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In addition to correct placement of door, bed, stove, etc, we do need some Magic Stuff to either enhance the energy or to avert calamities. Common ones are Plant, Aquarium, Fountain, Crystals, Mirror. etc. And Lucky items are Wealth Toad, Lion, Kirin, Pixiu, etc. Commonly you use Japanese Cat.

Those shrewd businessmen thus created 'Feng Shui Fish, Plant, Altar, etc. See, I'm a Feng Shui Man. Some business-minded Geomancers even create what they call 'Fortune' stuff. All Rubbish.

. Since Feng Shui is a Chinese thing, quite naturally they use Chinese Fish. Goldfish is always the no. 1 choice. Not truly coz of its beauty or the word Gold. More importantly is that Goldfish eat & shit FAST & ALOT. Demanding you to Change the Water often thus Movement.

Change of Luck.

Its cousin Carp was transformed to KOI. That need bigger area, dig earth & ultra power pump. Bigger Movement. Dragon Fish was later introduced. Now together with Goldfish & Koi, they made the
Three Lucky Fish.Other species are secondary.

For Feng Shui power, the maximum no to keep is 9.The no of Black fish must not be more than other colour fish.

To ward off extreme Bad Luck, keep 6 Solid Black fish, any type, place it at a place you dislike most. After taking up your bad luck, they'll die. Replenish instantly. The no.of fish must always be 6. Once your luck has improved, you can keep them still. It worked wonder for my client, Li Hwa, her black goldfish even gave birth.

Actually most importantly is which place need Water, Clean Moving Water. Fountain can replace aquarium. Best of all, you can also use a pail of water with a pump. It'll work too but Visitor will call you the Mad Scientist.

Quite often you read about Drowning in condo's swimming pool. Sometimes repeated cases in the same pool. That area shouldn't have Water! If wrongly placed in your home or office, instead of bringing you Good Luck, Bad Luck come. All these areas need to be assessed.

SINGING BOWLS (SB): Some years ago, an Indian Catholic pal offered to cleanse a pty with SB.I rejected him coz I wasn't aware of such instrument. Last year by chance I read an article about SB in a Buddhism mag. I was Enlightened! Now I'm head over heels about SB. And even formed a division Wonder Bowls. Before using SB, I visit Foot Relexology fortnightly but now once in 3 months!

SB is a Metal Bowl, when strikes or run with a mallet will create Sound & Vibration that will work Magic. Very ancient thing orginated in India. But popularised in Nepal, Tibet & Japan. To many SB is a secret tool of the Lama.

This ancient Bowls is made from several types of metal. Nowadays usually brass. Crystal Bowls is rare & very costly. Basically it's either machine (high pitch) or man-made (low pitch). Machine-made types are usually imprinted with Symbol or Mantra. Other than a power tool for feng shui, it's popular for Healing, Mediation etc.

Let me end this page by highlighting about Auspicious Measurement & Numbers. In the auspicious measuring tape, each inch represents something good or bad. Other than the Altar, please don't be too concern for other furniture, otherwise you've to tailor-made your bed, chair, table etc. And please don't start measuring your height or fingers. Maybe that's why high-heel & manicure were invented!

The influence of sound alike Good Number came from HK. Thus you've to pronounce any nos in Cantonese, & never use other language or dialect. Once I picked a nice no for client's new Benz. 3266. He's upset coz he's Teochew. Well, he kept that for 7 years then switched to a Lexus. Now he drives a BMW 7 series. Base one's DOB, Lucky Number can be worked out. What if yours is 4444?

*Cheong Geomancy Consultants estd1988

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