Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Feng Shui For Business

 Maori Cultural Center in NZ. Even Maori believes.

So you want to go into business. Good. To ensure Success, Do the Following First.

1. for partnership, check compatibility of each active partner's zodiac & element. Rigel made 3x more $ after 2 incompatible partners withdrew.

2. pick auspicious date/time to register your business including commencement date.

3. find the right location including selecting the best shop. Fagerdala did that before buying over a public listed co's entire plant.

4. leave it to the master to design/feng shui the whole premises. let him casts the magic. St Regis trusted.

5. pick auspicious date/time to renovate, move in, operation, & official launch. Robinsons follows.

with the above 5 steps, your 1st pot of Gold is near. better still if you'd first look into what type of business suits you best base on your date of birth. a high class hawker in marina bay area's satay always sold out in no time but the steamboat hardly sailed! he, fire element, same as satay, whereas steamboat is water. 

well if you're already in business, & is doing well. still feng shui for this environmental science will move you to the next level. Sumitomo did it.

of course, if you're not doing well, don't hesitate to call in the Geomancer. Mr Peter Huber's Coselec survived. 

for 28 years, i'm pleased with the results of many clients, corporate or individual. the latest feedback is a hotelier after consultation, the next day sealed a deal enough for a year! challenging to change the ROM date for blogger XiaXue. most importantly, they believe & willing to follow.

Good Luck

17/5/16, 4.18pm