Friday, July 6, 2007


Cool Link Zen Choir = 古灵精怪 Gu Ling Jing Guai

Cool: Steady, Calm, Excellent.
Link: Anything connecting 2 things. Join.
Zen: Type of Buddhism. Mediation. Deep Thoughts.
Choir: A group of band or singers. The part of a church where the singers stand.

Excellent Join to Deep Thoughts & Voice Out.

Think of Stephen Chow, Michael Hui, Eddie Murphy, Mr Bean Sisters Act, Leong Sing Bo, Patricia Mok. All are great comedians. When we say a person or a statement is Gu Ling JIng Guai, it's Witty & Funny.

Life's full of Ancient History & Civilisation (GU), Energy & Inspiration (LING), Smartness & Shrewdness (JING), Ghosts & Goblins (GUAI).

Life's full of Mystery, Strangeness, Bewilderment & Miracle. As such , here we talk about Tradition, Inspiration, Energy & Strange Things. Quite importantly, here's another source of Help.

" a little bit of feng shui, ring some singing bowls, place some crystals, add some power, pay homage to the lord, sprinkle some holy water, should be able to break, whatever magic, whatever science, 古灵精怪 (gu ling jing guai) "

Thanks to all who've helped to the birth of this Blog. Special thanks to Anita & KM (USA).

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