Thursday, February 26, 2009

21 Happy Happy

parents will joy w tears wen d child turns 21. birthday cake, $ 2 party, & importantly a KEY to freedom for d kid.
my child is 21 tis year. Cheong Geomancy Consultants is 21. d motto remains d same 'to make a better u'. policy remains d same 'door is open to all'
history n success stories can b found in other posts. wat i wanna share here is some new devt:
a very busy start, a very busy cny. worked till eve n opened shop on 2nd day. special interviews by the New Paper Sun & Ch Press. extra-ordinary Talk Prog for Hilton Asia Pacific GMs' Convention, Shangri-La Group of Hotels, Skal (intl tourism org), S'pore Hotel Assn's GM meeting at S'pore Flyer VIP Lounge, CitiGold.....
the no 2 person in a 5 star hotel shared d joy tat her catering sales team after feng shui broke 23 years of sales record! she said her GM tot tat d old record was unbreakable.
well, 2 yrs ago, janny n partners rented a 1000 sq ft plant n feng shui. now expansion, needed 1 more plant, 2000 sq ft. good news rt? but they r bargaining n bargaining for 'better price'!!! results had shown them. moreover they can afford it. moreover my fee is fine. moreover already 21% discount. moreover LV & Rolls Royce oso fixed price. haha eventually i got the job still! they checked w others but still felt most comfort w me.
oso launched Mah Jong w Luv. play MJ must oso tink of Charity. try 2 make tis a weekly event. pse see Mah Jong Caring n Sharing for more details. happy pong pong. happy HU!
cigar n white kopi blended v well. chat again soon folks.
to share birthday joy, all full feng shui job book fm now to 31/3/09 will get 21% off!!!!!


tis isnt just another Success case but a rather unique 1. read on folks.
Tim, a thin tall pale-looking smoker, came with his wife Mary, chubby smoker, chose their wedding date n feng shui their new flat, also did personal assessment, a year n a half ago. he told me he'll return to change his chinese name, for he felt tat his last 30 years was junk!
he came later. when naming is concerned, 1st Life as Destined must b checked: Good, Avg, B-low Avg. if he were a bb, i really dun noe how 2 tell d parents: 'best 2 give away tis child, if not get him god-parents, if not 2 change hse a few times, if not change name. for tis child's good for nothing. he'll fail in anything!!!'
he disclosed tat he nvr had career satisfaction although excel in many trades: f & b, handph etc. many big boys including his in-laws willing to offer him funds to run business but he rejected all due to 'no guts'.
on the eve of cny he came 2 collect his baby boy name. he told me a few mths ago he by chance returned to f & b trade. he applied for a post by chance & was made Outlet Manager of a western restaurant chain. he's very pleased coz many suppliers still remember him although he left f & b many yrs ago.
i shared w him tat i was very pleased 2 coz his bb life: 'will bring fortune 2 parents. good life.....' it's d opp of Tim. see, auspicious wedding date, feng shui, change name gave him a good baby. his Life is certainly Changed.

Friday, February 6, 2009


u c 777 n 3 pots where ur winnings will fall to? jackpot, poker n/or black jack will b d game in tis casino at marina bay. its design tells all!
wen tis design was released many geomancers were interviewed. including the gen public, many saw joss sticks, urn, tomb etc. its feng shui master who recommended tis design, mr chong swan lake, lastly explained tat it meant 2b 3 warriors! got d news recently tat mr chong passed off!!
now it really is altar with 3 joss-sticks, 3 urns, with lotus flower!!!
wen d 2 locatons 4 d IRs were announced in 2005, i was invited by d press to comment. preferred Sentosa 4 its surrounding water element. felt tat Marina Bay was Bull Horn, ie tight. BUT wen d designs were released, things became rather different!!!
Sentosa IR is just a cluster of Puzzle Game! very mild feng shui design as compared to Marina Bay. meaning Sentosa good feng shui site with mild design. Marina Bay soso feng shui site with power design. of course d Geomancy Interior Design matters alot.
well sentosa IR now more for family outing, play play. serious players for marina bay.


so glad to hv spore flyer here. biggest in the world as reported in the press.
its location at the south actually obstructed the luck energy entry fm d intl water! d spinning power spin off luck n energy 2. although in her literature, mentioned tat some geomancers highlighted the clockwise/anticlockwise effect, recently it's stalled for a period.
tats coz South was the Sick Zone last year. such illness really proved powerful enough to cause tis huge machine 2b sicked!
it recovered n in function on cny 1st day. south no longer the sick zone in 2009! capsule is wat they called the cabin. capsule sounded sick 2!
in HK, some geomancers suggested tat one who desires 2 Change of Luck shld board the ferries wheel coz tats d biggest Change of Luck tool. can tat b applied 2 d Spore Flyer? once d Casino nearby is in op, Punters esp luckless ones shld spin spin 1st n try luck again!!!