Colour, Area, Date/Time, & Product Type eg Currency, Stock etc too before even Think of Winning or Step into a Casino, Broking House or Online. also don't forget to carry with you your Lucky Charm.

if you can get yourself prepared so is the casino for eg. very often we heard the door top of that casino shaped like a chopper! they might also have the biggest Wealth Eater lucky animal eg Pixiu hidden somewhere! it's common for casino legal or illegal ones to engage Geomacers

someone asked who'll make more money, RWS or MBS? my reply was if you merely want to pass time go Sentosa. if you're a serious player go Marina Bay. 1 reason is coz the Feng Shui in MBS wasn't completed. her master passed off suddenly. whereas the job in RWS is finished.

recall a relative: with a friend who got a Winning Spell, they really won alot, by the hundred thousands in oversea casino. their winning combination went on for about 2 years, till 1 day his pal broke the partnership coz the Spell expired. with so much cash, my relative partnered with some new pals. he converted his home to be a book-making base for horses & matches. in less than a year, he went bankrupt! 1 of the main reasons for his failure was his home wasn't set up for that Gambling function the Feng Shui Way!

for your easy understanding, i offer the following Wealth Enhancement Package:

1a. Proper Channel $200 (in your home, Lucky Area for Career)

1b. Investment Channel $400 (in your home, Lucky Area for Investment/Speculation)

2.   Area (your general area eg North, sit/sleep facing)

3.   Colour (for clothing, decor, car, phone etc)

4.   Investment Type $400 (Stock, Forex including what type of counter eg F & B, Metal)
5.   Date/Time per lunar month $488 or $188 per week

your date of birth is required for the above analysis. all consultation will be P & C. 

With the above, You're Ready & Protected, How To Lose Small is certain ie You've Won Big Already! Good Luck!