Saturday, July 7, 2007


17/9/12: tks, we conceived right after consulting you on our new home, & things have been smooth sailing for us so far. PW - HDB apt.

update 7/6/12: St Regis, Royal Plaza on Scotts (scv apt inc).

Pizza Hut HQ, Renault AP, Sumitomo Chemical, Robinsons, Coselec, Rigel, Avaplas, Fagerdala, Tempur, Xedge, Blogger Xiaxue, Michael Chiang, Prof Peter Ng, Hellen Teo, NTU Alumni, Far East Gp, Maori Kurutao, NZ M.A. Feng Shui Author/Researcher, Official Make-Up Artist for Ms S'pore and Universe Pageant '91, Ms S'pore/Universe's Finalist/Actress, Dun & Bradstreet, Asia Seminar, MediaCrop, iFast, PSA RC, S'pore Hotel Assn, SKAL (Intl Tourism), SMU, SPGG, Book Fair '94, EPTC '02, PATA, NZ Tourism Board, & All Good Hotels/Clubs etc.

1. I never expect my business to grow so big. Mr E S Ng - Rigel

2. My company experienced some improvement & I'll not hesitate to recommend your service. Mr Peter Huber - Coselec

3. where enthusiasm for this study & sincerity & dedication have been invaluable in helping to convince me that feng shui is a living philosophy in S'pore.
Ms Sara Noble - Author, Feng Shui in S'pore. Assoc Dean - University of Auckland

4. we felt that our conversation with you that day was really inspiring & informative. we hope our classmates could benefit from your experience in the feng shui industry.
Mr Yam Yujian - SMU
SMU's Representative in a TV Forum with MM Lee Kuan Yew

our catering sales team broke 23 years of record sales. Dir of Marketing - 5 star hotel

6. u r our Trusted Family Advisor. Joseph Ong.

Special Achievements:

1. Invited Guest Speaker to '100 Years of Tourism' in NZ by the NZ Tourism Board. Helped to geomancy several outlets including a 10h Maori Cultural Centre, & Millennium Hotel in Rotorua.

2. Assisted Ms Sara Noble in her thesis on Feng Shui in S'pore for her M.A. degree from the University of Auckland. She earned 1st class Honours. Her thesis was published as Feng Shui in S'pore.

3. Compiled the book 'Spook De Fella' with royalty donation to Community Chest.

4. Assisted some SMU students to research on Feng Shui & Business. Attended their Presentation including Q & A session. Student Yam Yujian represented SMU in a TV forum with MM Lee Kuan Yew.

5. Helped a Ministry's Director in his research on Geomancy for MBA degree.

6. 2009, Speaker at Hilton Asia Pacific GMs' Convention, Shangri-La's Group of Hotels Lo Hei, Intl Tourism SKAL Lo Hei at Shang. 2010 also for Shang & Skal, including iFast.

Cheong Geomancy Consultants estd 1988

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