Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stove n Kitchen

Latest: Hospital confirmed my aunt's cancer relapsed after 30 yrs & in the final stage! various treatment methods were suggested by the hospital. Well at her old age of mid-70s she chose the Medication method & opted out any other treatments including Feng Shui!!! meaning i need not go to her place to assess the Stove position which surely is at fault! a friend remarked that what about the Health of the other 2 women in the same flat! isn't it a Concern! Since they resist the Help i can't insist. following is the whole case: 

my relatives inspired me to pen this article. my aunt had cancer 30 yrs ago. operated in X hospital. they expected a relapse in a few yrs time. at a loss w/o any religion my aunt joined japanese buddhism w her heart n soul. X hospital considered my aunt as a miracle coz no relapse.

about 2 yrs ago, my aunt, girl cousin, cousin-in-law n niece moved into a 5rm resale flat in toa payoh. by then my cousin is a christian. no feng shui or auspicious date was applied although my cousin-in-law's bro was a part-time geomancer & i a full time.

every now n then when they or my aunt visit us, the highlight is my cousin has this or that medical problem n is always organ involved. about 3 weeks ago my aunt came n disclosed that she's hospitalised n operated on due to stones in some organs. she also highlighted that my cousin also got such problem. recall telling my cousin to drink Green Apple Juice as i read b4 that such juice will clear the stones in a natural way.

yesterday my cousin came with her mum. i was busy with 2 groups of clients. 1 family wanted date n name for the delivery of the 2nd child. the elderly couple wanted date for their daughter's wedding banquet at Phuket with rom here. for that few spare mins learnt from my cousin that my aunt's condition took a bad turn although she looked healthy.

Y hospital said my aunt was at the final stage of cancer! they tried to get old record from X hospital but the record was destroyed after 3 decades. at this moment Y hospital will analyse further. to me this's Abnormal! both mature women were sicked! contacted my cousin this morning that i wished to check on their Stove position. unfortunately her hubby was out of town. she could only wait till his return n see whether they can accept my request. i hope my aunt can wait till then.

Stove is Career, Woman's Heath n Fertility. base on dob i'll check for the Best Location for the Stove. as it's of Fire element no water item eg fridge, washing basin, washing machine should be opposite it. it can be in line but must be at least 30 cm or 1 foot away. don't hang cloth above the stove. to be safe non cooking related item shouldn't be opposite it. also Stove should not be exposed to public eyes otherwise people will come at around meal time to share your food, &/or people come to borrow $. 

in a Restaurant or any F & B outlets, Kitchen & Stove are equally vital. once these 2 places are checked base on Geomancy, customers will come in long Q even the food actually sucks. not only business will improve, the chefs even junior cooks will be more creative & improved. vice versa if these 2 places are wrong, even the best chef will fail. 

Auspicious Date n Time to build or place the Kitchen or Stove is vip too. so don't just think how to beautify the place, getting it Right is more important.
if you want a better or smoother Career, to have Kid(s) & for the Ladies to be Healthy n Pretty, Feng Shui the Kitchen. HDB apt from $388.