Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Feng Shui Power 30 8818

many people like to write about their 30 years so i follow:

happy corporate clients include Robinsons, Sumitomo Chemical, Avaplas, Xedge, Wo Peng Restaurant, Official Make-Up Artist for Ms S'pore/Universe Pageant '91, NTU Alumni Clubhouse, & many Hotels etc.

witnessed the birth of Rigel. rejuvenated Fagerdala, Tempur, Pizza Hut, Renault & Coselec. Bt Gmbh & Co Kg.

on a personal side, it includes Michael Chiang, Xiaxue, Prof Peter Ng, etc.

worked with many Hoteliers including the renowned Mr Patrick Fiat, & Mr/Mrs Noel Hawkes. not forgetting the SG Hotel Assn. 

did many Bridal Shows where i on-the-spot picked Wedding Dates for the couples. my advantage is i could pick date for the future before the new almanac is ready. sometimes also talk on Wedding Custom & Tradition etc.

Chinese New Year Lo Hei is another hot event by hotels, clubs & companies with the popular topic on the 12 Zodiac Animals. most challenging was the Hilton/Conrad's International Convention for the Top Management. i was given only 12 mins (usual is half hour) & mustn't talk on any ill issue.

CNY Luck Reading was done in many malls, hotels & clubs.

Feng Shui Talk were conducted in many organisations. most Honourable was to be invited by the NZ Tourism Board to present Feng Shui Slide Talk at her 100 Years Tourism Convention. i was in Auckland, Rotorua & Christchurch. and had the chance to feng shui for a proposed Maori Cultural Centre by Kurutao, 

assisted some in Research. a few batches of SMU's students. a top civil servant doing his Master degree. i spent a year with Ms Sara Noble who came from NZ for her Master's degree on the advice of her Korean Prof. eventually she graduated with 1st Class Hons. her thesis was published as a book here, " Feng Shui in S'pore ".  it's launched at the Book Fair at the former World Trade Centre.

during my work trip in NZ, Sara picked me up at Auckland airport. met her Korean Prof in Auckland U. visited her big house. she hosted a beautiful dinner with wine by the sea.

for some years i organised CNY Talk for some followers. not any more for economical venue is hard to find. and i don't bet on mass advertising.

built some houses too. some clients bought old houses or lands then build according to their liking but with total Feng Shui element. interesting & challenging! 

some overseas jobs were done online, & some i went there, Si Chuan China, Ipoh Malaysia etc.

besides the usual consultation, did some charity work. some were quite poor already & yet disturbed by ill geomancy.karma! also conducted Feng Shui tour for some organisations.

1 unusual job was to check the tomb of a rich pioneer Indonesian Chinese businessman. although here we can't pick a good site for his burial, his large family wished to know how the burial site in choa chu kang was like.

gave the auspicious measurement to the caretaker to dig the hole, & put a pair of kirin to guard his grave. before they engaged me, they already put up a full page notice in the papers about the wake. the day of burial was all right but not the time. i delayed it to 2 hours later. also chose the place to put his tablet in his big house in watten estate.

1 touching job was a middle-age single mother with 3 pri sch kids took on 3 jobs. she strongly believed that feng shui caused the hardship. i offered her special fee, pay $200 first, the balance to be paid within 6 mths. for i know my geomancy after correction will work instantly or not exceeding half a year. 

she mentioned that her 3-rm flat in yishun had many ants & other insects! that's a sign of bad feng shui. bed positions & colour were changed. her eldest boy accompanied me to get a cab. the last payment came after 8 mths instead of 6. it's ok for i told her if she felt the improvement didn't come true, she needn't pay the balance. 

many many years later she rang up & shared the good news that all the kids were grown up & able to be on their own.

2 families still can't sell their hdb flats with valuations expired many times. their friend & property agent contacted me for help. visited them & advised them to put fountain, aquarium or air-purifier at a specific location. the indian family used a small fountain, & the chinese used an air-purifier. over the weekends, both units were sold! power of water course. the Merlion is a big & powerful fountain.

you might wonder in this 3 decades have i come across any spooky cases? Yes is the ans. some spirits were already there before the owner took over. some flew in. i'm not a ghost-catcher. when encounter such issue, will refer to the right professionals. occasionally some ask for Black Magic. i don't do.

Dream Psychic could be my the other title. over the years i dream of events, future happenings... once a lady came & disclosed that she always dreamed to chase by a Malay woman & her kids, up to a hill where there's a big monk who told her he can't help her! that night in my dream a Malay bomoh came & explained that the Malay family was his controlled spirits. his client believed that her husband was seeing someone so she got his help to kick off the 3rd party. 

in the dream i told the bomoh man that my client was naive. i'll advise her to stay off that married man but the bomoh man must keep off his spirits otherwise i'll use Buddhism power (i'm a Mahayana Buddhist) to thrash them. he agreed.

the next day reported the matter to her. she confessed that she didn't know he's married & agreed to break off with him.

that's just one of the Dream Happenings.

Feng Shui is an Environmental Science. not a Religion or Black Art. simply is Who & What to be Where & When. if a doctor diagnoses wrongly, only the patient suffers. if the geomancer feng shui wrongly, the whole family suffers! importantly, the feng shui man must be of good skill & character, & the client willing to follow his advice.

nowadays many so-called ' master ' conduct feng shui class. many so-called ' graduates ' start to give consultation. many suffer. if you're looking for a Master, get a reputable & established one. you must also be comfortable with him. not the most expensive master is the best but good thing hardly cheap.

Beware of some Bogus " Masters". they offer their service at a very low fee but you end up buying thousand $ of ' Auspicious ' things. Some got your job by frightening you! Many are out to Cheat!

Publicity. i don't pay to appear in the news, on tv or get awards. before the 2 casino resorts were built, i received many interviews by the press. they wished to know Mbs or Sentosa is better. there're other interviews too. the most interesting one must be the article on Punters & Feng Shui by the famous journalist/author Mr Wong Kim Hoh.  immediately the write-up was translated into Chinese by 2 Chinese papers. in addition to approach by some serious Players, an international press contacted me too. 

Rev. E.J. Eitel of the London Missionary School made his name as the 1st European authority on Feng Shui said by far the best and effective means is to engage a geomancer, to do what he says, and to pay him well. Feng Shui by Ernest J. Eitel

when i was a social worker, many cases were unsolvable, dateline to meet, case to be closed. sad! as a Geomancer, i found the roots of the problems, eg hubby of fire element, wife water..... glad with the finding.

take this opportunity to thank my HK relatives especially Christina & Cassandra who introduced me to be trained under 2 Great Masters in HK. appreciation also goes to my family who supported this profession, & Mr Lee Fong Soon for his ad hoc assistance.

since young inspired by many Feng Shui Tales told by the late great story-teller Mr Li Ta Sa, movies/dramas/books about the legendary Song Dynasty Feng Shui Master Lai Buyi, & our very own Feng Shui Monk Rev Hong Choon, the late Abbot of Kong Meng San Monastery, how He turned the small little temple to be S'pore biggest, & magiced the poor occupancy Grand Hyatt to today's status. 

To celebrate this Pearl Anniversary of Cheong Geomancy Consultants, i offer 30% Discount to all Full Feng Shui Consultation from now to end April. If the job can only be done after Apr but before end 2018, 30% Deposit to be received before April ends.

Am i happy in these 30 years? Yes, i'm glad. wish to do more. the motto since day 1 is " To Make A Better You ". my door is open to all. Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, it exists. 

My work include Feng Shui, Personal Consultation, Date Selection, Naming, Talk, & Life/Dream/Omen/Word Analysis. 

Danny - Cheong Geomancy Consultants - estd 1988
T: 67450023, 96919423 (Whatsapp),  E: 

28 March 2018

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


recently a relative didn't want to keep any liquor in his new house so i benefited. what attracted me most was the Gin. it brings back lots of memories.

in the 70s, Gin drinking is a fashion. Chee, an old pal, brought me to a famous pub in Hilton hotel & introduced Gin Lime. fallen in love then. at a social gathering, when Gin Lime, Gin Tonic were finished, Gin Orange was created.

the influence was so great that i named my Boxer dog, Gin.

that night straight after picking up the unwanted from the relative, i drank Gin Lime. Amazingly, the next day my Joint Pain was calmed down! drank again, it improved further!

my joint pain i trust was due to slow flow of blood & qi. didn't consult doc. just tried with hard liquor. it helped but slow & costly. the Gin worked Magic over my joint pain. to know more about it, i goggled on Gin.

Gin's main ingredient is Juniper Berries. in the old days, Gin was created for Medical reasons. the text said it can help fight liver & kidney disease, fight off cough, good for your Bones.....

i'm convinced. if you wish to know more about Gin, whether for its History, Medical Benefit, Cocktail type etc, please research on it. it'll be of help & interest.

17/10/17  .

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Earth Dog 2018

A Threatful Year! Be very cautious & down-to-earth. Take when there's profit. Travel, shop, invest & speculate with care. Mixed weather. Animal Illness an issue. Illness Star in West. Cash is King.

CNY Day 1: Pray/Visit: 11pm (15/2) - 1am. 3-7am. 9-3pm. 
North (Fortune God/5-Ghosts). North-West (Happy God). South-West (God of Luck).
Avoid South-East (Death-Gate). West (Bad Star).

1. Snake (Romance Star).  2. Rabbit (False Romance Star).  3. Goat   4. Pig  5. Ox  6. Horse  7. Hen  8. Rat.  9. Dog  10. Dragon  11. Monkey  12. Tiger 

Pit Bull or Maltese? A Ferocious Dog Fighting 2018 likely! HK Trained Master Danny Cheong offers the following for You to Tame the Aggressive Year. Also to Channel In Good Luck & Avert Calamities:


a. Personal Reading by email/post $70 (add $10 for oversea posting). Consultation at my place $160. At your place in SG $400. Highlight page & 12 months summary + Item 1b included. Please send Cheque made payable to Cheong Geomancy Consultants, DOB & Name to 330 Ubi Ave 1 # 04-653, S 400330. (About 2 weeks to process).

b. General: Year Forecast. 12 Zodiac Ranking. CNY Day 1 When/Where to Visit/Pray. Work Rest/Resume Period. Area/Trade Summary. $60.

c. 12 Zodiac Summary. $60.


a. Home: a) HDB 3-4 Room $500. 5-Rm/EA $600. b) Pte Apt/EC $1200. Penthouse $1500 up. c) Landed Pty $2500 up.

b. Business: a) Table-Space $250. Room $350 up. b) Office/Shop $688 up. c) Hotel/Factory/Others: P.O.A.

30th Anniversary Offer: 30% Off Full Feng Shui Jobs. Valid till end Mar, 2018. if job can only be done after Mar, a 30% Deposit is required before the dateline. Extended to end April.


All Enquiries Welcome

P: 67450023  SMS/Whatsapp 96919423

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Japanese Cat

Almost every house or shop has at least 1 Japanese Cat figurine. Some collect the whole family! A HK immigrant came with a 1m tall Cat. She told me it's a limited edition, likely the tallest, from a Japanese dept store in HK.

Why this Cat of about 400 years history originated from Japan gained worldwide popularity? Is it that pretty, charming or cute? A Lucky Charm?

In my earlier years of Research on Auspicious Things, passed by a Japanese food stall in a food court. Saw the Cat was placed in a nice tray together with 2 cups & a small coconut, at eyes level. The staff rejected my request to photo such placement. He explained that it was rude to photo their God! Very nice of him to tell me that the cup of wine, salt & coconut were offering to the Cat God.

Recently an article highlighted that Male Cat has the Right Hand Up to Channel in Fortune & Good Luck. Left Hand Up is the Female Cat to Build Good Relationship. Cat of White colour means Lucky. Black to avert calamities & evil. Yellow for Relationship. Gold for Fortune & Prosperity. Purple for Beauty & Health. Green for Happiness. What you want?

Crystal is not a Chinese thing but often used in Feng Shui. So it's all right to add the much adorable Japanese Cat to your Auspicious list. Meow! Meow! Meow!

18/5/17, 2.30pm

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

House that Kills

a week before house-warming (no auspicious date was picked), the man of the flat, 40+ healthy, collapsed & went into coma. he passed off shorty. doctor couldn't find the cause!

the family felt they didn't need feng shui. chose auspicious date to shift was good enough. but shifting date was changed a few times due to renovation delay.

in addition to bad feng shui, a haunted house could kill too!

a spooky flat caused the man to have serious stroke. he almost died. all because the previous owner didn't invite his elderly relatives who passed away in the flat to upgrade with them. the deceased thought the new family terrorized & occupied the flat. ghost hunters were brought in to control them. i was called in later to correct the feng shui.

photo shows a big semi-D. front faced higher ground. 2 pots on the gate looked like grave. inner arch
liked a chopper. the family's health became very bad. some family members gambled off their fortune & almost lives. the owner didn't want bad memories so sold it when the property price was good. they bought another house, i was called in then.

22/4/17: A friend's car was on big fire while driving. no one was hurt. He didn't pick a good date to collect the car. No colour was chosen too. Recently they moved into a new flat without Geomancy audit. Look like the car issue is a warning that the flat needed Geomancy. 


Friday, March 31, 2017

Feng Shui House

28/1/18: This to be built soon

This'll be transformed to the above soon

this isn't the 1st house i built. soon this single storey freehold house will become a 3 & a half storey modern property with air well. every inch with feng shui.

everyone has a dream home. some moved in, happier, richer, smarter, better health & more pretty too. unfortunately some become sad, poor, ill, poor judgement, accident prone etc. all because of geomancy.

every inch counts. the main door should it be on the left, right or center. where the staircase should be so that the good energy can move up to the upper levels. kitchen is the madam's heaven. stove position represents career for all, woman's health & fertility. who to be in which bedroom. bed position means relationship & vitality. not forgetting area for living, dining & toilet. shape of building matters.

each has his or her lucky colour. also have to work out the common colour for all. the outside environment plays an important part. is there road, street lamp or mirror that poke you. any mountain or water course that will help or hurt. any religious site, police post, mrt or bus station, nightclub or  tomb nearby.

how to enhance the rich, prosperous & wisdom area. also to combat the negative energy column.  
garden or green, & pond or aquarium always work wonders. 

when to tear down the old house. when to break ground for the new one. also put main door, stove, & altar (if any). shift in. house-warming (optional). recall a catholic client invited the church leader to bless the old house before it's torn down. again for ground-breaking & house-warming. 

it seems so much extra to consider, money too. well, it's certainly worth it when all are happier, richer, & healthier. 

an 18th century english christian missionary sent to china to spread the religion remarked: Just call in the Geomancer, follows his advice & pays him well. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fire Rooster 2017

" Twin 6th Month with Double Spring. A Great Year for Wedding, ROM, Engagement & Anniversary! Mixed & Upside Down Weather. Mild Recovery with Toughness. Uncertainty in & from the West (Whoever the President is). Do grap every chance but Don't take risk. Still good for Shopping for Property, Stock & Share, Metal. Be cautious with Forex."

Zodiac Ranking:   1. Horse (Romance Star for the Single. False Romance Star for the Married Male. Tai Sui).  2. Dragon  3. Dog (Romance).  4. Tiger (Romance).  5. Monkey (Tai Sui).  6. Rat (Romance. Tai Sui).  7. Ox (Beware of Water Event. White Tiger).  8. Pig (White Tiger).  9. Rooster (Tai Sui, White Tiger).  10. Rabbit (Tai Sui).  11. Snake (White Tiger).  12. Goat.

For Taoist & Chinese Free Thinker Pray to Tai Sui or White Tiger at Taoist Temple during the Lunar 1st month. Repay Service in Dec. If not affected, need not act.

To Boost Romance Luck use Rose Qtz &/or Empty Vase. To Prevent False Romance put Wooden Rooster figurine to face Main Door or Window. Can wear or carry Wooden Rooster pendant too. If can't find Wood made, can consider other material.   


What A Chick! This Fire Bird comes early, 28/1/17, & will stay for 13 lunar months. To Channel in Good Luck & Avert Calamities, HK Trained Master Danny Cheong offers the following:


a. Home: a) HDB Apt $500, b) EC/Pte Apt $1k, Penthouse $1.2k up, c) Landed Pty $2k up.

b. Business: a) Table-Space $200, Room $300, b) Office/Shop $588 up, c) Fty/Hotel: POA.

2. 29th ANNIVERSARY: 20% Discount for New Full Geomancy Job, from Now to end Feb. If Job 
    can only be done after Feb, 30% Deposit is needed now.


a. General: Year Forecast, 12 Zodiac Ranking, CNY Day 1 When/Where to Visit/Pray, Work 
    Rest/Resume Period, Area/Trade Summary: $50.

b. 12 Zodiac Summary: $50.

c. Personal Reading by email/post $60 (add $10 for oversea posting). Face to Face at my place $160,
    at your venue in SG $320. Item 3a included.

* Cheque made payable to CHEONG GEOMANCY CONSULTANTS, & mail to 330 Ubi Ave 1 #04-653, S'pore 400330. Please indicate your Name, DOB, Address, & Service Type. Kindly allow about 2 weeks for processing. 

2018 Auspicious Wedding Date is Ready.

All Enquiries Welcome. T: 67450023. E: