Monday, August 27, 2012

PM Lee Hsien Loong & Pregnancy

PM Lee's National Day Rally Speech last night inspired me to pen this page about Having More Babies. my focus will be on from the vip point of Feng Shui & Traditional Chinese Belief.

1.   Interior: 
a.   Stove represents Woman's Health, Fertility, & Career. Basic Rules are No Water or Liquid items should 
      be Opposite the Stove (stove position is determined by woman's dob), i.e. Fridge, Washing Basin, 
      Washing Machine etc. If they've to be in line, there must have a gap of at least 30cm or 1 foot. No Cloth
      to be Hung above the Stove. No Pipe or other fittings too. 
      city view at boon keng dbss 4-room apt's stove & fridge space is opposite each other & the kitchen is 
      truly mini! the stove position was right so my client agreed to move the fridge to the living area, & the ID
      created a bar area there.

b.   Bed position is about Relationship, Character, & Career. Also base on the couple's dob to determine.
      Quite common, the man to sleep this side, & the woman that side. Wrong Bed Position could cause the 
      couple or 1 of them to be extremely Active but would not help in fertility. It only make the other 1 afraid.
      this couple in an east coast apt highlighted that after they produced the 1st boy, over the years they failed
      to produce anymore, even they'd medical help by checking & going home in daylight so to make love, 
      they meant to make baby. upon hearing their urgency & checking, i advised them to switch sleeping
      position. shortly they told me the Great News. the 2nd boy was born & as heavy as the bro, almost 4kg.
      the grandpa nicknamed him Pork Seller i.e. Fat.

c.   Mirror Must Not Directly Face the Bed. It'll reflect off all Energy, bad or good! Even in other areas 
      including office, your Front, Back, Side, Top & Bottom Should Not be Faced with Mirror!

     a full length mirror faced a couple's bed directly. shortly the baby was lost. told them to cover up or 
     remove it as the bed position was right. some years later, they got twin!  

d.  Fertility Area is in every property. This's permanent. There's also Annual Fertility Area base on the Year,
     In 2012, the Fertility Area is in North-East. South in 2013. Thus at this area Do Your Job! 

2.  Display: Whether Art, Figurine or Photo, people trust it'll Bring Luck. Here share with you some popular
a.  Pear, Green or Yellow is ok. Not to eat it but to display (not the real fruit). It means Kids.
b.  Chopsticks is Fast Kids. Collect more pairs.
c.  Put lots of nice photos or posters of Babies (Not Puppy or Kitten) in your master bedroom &/or in the 
     Fertility area.
d.  Goddess of Mercy that carries a Kid.
e.  Laughing Buddha with many Kids.
     (for Religious reason Don't Put Kwan Yin or Buddha in the Bedroom).
f.  Eight Deities. 
g. Kirin.

3. Extra Points:
a. if the gynaecologist suggests operation then please Choose An Auspicious Date for some days are 
   against operation &/or your dob. But if it's Natural Birth then don't bother, it's God's will.
b. choose the Right Chinese Name for the Baby. such naming will be based on dob, nos of strokes, and
    elements. usually i'll highlight also What's to be Avoided during childhood.
c. if you're more concerned then check the baby's sleeping position etc.
d. i do have Specialized Feng Shui Package for Kids etc.

I hope this Article will help you, also Help Singapore To Have More Babies. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Scotts Tower

Scotts Road is a Dream Address! Moreover this Rocket-like, high Artistic condo will impress all. BUT if it's to symbolise your Life or Career, it could mean Hardship at Young age, OK till Senior Citizen status then Hardship again, probably after your Kids have decided who to Adopt you or which Home to put you in, your Last Few Years would be all right but At The Top or OLd Age all things trimmed! All these due to the 2 Holes or Emptiness! In general, this's a Nice One.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Watch - Business Times Supplement 24/8/12

$1 investment on this Supplement gained $1m no less worth of Knowledge! very informative with lots of pictures. here i summarised 20 points for one's interests. as a beginner to Watch Collection, this document benefits me alot. Tks BT!

1.   as seen above: Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust in 18ct Everose Gold. quite unusual of Rolex!

2.   Omega became the Olympics' Official Timekeeper for the 25th time, 2012.

3.   China has overtaken America as the biggest market for luxury timepieces.

4.   Demand in Japan & Russia, traditionally big markets, are also reported to be picking up in 2012.

5.   Gold watches not only look great but are also good for investment.

6.   If you go swimming with your time-piece, make sure that it's water resistant to at least 200m.

7.   Rolex, perhaps the world's largest maker of luxury watches, has for a long time not sold limited edition 
      models to the general public.

8.   If you're buying a very complicated watch, it might be worth asking the manufacturer how often that 
      model should be serviced & what the service costs are.

9.   It must have been the world's toughest watch - The Rolex Deepsea Challenge - 11200m!

10. Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak, the world 1st luxury timepiece was designed by the late Gerald
      Genta in just 1 night, 40 years ago.

11. Omega - the world's biggest watch manufacturer.

12. Patek Philippe does not pay famous people to advertise its timepieces.

13. Patek still keeping its annual output at 50000 watches.

14. $ isn't Patek's top concern, but quality & value are. & also building up relationship & trust with its 

15. It sure looks like it in the grey market where second-hand dealers are turning away customers who 
      want to pawn or trade in their Panerais.

16. Iconic watches are therefore those recognised as flag-bearers of design for their brand:
 a.  Rolex Submariner 116610 & 114060M.
 b.  Omega Speedmaster 3570.50.
 c.  IWC Mark XVII.
 d.  Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso.
 e.  AP Royal Oak ST15400 & ST15202.
 f.  PP Aquanaut 5167.
 g,  Rolex Datejust.
 h.  Omega Constellation Manhattan.
 i.  Chopard Happy Diamonds.
 j.  Cartier Santos.
 k. Panerai PAM III.
 l.  Seiko diver SKX007.

17. Vintage Watch - timepiece with historical significance have always had a particular allure to collectors.
 a.  The wristwatch you choose to wear reflects your personal lifestyle, taste & character. It makes a 
      quiet, but personal statement about who you're, where you're headed & how skilled you can be with
      time management.
b.  Vintage watches need not be prohibitively expensive.
c.  Quality vintage watches chosen with care will retain, if not increase in value over time.

18. Watch collecting is not about how expensive or big your collection is. It's a game, not a competition.
      A game that can only be played, not won as there's always a better watch out there.

19. Maurice Lacroix - baby in the centuries-old Swiss watch industry - 200 staff churning out some 90k
      mechanical timepieces yearly. 

20. We always wanted to put S'pore on the world map of watchmaking & have an international standing,
      but the barriers to entry are still high. Azimuth - made in Switzerland - S'pore.

hope you've enjoyed this page. more infor in my older page: Vintage Watch & What's The Time. 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sir Lee Kuan Yew & I

 I didn't purposely buy Lee Kuan Yew Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going on the eve of our 47th National Day to create special sentiments or loyalty. By chance I saw this book at the airport bookstore at a good discount off $39.90. Wish to buy this book when it's 1st launched in 2011 but due to some casual reasons I held back unlike The Singapore Story which I bought as soon as it's launched. Didn't mind its heavy weight & size, hard cover, 458 pages, put it in my hand luggage & it went with me overseas. In addition to the good discount, His Age, Idol & Fan relationship, it's worth it.

Today is 22/8/12, it took me 1 week to read every word, & watched the dvd. Now humbly I'd say I know Sir Lee Kuan Yew, the Past, Present & Future (perhaps) of Singapore better. As a fan it's my duty to know my idol better. as a loyal citizen, it's my commitment to know my motherland better. 

One point that made me most keen to get this book is Did He believe in Feng Shui? That's due to my profession. The answer is go read the book, for me to know, for you to find out. 

I'd no interest & knowledge of politics & PAP until my virgin Vote came in the 70s. That's Jalan Besar, there's Mr Sidek, Choo, Peh & Dr Lee Boon Yang. the last one was Mr Peh Chin Wah (hope spelt right). The neighbourhood didn't quite like him maybe coz each time he met the people especially the shop owners, he'll try to coax you to buy his co's shares or his property in china (some shop owners highlighted that). He's often late at schools & community functions, & he spoke with a funny accent whether in English or Chinese. Most of the times he spoke out of point. Such didn't put my vote in the opposition camp. Whoever PAP put there, my vote is still PAP. Now is even better, in my new place, it's Marine Parade, & there's Mr Goh Chok Tong. to me PAP is Peace And Prosperity, & not Pay And Pay!

Often when meet new friends or clients, their 1st remark is your forehead is like the Top Man! Especially now when my hair is also silver. Well of course His is higher & full silver.

One man's meat is another's poison: once told an elderly friend that maybe Lee's past life was the Goddess of Mercy. His reply was how can that be, the Goddess is full of Compassion! A childhood neighbour disclosed that whenever Lee appeared on TV, his uncle will either switch channel or said bad things about him.  

It's a Great Book. Thanks to Mr Han Fook Kwang & his team from The Straits Times.

Sir Harry Lee Kuan Yew is a Genius. We're Lucky to be Singaporean.    

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vintage Watch

in gen any watch i.e. 30 yrs old up can be known as Vintage. such have Collection Value. estd Brands will command Better Value. Vintage Watch collection is a common collector's choice. 
you must have a good Repair or Service Man standby. the trouble with Very Old or Vintage watch is Hard to Find Spare Parts! 
a friend spent 30k to buy an Annual Calendar PP, no more in production. the agt suggested it should be sent back to swiss for a full svc. tat costed my fr another 3k n he waited for abt 6 mths! the dents on the bezel were not repaired coz not requested! as he got sweaty hands, every alternate yr he gotta change its leather strap, i.e. 2k!
once i saw a Vintage Seiko watch, i chk with its agt. the tech expert gave me a list of models that already no parts. she advised me Don't Buy Any Old Seiko!  
Vintage Watch especially pass down certainly has Sentimental Value too. if it's out of order 1 day & beyond repair, Keep It. who knows in the future, its manufacturer might want back old models. you'll be rich! my dad's Vintage Parker Fountain Pen didn't win the Oldest Parker Pen Awards when Parker had a contest to look for the Oldest writing instrument here, i won Consolation!
your spouse will feel gay n safe when realise that you like Old Things! Lol! 
here you find some of my Vintage Collection. if you like it, it can be yours at the right price:

1. Longines Tank. 70s. Qtz. Brown Croc Strap. $1188.

2. Omega Seamaster. 60s. Automatic. Org S/Steel Bracelet. 2-Tone. $1888.

3. Rolex Precision 6694. Self-Winding. Wine Colour Strap. $1988.

More Collections inc soon-to-be Vintage & Ltd Edtn in 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hangover BKK

tis bkk trip, aug 8 to 11, was meant as a family holidays. the last time they visited bkk was 2 yrs ago. lots of changes eg Night-Market now is from mbk to pratunam. more china visitors. cab driver rather cheeky eg fm the airport they'll pretend to know how to reach your hotel... tis trip i paid for 2 toll, long road + jam 620 thbt! usually 400 thbt. tut-tut were take in easily 5 pax! more malls are up.

few mths ago i visited bkk, the hotel, hairsalon, some shops, restaurants etc still remember me. they infact gave me some discounts & good deals. eg a new salon staff recommended me a Cold pills, 6 thbt only. it worked! 

tis trip i visited Chatuchak, Chao Phaya River (small part only), repaired Vintage Watch, set Green Croc Skin Strap for a Ltd Edtn Watch.... most importantly my Family Members enjoyed the trip. when's our next holidays? hopefully annual holidays to different part of the world. 

as for me when'll i visit bkk, maybe next year. Happy Folks! 

bkk Chinatown n Mooncake

agn didnt manage to hv seafood dinner in chinatn. but we'd good lunch in a good restaurant & interesting enough Moon Cake! 

slice-abalone braised rice with chicken n mushroom

4 types w metal box S$14.00! many choices!

Shangarila Restaurant

Bad Cab, Chinatown & Chao Phaya River

unique low seater bowl at the River Pier Public Toilet 2 thbt to enter
See Chinatown & Chao Phaya River seems possible in a day as the map showed it's near to each other. 
we checked with tis young man driven metre cab about our destination of the river where we can walk to chinatown in the evening. after a few mins, he stopped at a land & showed us the std tourist map. we tot he jus wanted to confirm tat part of the river. then he said HE'LL DRIVE US THE GEMS FACTORY & WE STAY THERE FOR 10 MINS. NO NEED TO BUY ANYTHING. THE FACTORY WILL STAMP ON HIS CARD & HE GETS FREE PETROL. PLEASE HELP! 
I hated SUCH! told him NO Way! he drove to the main road then switched Off the metre! i questioned his action. he said since we cant help him by going to the gems factory, we've to get another cab. 
we're still at pratunam area. the moment we alighted, a fat smiling guy came. told us the same thing but we pay 50 thbt only. my group felt ok to visit the gems fty! u-knw-wat eventually we felt 10 mins not enough!!  

we alighted at Chinatown & tat fat cab driver told us tat cross the road turn left will be the River Pier. instead of the original plan of strolling the river then seafood dinner at chinatown, we're excited abt chinatown just liked b4! shop lah! eat lah!

i brought my damaged Vintage Watch for tis trip for some kind of feeling told me tat it can be repaired in BKK though most said Cant in S'pore (yet to chk with d agt)! 
i saw many old watch shops here. went in to a modern looking one, the owner-couple were well-dressed. showed them wat i got. they said can be done, they need 2 days. i dun hv d time! how abt a few hrs from now i requested. the time was 1pm, she said come back at around 4pm, cost around 4000+ thbt. inc: change org circuit board, cleaning, new battery, & checking. she told me her shop comes with 45 yrs of reputation! THANK YOU! back home it would have costed me at least double the amt. well it isnt the $ tat counts! 

we saw the River Pier so tat part of Chao Phaya River was visited. haha! 

beyond Chatuchak

opp chatuchak is something very amazing! Air-Con Mall called JJ! we went in straight & the cool air, wow!

an optical shop's banner read: Frame + Lens = 350 thbt. my young man made 2 pairs! 1/2 hr collection tat's d beauty!  
we smelled good food! Jeffer Western Food cater mainly to the office crowd & yuppies. too many dishes to highlight, will only show wat truly impressed me!

thick cream of mushroom soup

pineapple acted as base for the cold ice-cream n the hot sauce!

so the next time you go Chatuchak, do plan more time thus to explore  her neighbours.  heard tat chatuchak closes at 6pm. Happy Holidays!

Chatuchak & Beyond

ms thailand hopeful
such Cars & Shops show Chatuchak's big time merchants
my 1st visit to the largest open air market Chatuchak. tis much talk abt attraction now opens daily with weekends with most stalls open. it's a fri. i came by metre taxi fm pratunam mkt using no-high way costed me 100thbt.
it reminded me of the People's Park Market of the old S'pore! tats in the 60s or earlier!
i call Chatuchak, an airconless hyper mega superstore. likely i'll visit it again. Happy Holidays!