Sunday, September 22, 2013



Have a GOOD LUNCH by HK Platinum Master Chef then Listen to HK Trained Geomancer Master Danny Cheong's TALK on 2014 Economy, 12 Zodiac Signs, When to Rest/Resume Work, Where to go on CNY Day 1, Who Meets False Romance, & Lots More.....

To mark our 25TH ANNIVERSARY, Lucky Draw Prizes are Great! 1st: Gold Tone Automatic Skeleton Watch (movement by Sea Gull - World Largest Movement Maker), 2nd: Red Wine, 3rd: White Wine; F & B Vouchers.

                        12.00PM - REGISTRATION
                        12.30PM - LUNCH (Sit Down)
                          2.00PM - Registration for those who attend Talk Only
                          2.30PM - TALK
                          5.00PM - END

VENUE:      Wo Peng Restaurant
                    476 Macpherson Rd, S 369191, T: 67479892

FEES:          LUNCH & TALK
                    $60pp  Book by 29/11
                   TALK ONLY:   $40pp

Seats are Limited. First Come First Serve.

Cash Payment on Talk Day 30/11/13 Acceptable
ACT NOW! Booking by Email:, Tel: 67450023, will be taken as Firm. Any Cancellation by you is Chargeable. Cheque made payable to CHEONG GEOMANCY CONSULTANTS, & post to Blk 330 Ubi Ave 1 # 04-653, S'pore 400330, instantly. Notes Incl.

Personal Reading with 12 Months Summary at $60 by email/post. For oversea mailing, add $10. $160 Consultation at my place. $300 Consultation at your place in S'pore. Send Cheque, Name & DOB.

All Enquiries Welcome. To Make A Better You. ACT NOW!   

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Home 4 Good Bad Ugly

World Largest Fountain in S'pore at Suntec City! Always under Maintenance & Not Working! When it's 1st built many years ago, a signet telling the visitors in order to get good luck, walk a particular side with a particular hand & particular times! ?????

1 of the most famous properties in Katong! The Red House used to be a Western Bakery Shop with Red Roofs. Gone were the glory. Common saying from people who stay in Historical property will 'see or hear history'!

Although they show 3 Reservoirs (Water is Wealth), if you're on low level doubt you can have the water view. But no fish, prawn also good lah! 

Did you see a triangle? Like a shoe, iron or undies?

If your property is on the Hill or it has the Hill as the Backing, You're in Luck. Hill of Emerald, the precious gemstone! Orchard Road! What a Rare Gem!
Does this J shape property reminds you (if you're old enough) of Ascott at the junction of Scotts & Orchard Road? It already long gone! J isn't a hockey stick but All Slide Down, All the Way Down!

Another J property! JEM = JAM! Jam means Stuck! All kinds of unbelievable trouble happened in this newly opened mall! Will the developer or any authority bother to Consult Feng Shui? Now Check & Repair. Hope they care To Choose An Auspicious Date & Time to Do The ReOpening!  

Sea View property always reminds me of what an indonesian chinese client said: 'your govt is good at reclaiming land. now sea view but years later they'll reclaim land & build something infront of your pty'! anyway no sea view, river view also good. Water is Wealth.

if you like quiet & faraway from the city is could be a good choice, Waterwoods EC. better to choose the unit that faces the River than the Highway. unless the feng shui says your dob is to stay off water, better to face the KPE or the Road!

Art at the wrong place will only destroy your property & not beautify it! In Buddhism, go Vegetarian is to refrain from killing of livestocks. It's improper & rude of Le Restaurant by Paradise Gp to place a huge Buddha statue in its meat-eating outlet! So sinful to dine there! 29/9/13.

from the photo, Thomson V Mall looked OK. Complaint of Poor Business! Perhaps its Main Entrance & Auspicious Date to 'Re-Open' need to be advised on! 

this's an old HDB block at Bendemeer/Serangoon road. Very Unfriendly Design! Choppers Hack Yourself & Sharp Points hurt thy neighbours!

my wish is granted. for a very long time i've wanted to talk about this Very Famous Hospital but somehow or rather i was lazy. haha!. when one says go KK especially in the old days, it usually mean Have Baby! my interpretation of the Designer or Owner's concept is that they wanted a Design to Symbolise Birth! permit me to say did you see the 2 Legs & the Baby with the KK logo on it? if you do, we've succeeded. A Star is Born! 30/9/13.

Off-Balance & No Element. 'Extended Organ'. 

Arrows Shooting Star. How it survives 10 years! 17/10/13. 4.30pm.  

this land shape is interesting: undies, diamond, badge, tomb, shield? any other things you can think of? whatever it's, this triangle shape piece of land isn't harmful
The Venue is developed by the established CDL. well, near to several Schools. & School sounded like Lose in Cantonese thus Gamblers naturally will dislike it. did you see the Bow & Arrow formed by the PIE & a major road? 

4-bedroom from $1,0XX caught my attention in this faraway upper changi area, In Floria! if u like really away from the city, this looks good!  

i again repeat talking about X road! also known as Cross-Road, it invites Legal Problem & Adultery issue!
Strong Feng Shui is needed should u be keen  in Junction Nine Residences. within walking distance is the famous Chongfu school.
25/10/13, 3.33pm.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bartley Ridge

the spacious layout is impressive for this 99 yrs Dual-Key, Multi-Generation apartment! unless there's a rule that elderly folks must stay there with their younger ones otherwise much space to do wonder. 

the Negative Point base on the route map is the Cross-Road, Bartley Rd, Bartley Rd East, Upp Paya Lebar Rd & Mt Vernon Rd. in feng shui X road invites Adultery & Legal Issue! Proven!
so if you intend to buy it, do ensure Geomancy is applied to combat the matter. Moreover the 1st thought of Mt Vernon isn't the Hill but the Graveyard!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Macpherson Mall

a housefly, bee or other insect with wings & back exposed, head & upper body into the ground! cake or other foodstuff been bitten off! weird, unusual but not artistic design! good? bad? surrounding not shown. let the price & status of land decide macpherson mall! if you like it, the facing of your unit & your date of birth must be in harmony.