Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Snake Year & U

Water Snake, 10/2/13 - 30/1/14, will bring Mixed Fortune & Weather. Strong Illness Star in the South-West. put a Natural, Real Jade or Crystal, or Brass Hulu there. Property, Stock & Metal markets might have a Shake Up. Accumulate if you've the Guts & Feel. don't be greedy. to harmonise with the Snake, ideal to have Monkey items. not applicable to people of Tiger zodiac sign. for Tiger is the enemy of Monkey. to have Peace, best to have some kind of Bamboo Plants in or around your Property. hopefully by the last quarter of 2013, the Champion Horse will Gallop in! 
if you're well prepared (personal reading + property review) this a Mdm White Snake, Good Snake Spirit. if you're kind of prepared (personal reading or property review) this a Python, Dangerous but not Deadly! if your attitude is Tidak Apa, this a Cobra!


11pm (9/2) - 1am, 3am - 5pm,                  West (God of Fortune)
7am - 3pm, 5 - 10pm                                North -West (God of Luck)

Avoid:   South (Death Gate), East (5-Ghosts)


1.    Rat
2.    Dragon   (Tai Sui)   (Romance Star)
3.    Horse     (False Romance Star for Man only)
4.    Monkey (Tai Sui)
5.    Dog
6.    Tiger      (Tai Sui)
7.    Snake    (Tai Sui & White Tiger)
8.    Rooster  
9.    Goat      (White Tiger)
10.  Rabbit    
11.  Pig         (Tai Sui)
12.  Cow      (White Tiger)

Offering to White Tiger at Taoist Temple on 5/3. Repay Service Dec 3 - 21.
Offering to Tai Sui during Lunar 1st month.
Apply to Taoist & Chinese Free Thinker only.

To Prevent False Romance Star place ideally a Wooden Rooster in the premises
&/or wear 1.

For Personal Reading & Property Feng Shui Review please refer to earlier post
Good Luck 2513 for details.


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