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Fake & Bogus Master please quit! Feng Shui can be a matter of Life & Death! You'll be Punished one day! Go do something else. Half-Past 6 sifu too. Go learn more before trying to make $. It's a Holy Profession. Not $ making trade. Moreover you're playing with one's life. Yours too!

Malaysia's Old Master Yap Cheng Hai saved Lillian Too when she failed as a banker donkey yrs ago, now 'spokeman' for the condo project Elemen on genting. its top is like Emperor's Hat. many can't take on such strong element. there's only 1 King. moreover genting has too much & strong Gambling Qi. 22/2/13. 

'interest in geomancy since young...learnt from various masters overseas...same root as the late feng shui monk Rev Hong Choon...' website infor of several new 'fengshui man'! Stop using such marketing ideas! Stop conducting feng shui class! You're fooling the public!   6/2/13.

2013 Water Snake Lunch Talk on 24/11/12. Personal Consultation Coming Soon!
Is Your Premises or Yourself Ready for 2013? 

Nirvana Memorial Gdn's marketing is strong. many times contacted me 2b her agt to sell urn space. rejected. nov 26, it advt highlighting intl fs conventn tour to its gdn. many 'grand masters' said good abt nirvana. 
according to sci research: when buried the bone of the deceased will somehow have reaction with the earth of the burial ground n with the good or bad environment including shape of tomb etc will affect descendants! such is primary level of feng shui.
DISAGREE with wat a local big boy said "...cremation has that similar principle can still be applied at a columbarium w gd feng shui..."! it's sec level.
Now for the living wats most VIP is your Home Feng Shui! 

Self-Created Lucky items WILL NOT WORK!!! what wealth wallets! All Rubbish! geomancer male or female including business pple merely wanna get more $ out of U! DON'T be Psycho by them! Feng Shui in gen is abt balancing of Qi between U n d area thus benefiting from it. Traditional Lucky items eg Wealth Toad, Pixiu, Lions etc r merely Supplement only. if d Qi is Wrong, even a 1 ton Elephant is useless! 
many ' geomancers ' who created own items to sell or cheat all ended up 1/2 'dead'! some 'dieing' soon. 
One's doing is watched by Heaven or God. Reward or Punishment is only a matter of time.  

advt in st 11/3/11: lillian too presents 3rd dimension pt 2, the secrets of sacred amulets... make/use/wear Talismans... come n receive oral transmissions of powerful Mantras... Spiritual Feng Shui...
WRONG to add Religion into such environmental science!!

master chong swan lake died last year, was told sudden death, thus left marina bay IR unfinished! shortly 2 key top staff of sands quit or asked 2 go! delay! as reported in sun times 14/3/10, his 'student' (never know he got student) mentioned that she took over d project. the whole sands IR rep buddhism praying setup. probably chong planned his death. his spirit will linger on there. so folks dun b surprise u c things there!

passed by marine parade a thai buddhism follower cum geomancer put on his signboard: celebrity geomancer. 1 hell of rubbish!

table tennis assn chief is d guest of honour of a fs seminar organised by a trade fair org! it's gd if she were 2 invite those speaker-'geomancer' 2 fs d assn hse 2 solve all d 'trouble'! although most of those 'geomancers' r unrated, it might still work some wonders. tis event may duplicate d annual fs convention but a chance for d undrated. i rejected its invitatn. u can call me snobbish.

now probably due to the many courses, many evil, suddenly many 'masters' were born!! all hv donkey yrs of experience, all were past dn fm past generations!!

In the early 80s, Rev Hong Choon of Bright Hill Temple, KH Lim of SanYen, Peter Gwee of Fulu & Yew Long Zi were the Big Names. Dr Evelyn Lip, researcher/author turned geomancer, sch of architecture studies - NUS. Chong Swan Lake & Koh PL kept low profile. Tan Koon Yong of Way was relatively unknown.

Rumour was that you need at least 10k to engage the Rev. Lim & Gwee occupied big office with rosewood furniture & many staff in Parkway Parade & Wisma whereas Tan only occupied a small place in Fulu Shou. Yew Long Zi was better known for Name Selection.

A Big Restructure in the 90s. Rev Hong Choon passed away. Lim vanished (anyone know his news?). Gwee moved to Katong then to Geylang, Red Lights area. Dr Lip stayed low-key but disclosed to the NZ Researcher Sara Noble that she was involved to feng shui several State Projects. Tan's popularity shot up. In fact Tan was pioneer in strong advt.

Lilian Too, with a failed career turned to writing feng shui books made it big in the mid 90s. She brought FENG SHUI TO NEW HEIGHT. Also made famous Malaysian veteran Yap Cheng Hai. Lynn Yap called herself the Queen of Feng Shui!!!!! (a case in my Supernatural/Unb pg surely enough 2 dethrone her).

Around the New Millennium period, came Adelina Pang, who mentioned that her girl almost died from bad feng shui. It's only fair for Joey Yap to try to make a name for himself coz his dad Cheng Hai made famous Lilian, also he's truly old.

Aggressive Marketing & Advertising made Lynn & Adelina popular too.

It's interesting that how Vincent Koh (teach hobby feng shui course in S'pore Poly) managed to register as S'pore Feng Shui Centre? Tung Cheng Loong is interesting & low-key too. Others are not worth mentioning.

Currently local Geomancy scene is quite Crucial. Courses are easily available by many so-called Masters. Even books are full of Rubbish. Moreover many wish to make it a trade. They thought Good & Easy $.

To all " Master Hopeful ", Fake Masters, Teachers & Authors: Feng Shui involve Life & Death! Bad & Wrong advice could kill not 1 patient but a whole family! Retribution Awakes!

Hong Kong is still the World Centre for Geomancy. Grand Master Cai Bo Li is still the no. 1. Several Masters only service exclusive clients. Taiwan's politics is more interesting than her Feng Shui. Moreover Astrology & Tarot Cards are more common there. Chairman Mao during his time had chased many Feng Shui Masters out of the Mainland. What's left now in China?

In the WEST: Stephen Skinner is an estd author/geomancer long long ago. Raymond Lo was very sicked before picking up Geomancy. Sarah B, an American ID was sent to HK. There she learnt the trade & wrote on the subject & changed career too when returned to USA. American Feng Shui Institute was made famous by this Chinese man Larry. A good outlet for the foreigners.

I was approached to chair the 1st INTERNATIONAL FENG SHUI CONVENTION by the organizer. Due to some miscommunication the organizer lost touch with me. With that main reason + the inauspicious date of the inaugural event, I BOYCOTTED it although the organizer later invited me. Till now I'm least keen about her events.

Many Masters link FENG SHUI WITH RELIGION. Sarah B learnt geomancy from a master who's more famous in Tibetan Buddhism than feng shui. Once a student from Way Geomancy came to select wedding date. He mentioned that Tan Koon Yong highlighted that Feng Shui work faster with the aid of Taoism. Tan is a Taoist & owns a Taoism Centre. Sometimes people wonder is the power of Feng Shui or Buddhism of Rev Hong Choon that worked!

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