Saturday, July 7, 2007


Chinese trusts that Good Name Good Life. sure vice-versa. Bad Name can bring misfortune even death!! i'm concern esp other race who wants ch name. hv d ch name checked, pse dont just hv 1.
If you're an adult, don't bother to Change your Name unless you've tried Religion & Geomancy & still see no improvement. How bad can your life be? Sure, if you feel that your name don't Sound Nice then ok to change it.

A New Born has no name thus it's a duty to Pick A Good Name for the child to Start Right from Day 1.

When I do Name, 1st I'll assess his Life base on his Date & Hour of Birth. If his life is Good & Strong, Strong Words can be used. If his is average or weak then only words of Suitable Strength should be used. Next will be the Elements & the No. of Strokes.

In modern days, only Chinese or Mandarin will be considered unless the parents or gdparents still prefer the Name to be in Dialect Pronunciation.

Well, if one wants to poke Fun on your name, he'll have his way. Any name or word has a way to be poked fun on.

A standard rule is that the proposed name Must Not Be that of his parents or grandparents. I can't guarantee the child can use certain middle or last word as preferred by the folks. Each child's life varies. Best that the parents come with certain words they desire to use or not to use.
For Company Names, DOB of Owners if can be factored in would be Great. Chinese Name of Toilet Sensor Giant RIGEL, & public-listed AVAPLAS were my effort.

Chinese Word Analysis: One writes a Chinese Word & asks about his luck, health, wealth, career, love etc.

It's another Ancient Fortune Reading method. There's no standard rule that coz you write this word therefore the answer is such. The Feeling of the writer, master, word & the questions asked play Vital Role at that moment of time. Another person if were to write the same word, meaning would be different. It's a very lively Art. For those who can't write Chinese,

I've a Special Way for you. Come Try It Out!

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