Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Feng Shui or Chinese Geomancy?

A. Definitions:   

1.   living in harmony with the land & deriving the greatest benefit, peace & prosperity 
      from being at the right place at the right time.
                stephen skinner - author & researcher, uk

2.   the ancient art of orienting cities, buildings & even furniture to capture the cosmic breath of
      the earth & bring the inhabitants good luck.
                evelyn lip - former nus head of architecture studies & author, s'pore

3.   to live in harmony with, indeed to identify with, the environment in all its forms is the surest 
      road to success, fulfillment & happiness... it's also the surest way to save our planet..... from
      possible ecological collapse.
                sara noble - M.A. 1st class hons in Geography, U of Auckland, & author

*    Do what the Geomancer says & pays him what he wants
                Rev Ernest Eitel, Christian Missonary, 18th Century, & Author

B. Meaning of Feng (Wind) Shui (Water):

1.   Wind is Moving Air. Water is Life Element.

2.   for Grave, able to channel in & store Wind, prevent too much Water.

3.   Wind is Luck. Water is Wealth. for living or working property.

C. Functions:

1.   Cardinal Points of the Property must correspond with the People's Date of Birth.

2.   the above includes his sitting & sleeping positions.

3.   in any property there're Rich, Prosperous, Wisdom & Romance areas. Some have Negative
      Energy area.

4.   Stove represents Career, Woman's Health & Fertility. 

5.   Water Point to have Water Feature eg Fountain, Aquarium, Purifier.

6.   Colour base on each's DOB.

7.   Auspicious Date to Collect Key, 1st Visit, Ground-Breaking, Install Stove, Shifting, 
      House-Warming etc.

8.   Zodiac & Element of family members or colleagues must be in Harmony.

9.   Environment Factors eg Cross/T Road, Religious Places must be checked.

10. Feng Shui will not work for the Wicked.

D. What's Good Site?

1.   Back to have Mountain, Hill, Big Building or Wall.

2.   Front to face Calm Sea, River, Stream, Pond, Reservoir or Swimming Pool.

*   It's an Environmental Science founded in China more than 3000 years ago. 
     Not Religion.

*   If a doctor gives wrong medication or operates wrongly, one person suffers only.  
     If a master (many fake & lousy ones around, man, woman, spiritual leader too) feng shui wrongly or poorly, whole family & company suffer!
     Most importantly, client must follow master or doctor's advice.

*   Bad geomancy will affect the whole family or company.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Bad Feng Shui

good feng shui of course will bring you all the goodies. here will share some Bad Feng Shui cases including some Spooky ones. it's through my almost 3 decades of practice & some i heard & saw.....

1. mr A always feel he's no luck. the master highlighted that it's the obstruction from the opp house. a mirror was put up. such caused unhappiness from the opp neighbour. they put up a baqua. seeing that mr A added scissors. the feng shui war thus started. both families added many other things. 1 family decided to add Black Magic. knowing that the other family did the same. some members from both the families were badly injured. some became very ill. some went blind.... it shocked & frightened the whole coleman st neighbourhood. my relative who lived next door never open the window. worried that the wind might blow the Witchcraft into her house instead. seeing so bad effect, the 2 families chose to make peace. no more black magic. also removed all the things they hung. now the estate stood some hotels.

2. mdm B's grandpa passed off in Indonesia. a master picked a good feng shui site to bury the rich chinese tycoon. few years later, the few families decided to have an important meeting coz after the burial, no male was born. all were girl babies. on the advice of the master, they chose to open up the grave. to their astonishment, the coffin was slanted. no landslide, earthquake or flood. they believed that due to the excessive bargaining with the caretaker, they disturbed them. after putting the coffin straight, the next birth was male.

3. still on Indonesian rich. a 1st generation trader was to bury in choa chu kang. you can't choose the site. but the family still wished to know is that place good or bad. i went there with them then instructed the caretaker to make the area of a specific dimension. i actually measured the coffin hole. the environment of the grave was nice. what i challenged was the time of burial. full page obituary was already put up by them before i was engaged. the day was all right but not the hour. after a good few hours of consideration, this family of 5 sons & their wives, & 5 daughters & their husbands agreed to change the hour. i also recommend them to put a pair of Kirin to guard the 80 years old man's tomb.

4. waited a year, at last got to visit mr C's new flat. was shocked that the unit wasn't what i picked when they came to select base on drawing. mr C disclosed that his teenage kids & wife preferred something arty look rather than the usual rectangular shape of unit. the shape of the unit just liked the listening piece or handle of the old telephone with many angles. few months later learned that mr C eloped with a woman. he wasn't involved in the renovation or shifting.

5. read a club's appeal letter that a member asked for $ help. after mr D's shifted to a resale flat, he'd severe stroke, no longer can work. his wife & 3 young kids were desperate. when i approached the club's officer offering my help to correct the unit's feng shui at  no cost, she told me that a Ghostbuster offered help too. mrs D told me that another member brought an elderly man to check the haunted flat. a full height mirror was built up by the sifu to reflect 3 spirits into the opp wall. they're locked there. waiting for the right day & time, he'll dispel them. the resale flat previously belonged to a Malay family. the old mother passed away there. when the couple's new flat arrived, they just moved off, without informing the dead mother. such caused the dead mother's spirit together with 2 ancestors still stayed there. and they thought the D family were intruders thus caused them harm & misery. what i did was corrected some feng shui faults in the flat. mrs D forced me to accept a token red packet. straight off i dropped it at a temple.

6. mrs E, a Catholic, was so glad to have bought a freehold property at below market price. the 2 middle age sons willing to lower the price if mrs E could advance them more cash upfront. it's an old terrace house with the garden converted to a koi pond, already dried but the motor was there still. few days later, the parents of the 2 sons came to my dream. they told me that they're very happy & thankful to my client to have bought their house thus free them from financial burden. now it's a beautiful 3 storey modern terrace with air well. ( I'm a Dream Psychic too ).

7. mr F informed me that his wife had miscarriage. it saddened me for i picked their wedding date, feng shui their flat, & persuaded them to have a baby in the Pig year. 0! due to their shift duties, especially overnight shift, they found it troublesome to travel from town to toh yi. thus they chose to stay in a relative's flat in tiong bahru. so they didn't stay in the flat that i feng shui. so shocking to see a large mirror directly facing their bed in the relative's unit. it's the mirror energy that reflected off the baby. advised them to either remove the mirror or to cover it. few years later they told me they got twins. they also disclosed that after my visit to tiong bhu, they chose to return to toh yi instead. God is fair. You lost 1. Got 2 back. they're Catholic.

8. a geomancer by the nickname of queen advised the G family to keep all the auspicious feng shui items, change the small fountain to a huge one and put it outside the bedroom. after spending more than a thousand dollar on a gigantic fountain, & kept all the lucky things in the store room, a week later, mr G passed out blood, collapsed and rushed to hospital. he'd blood transfusion but the doctors couldn't identify any specific problems. when i visited them, he's on medical leave. advised him to put back all the lucky items once put up by me to their original positions, including the large fountain back to the room, for the position suggested by the queen faced the stove although there's a wall in between. water kill fire. he's healthy again.

9. when one becomes super rich will tend to ignore many happenings. the H family auctioned a mansion knowing that it's the famous bankrupt house in the states. who ever lives there will turn out broke. mrs H didn't like the long driveway, she called it dark even on a sunny day. the hubby promised to build more lights. true enough a few years later they're cheated by family members and declared bankrupt. before that her personal assets was US$10 millions.

10. ms I have 3rd eyes. after the landlord put up a large mirror on the wall facing the main door, she sensed that a male ghost always hid behind the door waiting for her. other tenants didn't feel good too. they felt the spookiness as well. they thought could it be that they threw some rubbish into the big urn bin downstairs put up by hdb for the residents to burn joss papers.  the owner heeled my advice to remove the large mirror. after that all live happily.

11. mrs chua requested me to help her good friend by not charging her my usual rate to feng shui terrace house. also not to be impressed by mrs J's tasteful decor & the cars as she almost gone
bankrupt & saved while attempting suicide. beautiful house with eastern & western decor. interestingly when i mentioned eg the furniture should be at point A, she said it used to be there. the back of the house was a huge koi pond. mrs J & her hubby poured their life saving to buy this house & then rent it out. with no feng shui or any lucky charm, the house brought them luck. both she & hubby had triple promotion. the graceful tai-tai nicely rejected to disclose the identity of her hubby. with more income & luck, they went on to buy more houses & rent out. after a decade they decided to move in to this 1st lucky house & renovated it expensively. shortly she met her long lost x classmate who introduced her to the investor hubby. to help her classmate, mrs J opened a trading account with her hubby. the first few trades were jackpot. then she lost in all types of speculation till she'd to sell that few houses under her own name to that x classmate's hubby. mrs J couldn't sell the 1st house coz it's joint-name with the hubby. eventually they found out that the x classmate & hubby cheated them.
mrs J thanked me with an angpow of $200. some years later from the news saw Mrs J & hubby received an award. her hubby was the MD of an international co.

12. when mrs K told the bedridden elderly hubby that i was there to help feng shui the semiD, tears rolled from his eyes. he shook my hands but he couldn't speak. they used to have a petrol station but due to redevelopment they'd to forgo it. with the compensation they moved into an office to run their other business. suddenly all business failed. 1 client who can't afford to pay them, offered the ground floor of his semiD. the upper floor belonged to another landlord. the K family used to live in village. their happiness was short-lived after moving in. they went into heavy bad debts & mr K was ill seriously. their kids were young. mrs K became a school bus driver. 1 of the sch kid's mother was my client who came to know their sad story. the main problem was the facing of the house didn't suit them. stove that represents career was wrongly put. they thanked me with a token angpow that i can't remember the amount.

13. mdm L made sure her hubby wasn't around then invited me to take a look at their maisonette. from a firm believer in feng shui, now her hubby disliked it. the 1st master mr L called in to feng shui the 2-storey flat came late & was quite drunk. he's also to place the Land God. the 2nd one mr L invited blamed the 1st drunken master to hack off a wall. also highlighted that the God was placed wrongly. the L family rebuild the wall. ghosts appeared everywhere in their flat. the maid & son even in daylight could show the parents where those were. since 2 masters already done up the place, mine was just a goodwill visit. when i washed my hands at the basin in the kitchen area, i felt something zipped pass.

14. went with mr & mrs M to check a pte apt they wished to buy. vacant possession. according to the agent, the tenant, a doctor, broke the lease. mrs M & the agent walked to the other side. when mr M & i walked near the kitchen, the needle of my ordinary compass spinned non stop. that showed sign of spirits. mr M's face turned pale. when the agent & mrs M came over, the spinning stopped. the husband told the wife what he saw. we left without offering a price.

15. my aunt had ovary cancer 30 over years ago. the doctor's expectation of a relapse few years later didn't come true. they trusted my aunt's new faith in Japanese Buddhism created miracle. about 3 years ago, my aunt, cousin, hubby & daughter shifted over to a 10 years old resale flat. shortly my cousin's ill health went down the drain. she's always on medication. some operations too. last year my aunt's cancer relapsed & spread to other organs. she chose not to be operated on, & lives on medication only. stove if placed wrongly will badly affect woman's health. my cousin, a christian, was all right for me to check on her flat. my aunt was against it. the 70 + lady preferred to live naturally. the man & his young adult daughter who're free thinker have little problem. i respected their decision.

16. ancestor tomb is the primary level of geomancy. such will affect the next few generations. in the past it's very common for the rich to pick a good burial site. although now cremation is common due to limited land, one can still pick a good site to put the urn. here show a few cases how the ancestor tomb affects:

a. mr A's ancestors were buried in the old bishan. he & the only younger brother had 2 sons born in the same year. mr A himself was the eldest son but his son was born a few months later than his brother's. mr A's son was born with crooked hands, upper limbs. his brother's son was born with polio, lower limbs. mr A's 3 sisters had failed marriage & died of breast cancer.

b. mr B was very successful in business. the 3 sons each owned 2 pte properties. the eldest daughter-in-law had miscarriage then no further birth. the 2nd son's only kid graduated in UK, died while preparing to return. the 3rd son only have a daughter. this ancestor tomb gave wealth but not male.

c. mr C was aware that his ancestor tomb was in low ground & damaged by flood in Malaysia but somehow he could not bother to shift the tomb even when he got some money. his 1st kid was a girl but since birth the family dressed her as a boy. now a tomboy with many girl friends.

d. mr D passed away when he's 50. his son although not the 1st in the family suffered. the boy refused to complete his primary education. mixed around with the wrong company. never had a proper job. many tattoos on his body. by mid-30s he had some illness. mostly deadly was diabetes. it caused half a leg. now a sister supporting him.

17. ms N worked very hard in S'pore to save quite some money & bought a semiD in her hometown Ipoh. her parents, 3 sisters & 2 brother-in-laws, & younger brother moved into the big 2 storey house. few years later, both the brother-in-laws became heavy gamblers. they're in heavy debts with many loan sharks. repayment by installments. 1 ended up divorce. the other one didn't divorce but the wife had kidney damaged & medical bills killed. ms N only returns for chinese new year. some years ago she brought me to Ipoh. they planted many plants but at the wrong area. they prefer to use the side entrance as it led to the stairs to the upper floor. that killed wealth coz stairs face door means money roll out. worst still it faced a road. opp the house was a curve in street lamp. such hooked wealth. the stove position was wrong thus affected career & woman's health. i didn't like the room i stayed in coz there's an urn in the room. with the improved property price, ms N sold that house, & bought a single storey terrace house. the new house was heavily feng shui.

18. co A's hq was feng shui from day 1. the boss opened a plant in shanghai without feng shui & it worked. some years later he opened a branch in chengdu without feng shui. it failed him for 5 years. not wanting further damage, we went to chengdu. main thing was the facing was not right. colour too. his office & sitting position were wrong as well. after the correction, some months later, both the governments awarded him for oversea investment.

19. sad to read from the news that ms 0 jumped with a knife in her heart! double kill! murder? suicide? she came for some basic advise many years ago. before & after me she'd several masters. she changed job some years ago. last known as a jovial n capable single. unsure of her religion. bad feng shui or evil spirit?

20. a newly-wed couple moved into a resale flat with the bride's parents. within half a year, the bride had miscarriage. her dad went to A & E a few times (twice someone dreamt of his death). the groom of mixed race had high fever on & off. feng shui surely is bad, & likely that the bad forces left by the previous owner remained. the groom's chinese wife & in-laws were keen to correct the feng shui but he felt it's just part of life, & felt they over think! the pal who shared this case called him "Iron Teeth".   23/12/15.

21. P & family move into their new flat. shortly he could see things. also he felt possessed. he went to see various thai monks here. prayers were done but to little help. some said he's cursed, some said karma. he felt more pain when he himself chanted thai sutra. there's a thai Buddha statue in the new home.

22. Q, a non-smoker & non-drinker had water in his heart after moved into a new flat in punggol. in & out of hospital. doc suggested operation but mentioned chances is slim. don't op zero chance. now in icu. just to wait for time! 27/3/16.

Will Update

27/7/15, 4pm.

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SG 50 My Offer

Dear All

As a good citizen, I'm playing my part in SG 50 Golden Jubilee celebration by offering the following from 15/7 to 31/12/15:

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For Wedding Date Selection 2016, now is $80 instead of $160. For Baby Naming now is $100 instead of $200.

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