Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eyes on Bangkok

chose Thai Intl coz this june sch holidays cost of Budget Airlines were comparable! planned the annual bkk visit as early as mar. Thai Intl's promotional rate was good!

jun 21, 9+ am, hazy morning due to the man-made forest burning of indonesia. psi 400! 
plenty of time thus enjoyed the award-winning Changi Airport. both the Lights & the price of the King Louis 13 were Stunning! 

                                                        young man enjoying his fav games.

                                                  plenty of leg room including for Foot Rest

                                                personalised service even for Economy Class

                                          good meals with plenty to drink. i'd red wine & vsop!

                                                      Winston enjoying his In-Flight Movies

this time i used a different hotel nearer to pratunam market. reviews by past tourists were mixed. heel their advice to choose Tower Wing. true enough there're small cockroaches! chambermaid always forget to replace towels! old fashion room, furniture & fittings, box tv. according to the taxi driver this 21-storey high FIRST HOTEL was 11 years old. it's Bath-Tub, Swimming Pool, Gym, Bar, Coffee House & Restaurants. young man spent some hours in the Gym twice! we're on the 8th floor. the room nos was great, 8008! Staff were friendly & helpful.  Welcome Drink on Arrival!

                                                                      nice waitress

                                         happy hours 1 for 1, 130 thbt for Singha Draught Beer

                                                      Bar-Girl (on her name tag) Charming

each time i visit bkk, new malls are up. standard of living has surely improved. more thai people willing to spend at restaurants especially those that serve international meals. tourists go for local food. Eating in bkk is always interesting! 
young man wasn't born in that era. he gave up Pig-Blood Tung Hoon after 2 bites. & never wanted to go for hawker or family run thai restaurants! haha!

                                                                    must try Boil-Corn!
                                                                   usual tom-yam noodle

                                  JJ mall next to Chaktuchak, Fried Rice & Melon Chicken Soup

                           Fried Oyster & Shark fins Soup at Platinum Mall (largest fashion mall)

                                          popular roast pork outside Platinum Mall, take away

                                                                  Burger King Breakfast

                                                                          beef noodle

                                                                 fatty roast pork rice

                                                                      ice-cube dessert

mandarin hk restaurant opposite MBK

young man called it the Most Spicy Tom Yam Mee at Platinum Mall. after the 1st bite, he brought out the ingredients from the soup! each bite with 1 sip of ice-water! red face!

                                                    Mac-Chicken Porridge, very small bowl!

                                                              Ramen at Thai Int Airport

                                                    Green Curry Chicken with Steam-Rice
                                            high-fibre mixed vegetables with single mushroom

                                                always smiling waitress at ramen restaurant

                                                         Famous Coffee Brand in BKK

                          all the way to S'pore, Tom-Yam Paste. the staff made it Air-Tight Thai style
                                 mango with sticky-rice with seeds, awaits you at the Thai Airport

Interesting Finds & Happenings: 
                                                             Mac-Elephant at the Entrance

                                    such Poster will make you Exercise Harder at the Hotel's Gym 

 what i like about MBK isn't the 'Branded Goods' but the Smoking Area at her Car Park

                                                  Good Drivers are all over the busy traffic

                                            a Big Bagua at Siam Discovery Mall facing MBK!

                                                                Pantip IT Mall at Pratunam

                                    Tissue cum Toothpick Box common in most Eating Outlets

3 nights of Starbucks Coffee. the 2 on the left told & wrote The Grand Palace in Thai for me!
i stepped in only the 1 in the middle already know my order!

                                           foot or body massage is a must try. cheap & good.

                                                    always love to have my hair-cut overseas

this's an accidental found! the exotic skin shop failed to replace the snake skin strap for my rolex. knew of 1 shop at Central World Plaza that specialised in watch strap might of help. haha, i went to the wrong zone. this guy called Tang from Time Store, Zen Zone A B1 Floor did it for me FREE! after that i bought him an organic drink. he does complete Watch Service.

                                               my visit to The Grand Palace is in earlier blog

The Charm of Bangkok will bring me there at least once in a year. not forgetting The 4-Face Buddha!

Happy, Happy, 26/6/13, 11.08pm