Monday, June 23, 2014

New Zealand Tourism 100 Years

In year 2000, NZ celebrated her 100 Years of Tourism in a big way. I'm proud to be involved. Her regional manager, Mr Tony Everit (Everrit), stationed here, after attended my Feng Shui & Tourism Talk cum Slide Show at a PATA event, invited me to bring the same show to NZ. 

Recently packed cupboard & found a photo album of that event. In those days, at least for me, IT wasn't so advance. No blog or facebook. Now to take advantage of the new world, decided to put it into my blog & facebook. 

In the new millennium, Ms Helen Clark was the NZ PM. The exchange rate was S$1 to kiwi $1.25. Some years later, after my presentation, the exchange rate went the other way round. Big movies, eg Lord of the Rings, King Kong followed. 

I got to meet many managers from different Asian countries. Also got to meet Ms Sara Noble, author of Feng Shui in S'pore. Before that we met here, where she did her research on Geomancy for her Master degree. Most memorable was I was invited to feng shui a proposed Maori Cultural Centre by 2 Maori businessmen. (Tony advised me don't crack joke about the Maori. Looking at their size, No Joke. His one thigh is the size of my body).

Not forgetting, I boarded a cab. The NZ driver showed me some old Chinese copper coins, & asked how could this enhance the energy of his vehicle. I told him, sure it worked for he got a feng shui man. 

The event was held in end May to early Jun, end Autumn. Temperature was 5 degree C in the night, & 10 in the day. I went there in full winter gear. Didn't need to use the cap, scarf or gloves. Well, when I came back to this tropical land, for a month I showered in cold water!

 Tony on my left. On my Right, the GM or MD (forgotten his name).

Great dinner hosted by Sara

 Sara fetched me at Auckland airport

Young Maori Lady wished to learn Feng Shui

Malaysia, Taiwan & HK Manager

                                Bee (Thai mgr), Korean, Malaysian, HK, forgotten 2 ladies, Tony

Evangeline, HK Manager

Betty, Taiwan Manager


If anyone know the whereabout of Tony, Betty & Bee, please let me know or inform them. 

Photos/Album turned Yellow. Memory lingers on..... A Proud S'porean Geomancer.

23/6/2014, 9.30pm