Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MahJong Caring n Sharing

i'm Not Promoting Gambling! 卫生与爱心麻将 only. here many mj lingo will b used to reflect mj mood. for other mj related cases pse refer to d pg Gamble. dun laugh tat i only learnt mj at tis mature age. n i learnt mj fm a website. many seasoned mj players told me tat it takes lots of luck 2 win 13 yao. Luck, in additn 2 fengshui, Luck come fm Kindness. how kind n charitable r u? me so so. in tat site, i might b d record holder of 13 yao wins! no $ jus pts. many happy enough.
play mj, happy lor. wat abt those sufferring? we happy, they sad. poor health, wealth, flood..... can we play mj n at d same time help? Sure Can! tat's d main pt of tis pg:
there's tis group of kakis, can b a club 2. they donate part of their winnings 2 d needy. i.e. U n I. how? my plan-in-brief: every session 'draw water' 抽水. eg $2 per round of east wind 东风. commercial game, i heard, $10. % of each win can oso 2 charity. Charity Game Theme oso can. 'draw water' $, $1 to charity, $1 to ' DC or CGC foundation'. haha, serious ok. we can even give a name 2 tis proposed group: 13 Wonders, MJ w Love, MJ Care n Share, AiXin MJ Club.....
i'm so impressed w tis HandCrafted or Made HK MJ A1 set i bought recently, $100+, fm chinatn. discounted liao. saw many at katong, marine parade, city plaza.... my 1st set was Traveller set fm MP. it's interesting 2 collect MJ sets. already asked HK relatives 2 bring over true HK MJ sets. bought Table already, ordinary ones. hv more $ can buy Rosewood type or they told me hv Auto Wash Cards type! now hv 2 antique sets, 1 yellow crystal set.
C i'm all rdy. how abt u? if u hv a heart n luv MJ, join me. Donate some winning 2 charity.
1st game went well on xmas eve. tks to ken, jason, billie, & winston. Charity Water for World Vision. more to come, more charity to benefit.
took part in an online mj contest in may 2009. round 1 must play 20 matches (1 match: 4 games). W 8, D 1, L 11. v interesting. top 64 players will play KO later.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yam Sheng

1 cny in the early 80s, uncle loke a seasoned drinker insisted tat i 2 visit him. he lured me with tis vintage chinese wine, MouTai. wen i arrived cousin seng n kwok, n d old man were already drinking Martell n eating Yu Sheng. tru enough, he took out d great drink. seng n kwok didnt 1. mayb 2 many gt stories abt MouTai. uncle loke suggested a few ways: neat, on-d-rock, even warm it. i tried ice n eventually went neat.
eat, drink, chat..... they're surprised tat i alone finished abt 2/3 d bottle, 500ml, 53% vol. i drove home.
my dad oso drinker told me tat a makan stall owner in chinatn drank MouTai n slept 4 3 days! Ronald Bush, english, x-staff of british high com. told me tat he visited Kwei Chow MouTai plant. den he oso slept 4 3 days. Weng Yan, a young man, gd beer drinker, was lured 2 try d gt drink. his face turned red st off, n complained tat the drink burnt his lips, throat n stomach! i feel tat it's as smooth as baby bottom if not women bottom! d trick is how u drink it. wine, beer or cognac way? haha, 4 me 2 noe, 4 u 2 find out. MouTai will not drunk u but will help u sleep soundly!
over d yrs, diff pals taught me diff types of drinks. Ronald Bush taught me Brandy Alexandra, n Grand Marnier. Mr Goh, Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky. he used 2 drink a bottle a day. sake oso. Wendy, Tequila. saw her walloped a few glassess at 1 go! Rocky, Gin Tonic. time at pebbles bar hilton hotel. 3rd uncle, Volka. 4th uncle, XO Hennessy. cant recall who told me Chivas Regal. cant recall who told me Wine. mayb Advt. impressed by Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz, n surely Pinot Noir. in NZ, a resort operator showed us a bottle of Pinot Noir, n mentioned tat even SQ 1st class served tat. prefer wine fm France, Chile, n NZ. Julia intro Ice Wine.
my 1st encounter w drinks was probably in pri 2 or 3. at a ch rest 4 lunch, my dad n his FIL ordered draught beer. i wanted 2. galloped wen it arrived. threw out next! 五加皮 surely tasted better den 玫瑰露. 竹叶青could melt fats. guess in any spore joints, u tell them Black Label, it's understood 2b Johnnie Walker. but wen i said BL in a pub in NZ, they asked wat made. they didnt hv JW, i'd Jack Daniel instead. a fr drove me bk fm johor after i alone drank 6 cans of carlsberg w light snacks only. Vat 69, terrible whisky.
fm a note in my latest bottle of MouTai, "1915, it's voted as World 3 Top Wine". now it's China National Drink!