Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Pong 55 tis yr. fired d cpf dun give him lump sum!!! d rules was changed many yrs ago not coz of him. agn he lost his job. he can nvr hv a steady job for more den 2 yrs!! he an engineer. highest post was GM in kwongchow. claimed tat he got wide overc esp china exposure. 

Pong felt pple at his age cant get job easily. guess he meant dream job. he said not. went for interview as packer, $40 a day. whr got enough he argued. wat he want? $400 a day?

Pong's wife a full time hsewife, 2 kids r grown up working adults. hdb flat a few yrs old. sicked mum dun stay w him. burden shared w bro n sis. what's there to complain? election fever? brainwashed?

Pong prays to many Gods, jb, bangkok, sg etc. can God really help him? his ch name was ok. corrected minor feng shui faults of his apt. wat else he want?

Must have Fish, Prawn cannot!!!