Monday, December 6, 2010

Wealth Enhancement

i dun encourage gambling, i merely wish you can be richer. WEALTH ENHANCEMENT PACKAGE!
base on your dob know your Personal Proper (job/business) n Investment (lottery, lucky draw, stock etc) WEALTH Area in any premises esp your home. tis diff fm the common wealth area of your pty coz tats base on the pty's facing. your spouse will hv a diff area too.

1a.   Proper Channel:           $200
1b.   Investtment Channel:    $400
2.     Area:                           $200
       (sit, sleep, gen)
3.     Colour:                        $100
4.     Auspicious Date/Time: $288    per lunar mth
       (to visit sentosa, macau, CEO)

consultation by email or at my pl. if at your pl in s'pore, pse add $300 hdb apt, $600 pte apt, $800 per storey of landed hse or business pty (your choice of storey 2b checked). if you already know eg item 2, then only divine which you wish to know. 
at Proper Channel area usually put your photo, lucky items etc. at Investment Channel can put lottery tickets, shares certs, lucky items etc.  
as featured in the sun times & 2 evening ch papers, 5/12/10, the Red/Gold Pixiu King, ltd edtn, can be yours at $8888. Black Wood Pixiu King, 1 pair, $4888. more types at my place.

All Enquiries Welcome. Please also view blog Good Luck 2323. HUAT AH!!!