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With the Material of the Tongshu required, Knowledge & Hard Work, I'm able to Select Date into the Future Years, eg 2014.

Couples & Hotels are Happy.

Just provide me the DOB of the couple & their parents, grandparents (optional), wonder will be done On-the-Spot. $80 for the current year. $160 for the future. Hard work deserves more $. In fact plus dates for Bed Placement & Gift Exchange will cost you $100 more only. It's still the lowest cost in your wedding budget.

The beautiful gown, nice hotel & food will make your wedding great for a short period only. My service is suppose to provide you with Good Luck, Good Kids, Good Life in perhaps a life time. Only that if you happen to live in a very bad feng shui pty you might be 'sway'. Of course those who don't pick good dates have higher 'sway' chance.

Don't overlook ROM! Once you signed you're man & woman even though the customary is much later. If anything were to go wrong, you've to go RODivorce. So if you haven't ROM, kindly for you own good, spend a few $ more to pick ROM dates. If you already ROM, please don't bother to know is that a good date. Unless you feel troubled then see me for help. famous Blogger XiaXue wanted 14/3/10 for her ROM. a bad day! advised her to use 13 instead. she trusted & now happily married.

An Auspicious Date must not only be Good for the couple, it must also be in Harmony with the parents. If you overlook the parents, once you confirmed the date, their health, wealth or relationship with you will suffer!

Qing Ming
is perfectly all right to get married. It's a festival in memory of ancestors. They'll be happy of your marriage. Only that if you pick the actual Qing Ming day then sentiment is weird.

Ghost Festival
is No No for wedding unless you aren't Chinese, Taoist or Free Thinker. It's a period for the unwanted ghosts to come for food & $. Your celebration is of no respect to them. They'll Haunt you & Sabotage your Wedding Night! Heard from hotel friends that some couples had their wedding nights in the 7th month, came screaming out of their rooms!

It's surely OK to visit Bridal Show, Banquet Venue, Sign Wedding Deal, Select Dates in the 7th month.

Bed Placement
in modern era is to decorate your bridal chamber with new bed, bed sheets, pillow case, lucky items. It's ok to sleep on the new bed. Some old belief is to have kids, sleep, play even urine on the new bed. This's to ensure Fertility. Those MIL sees your figure & feel that you may not be able to give birth.........It's an Insult, isn't it?

Bed Placement is to be carried out 2 - 7 days before the wedding. It's the in-laws duty to decorate the place. The couple doesn't need to be around. If the in-laws are not convenient to do then seek help from relatives or elderly pals. People who're very lucky will not assist you coz they afraid losing their good luck. No No to divorced, widowed, playboy, playgirl or broken family type. 'Sway' lah!

Gift Exchange
is usually 10 - 21 days before the wedding. The Groom brings already agreed on Goodies, Cakes, Pin Jin etc to the Bride's parents. I'll not go in-depth about the type of gifts & goodies coz Dialect varies. It's also the day that Invitation Cards are to be delivered.

Pin Jin
. If the girl's side didn't mention the exact amount then if you can afford it give by the thousands of $ in cash & do prepare smaller notes in a large red packet. Your MIL will not take all. From your $, she'll return some. Even if you give 9999 & get back 9, No Complain! Good milk powder, rice, dress in those days were not cheap to feed/doll up your Bride.

Whatever the dialect, 2 bottles of hard liquor is a Must to your FIL even if he doesn't drink or already bye-bye. If he didn't mention his ideal choice, giving VSOP is safe. It can be Duty-Free. Don't give wine, beer is worst! In return, the Girl's side will give 2 bottles of sparkling Syrup or Soft-Drinks. This isn't short-change, it's Custom.

also says CANNOT MEET ON THE EVE OF THE WEDDING. But can sms, icq, msn, video conference, 3G lor! Chinese Clock starts from 11pm so don't go for midnight show on the eve of the eve!

Very popular Taboo about attending Red or White Matter. Please include Visiting the Very Sicked too. Ideally 3 months before & after your wedding. For the Red event, need not give angpow or gift. For the White event, please donate 'white gold'.

If the couple's immediate family member pass off, some say wedding must be done within a specific period. Well, it all depends on the dialect group. See what can be compromise.

Each day will clash with 1 Chinese Zodiac animal. For eg, your Wedding Date clashes with the Monkey Zodiac, they still can come for your event day or night. You've to excuse those Superstitious Monkey relatives or friends who choose to absent. They'll still give you angpow.
Pregnant women Can't be Bridesmaid or Sisters. It'll Clash! Clash with the bride, 1 person. But the other side, 2, Mother & Unborn! If the bridesmaid isn't aware of her pregnancy then it's OK.

The Best-Man or Buddies whose wife is Pregnant still can be Best-Man. His pregnant wife is also welcome to attend. Only what if she gives birth on-the-spot! Double Happiness! Eh! Couple poised this question. Funny right!

Well if you're not in contact with your parents, please don't bother to provide his or her DOB when come for Date Selection. DOB of God-Parents, Siblings, Mother's parents all not needed.
Auspicious Wedding Date is your Gateway to a Happy New Life.

Many couples whose wedding dates were done by me, now return to choose baby names also to Feng Shui their homes.

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