Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fortune Flower 3

another auspicious day for another fortune attempt. tis d other 20 over yrs old plant. shorter time used due 2 better xperience. shuang lim buddhist temple has fantastic bonsai garden. many varities esp d exotic ones. happy fortune folks.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fortune Flower 2

i've a pair of 20+ yrs old Desert Rose. now mature n live in large pot of height 38cm x diameter 41cm. recently the roots of 1 plant surfaced n it coincides w d craze of bonsai DR. it prompted me to do crazy thing! 

yesterday was an auspicious day to do planting. spent 2 hrs to slowly remove d wet soil. found some unusual clay-rocks! its base was large like giant white carrot with thick roots tat looked like ginseng!

as an amateur or beginner, i daren't transform it to be bonsai outright by putting in shallow pot. merely lifted it up, exposed the trunk n roots (jus like low-cut, mini-shorts). spent an hr putting it to the desirable look.

3 hrs of hard work. good exercise, n direct contact w nature equal Satisfaction. tis kind of man n flower affair is certainly better den tat type of men n flowers affairs!

Happy Fortune Folks. haha if u happen to like my plants, offer me a price lor. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Fortune Flower Plant what an auspicious name! 富贵花. commonly called Desert Rose. proper name is Adenium. origin fm arabia & east africa. as its name goes 'desert', rqd min water, love the sun, & hardy. technical details can be found at

very popular in the 80s as a Good Luck symbol. when flowers bloom, lottery luck seems better!

in recent yrs, bonsai experts made this shrub unique by exposing its trunk & roots! they create bonsai style. beautiful! it attracted me so much that i'm now learning, exploring & experimentaling to bonsai this beauty.

i must thank Andrew for bringing me to a big florist in the west. there i saw young desert rose bonsai at $10. also thank Stanley who brought me to a big bonsai store at turf city. there we're shocked at the sight of huge bonsai (not desert rose) at near $100k!

other traditional Good Luck Plants include Bamboo, Iron Tree, Mandarin, Money Plant, Pine, Pomegranate, & Thai Get-Rich Tree. never keep cactus, it'll disturb your thinking power (not what movie/tv shows dramatised that will keep off evil); & chilli plant that will cause asthma.

enjoy your day. Happy Fortune Folks!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


in today zaobao's headline abt jack neo n fatal attraction... earlier on his staff marcus chan oso kanan!!! tis means his co is affected by False Romance!!! possibly their homes too. usually due to Cross Road; wrong placement of Bed, Vase & Water Element. both r 'Old Ox Eat Young Grass'. i'm not their fan. jack neo cheated on his family, girls & audience. wolf in sheep skin. he shld offer Public Apology! & his public svc award shld b removed.

each year a male zodiac sign is affected by
False Romance Star. in 2010, mr Rabbit pse beware of any opp sex except ur granny, mum, wife, n sis. any girl will seem very friendly n attractive. ur x might even appear! for once u tot u r Chow Yuen Fatt or Brad Pitt. once involved will cause u fame n fortune disaster!! tiger wood, bill clinton, jackie chan r best eg. tis year False Romance Star in North-East, eg China.

put a rooster (not hen) figurine &/or hulu by his bed. rooster will prick the affair. hulu will lock the 'fox spirit'. he can oso wear it.

i dun encourage 1 nite stand coz tat's the start of more nite stands. if u cant tahan den go geylang. hmmm, geylang used to hv girl every 2 feet
, now 2 mile oso cant c 1. shld 1 thank the law?

female zodiac sign dun hv False Romance Star. they only kannan swindle of body & money.

Romance Area whether true or false is base on one's dob & the cardinal pts of the property. it's forever. so folks take care n dun play play!