Thursday, November 27, 2014


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All enquiries welcome. Thank you & Best Wishes

Danny Cheong - Consultant HK Trained   

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Confession of some Myanmar Maids

is it a sin to lie? lord guide me.
the agent said must change the age to 23. it's a rule of that country for maid to work there. i was only 17. my mum said to cure this long time headache i should go to this rich & advance country. the employer will pay for my medical fee. on the form, agent ticked can cook very well. also worked few years as a maid in my country. i did nothing. only my mum cooked.
a husband & wife fetched me from the agent's office in the evening. dinner was cooked by ah ma. i ate. so diferent from my mum's cooking. day 2, with their kids, we went to the zoo. spent whole day there. dine out. ate my favourite burgers & soft drinks. 
day 3, the worst sunday of my life! mdm asked me to cook lunch. myanmar dish also can, mdm said. i pretended to look into the fridge & told mdm, no burmese ingredients. Stupid! ah ma screamed! sir & mdm starred at me. the kids laughed at me. trouble! trouble! i knew it. went to hide in the bedroom. my head & heart in great pain! very pain. what should i do, lord?
laid on the floor, body shook, closed my eyes & waited..... the kids called for their mum. Sun Sun fainted! sir & mdm came in touched my forehead. i kept my eyes & said no word when they asked me. she rubbed medicated oil on me. i acted on. shortly i was carried into an ambulance.
at the hospital bed, a male doctor came. injected me & said wake up, stop pretending... i kept my eyes closed & stayed motionless. i was too ashame!
day 4, after nice breakfast, i saw sir, mdm & the agency boss. heard the boss told my employer to quickly discharge me as there would not be insurance claimed for the first month of arrival! my employer looked angry & spoke to the boss in mandarin which i don't understand. shortly the boss phoned & passed me the phone. on the other end, my myanmar agent scolded me.... i cried.......
2 days later, my employer came with my luggage. i was discharged & they brought me to the agent's office. i knew i can't hide any further. spoke with the boss about my medical condition. she passed me a letter from the hospital. the doctor spotted a dark spot in my brain & advised me to seek medical help when got home & pass them the letter.
now i'm warded with help from my church. i feel sorry to everyone especially my employers. 

my first employer caught me stealing her daughter's clothes. what's wrong sharing with me? we're both 18. moreover she can't wear so many nice clothes. they returned me to the agent. not wanting what i stolen coz they said dirty already! good for me. 
my 2nd employer engaged me for the agent lied to them that i was bullied by the granny! they pitied me. stupid people. my mum & teenage daughter collected many nice shoes. i liked too. whenever they're out. i tried them on. so nice. 
3 months there, enough. i thought of a way to go home to start a shop selling lady clothes & shoes. mum, help me, i tried to stop the hot water pot from falling & scalded my right arm. she's fooled & brought me to the clinic. i pretended to be in great pain & cried.... my employer let me do lesser work.
my mum & daughter went oversea for holiday. best chance came. i cried often to my sir, & asked him to send me home & not to the agent. i can't work any more coz i saved your water pot! 
a few days later he told me that he spoke with mum who's still oversea that they're first send me to the agent to collect my passport then agent were sent me to the airport. my wish fulfilled! i requested sir to help me buy a few big luggages as i'd many clothes & shoes to put. he agreed but go agent first.
before we leave to the agent, he chekced my bags & questioned about my many nice & moderns clothes & shoes. i bluffed him that the first employer gave them to me. well, he took away some fruits & cookies i stole from his home.
on arrival at the agent's office, he excused himself to the washroom. he never returned. the agent had her way to make me confessed of all the lies & stealing. she wanted to call the police if i didn't work again to repay the loan also about stealing from 2 employers. i'd no choice but to work again. 
i can't afford to go jail. i still wish to open a shop in my country selling nice clothes & shoes. i'm sure soon my agent can fool the next employer. are we wrong, god? Mary no wrong!

Buddha, Help Win. i'm 30 years old. single. many of my relatives & neighbours flew airplane before but not me. hate to be a farmer. must find a chance to fly and visit another country. moreover my dad is getting weak. went to register myself as a maid.
half a year with this family. never expect so tough to be a maid. wake up at 6 non-stop working, slept at 11pm. so much housework to do. also have to handle a noisy bedridden old lady! the pain in my right hand returned often. told the employer of my pain. they said see doctor. told them ah ma was too heavy. they said they were help. told them my father died soon. they became angry. 
how i cried they just refused to let me go. don't they know i can't take it anymore. it's so different lifestyle back home. i hated the aeroplane. i just want to go home, to be a farmer. 
my employer was kind enough to let me phone the agent, m.m.station with outlets in katong, bt timah & hougang, so that i can talk to a burmese staff to understand my problem. she told me that my loan repayment ending in a month's time. good time to change employer or quit! i called it kindness but my boss called it business trick! 
her kindness angered my employer.  
well, my sir & mdm talked to me often about staying put but i can't. the best i could help them was to wait till the new maid come, train her till she knows.
can't take it anymore. my employer was buying time. i'd no choice but to act Crazy. Cry, Scream & Bang My Head! it worked. 3 weeks later i was introduced to their new maid. an Indonesian with many years of maid experience. a new maid to train an old bird! i dare not i just showed her this family's routine & style.
3 days later i was sent to the airport. although i paid for my own air fare & just got a few dollars of salary, i was very very glad to be home. look back i really regretted to be a maid. i feel sorry to my employer too.
my mission now is to tell fellow burmeses girls Don't Be Maid!