Sunday, July 8, 2007


Check & Measure those Lines on your Palm. They can Move, Shorten or Lengthen! Why? Because they're Controlled by your Luck. It goes the same to your Face. The guy sometimes looks like Chow Yuen Fatt, sometimes Forrest Gump. The girl sometimes is Zhang Zhiyi, sometimes Xu Choon Mei.

Luck can be improved by Religion & Feng Shui. So why should I be bothered with palmistry & face reading!

Some features are very distinct, eg Big Nose means Wealth like Jackie Chan. Large Sharp Oval Eyes for Lady is 'Hiao'. Elephant Ears is Stubborn. High Forehead is Wisdom like MM.

No feature of Bruce Lee, Leslie Cheung or Teresa Teng showed Short-Life. And yet!!! Guess Bad Feng Shui hurt them.

Not everyone can afford operation or plastic surgery in Korea, Japan or USA.

MOLE is more interesting. Mole at some places including the Body is Good, some Bad. It's one very Detailed Science. Well, if your Moles are Dark Red colour, you're in Luck. Best of All, Seven or Nine Moles very close to each other is Top Luck. You're that Special Being! But if these Special Moles are on your face, sure you'll fly to Korea, Japan or USA.

Our darling Fann Wong has 1 lucky mole hidden at her left eyebrow. Dare she remove it. Diana Ser if without that mole will be less charming. Same as the Taiwanese actress Hu Jing.

A client removed a small mole near to her eye. Sometime later, it grew again & Larger! God's Will.

So Worry No More about those Lines & how You Looked.

Cheong Geomancy Consultants estd 1988

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