Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wedding in 2017

2017, Fire Rooster Year, has Twin Months (6th month) & Double Spring,  双春兼闰月. traditionally it means An Exceptional Good Year to Get Married! 

people of the Rabbit & Dog zodiac signs might feel that Rooster year is against them thus hold back the wedding. No! you should get married instead coz you need Special Luck to overrule your lousy year (冲喜).

people of the Dragon & Snake signs if married in the Cock year will be at their Best coz Hen is your Best Pal. A great year (喜上加喜). 

equally Good for all other zodiac signs. as long as the couple is financially & emotionally ready, Go Get Married!

Don't worry that the 2017 Almanac is not out. I've already divined All the Auspicious Dates in 2017. Make an Appointment Now! T: 67450023. E: mastercheong@gmail.com.

from now till year end, 10% proceeds will be donated to Man Fatt Lam Buddhist Temple's Rebuilding Fund.

recently at hotel regent's bridal show, received a msg on fb: " i recall meeting you 6 yrs ago at the same show for wedding dates, from getting advice for wedding to house to career n baby naming...i truly believe we're fated to meet that day! " happy client grace n family.

3/10: last week a couple picked some dates for a rush engagement to be held at a hospice witness by her very sicked dad & tea were be offered to him as the doc said he'll not see oct! ( we dont mean to prove the doc's wrong. he eventually lived till oct 5). it's an assurance to him that his girl will be married. the event was held 2 days after they picked the soonest date. just came to know from them that after the event her dad's condition improved & still living. this can be called Use Joyous Event to Help the Very Sicked. 冲喜。
7/10: we plan for a friendly visit to you for your advices all this while.