Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2 Great BKK Temples

WAT PHO, the world largest or longest Reclining or Sleeping Buddha is located near the Grand Palace off the famous river. big estate & beautiful architectural. Awesome! 

transport to there could be Awful! boarded a taxi from pratunam costed 80 baht by metre charge. as usual on return trip no taxi willing to use metre fee. all wanted outright charge between 200 to 300 baht to chinatown which's half the distance to pratunam! even tuk tuk asked that much! was in a rush to visit the next temple thus didn't bother to wait for a metre taxi. bargained to 130 baht just to go from there to chinatown.

feet bottom

root of thai massage

building extension fund raising

chinese god guards

WAT TRAIMIT, the world's biggest or heaviest Solid Gold Buddha, is in chinatown. just a block of building but worth your visit.

ring for good luck

the main purpose of this bkk trip from sep 6 to 10 was to visit these 2 Great Temples. felt very Blessed visited them on sep 8, lunar 8th mth 15th day, mid-autumn festival. Truly Worth It!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bye Bye Love

my 3rd aunt, 82 age, passed away peacefully on sun around 2am in the hospital. a few hours before her departure, her beloved hubby in the home felt strong chest or heart pain! at about the same time, her 2nd sister, ie my mum felt giddy, strong sound in the ears, & breathing uneasy!

is this telepathy? supernatural? strong love between my aunt, my uncle, & her sister. they're christians. my mum, buddhist.

peaceful journey, my 3rd aunt, mdm wong fong yoke.