Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fire Rooster 2017

" Twin 6th Month with Double Spring. A Great Year for Wedding, ROM, Engagement & Anniversary! Mixed & Upside Down Weather. Mild Recovery with Toughness. Uncertainty in & from the West (Whoever the President is). Do grap every chance but Don't take risk. Still good for Shopping for Property, Stock & Share, Metal. Be cautious with Forex."

Zodiac Ranking:   1. Horse (Romance Star for the Single. False Romance Star for the Married Male. Tai Sui).  2. Dragon  3. Dog (Romance).  4. Tiger (Romance).  5. Monkey (Tai Sui).  6. Rat (Romance. Tai Sui).  7. Ox (Beware of Water Event. White Tiger).  8. Pig (White Tiger).  9. Rooster (Tai Sui, White Tiger).  10. Rabbit (Tai Sui).  11. Snake (White Tiger).  12. Goat.

For Taoist & Chinese Free Thinker Pray to Tai Sui or White Tiger at Taoist Temple during the Lunar 1st month. Repay Service in Dec. If not affected, need not act.

To Boost Romance Luck use Rose Qtz &/or Empty Vase. To Prevent False Romance put Wooden Rooster figurine to face Main Door or Window. Can wear or carry Wooden Rooster pendant too. If can't find Wood made, can consider other material.   


What A Chick! This Fire Bird comes early, 28/1/17, & will stay for 13 lunar months. To Channel in Good Luck & Avert Calamities, HK Trained Master Danny Cheong offers the following:


a. Home: a) HDB Apt $500, b) EC/Pte Apt $1k, Penthouse $1.2k up, c) Landed Pty $2k up.

b. Business: a) Table-Space $200, Room $300, b) Office/Shop $588 up, c) Fty/Hotel: POA.

2. 29th ANNIVERSARY: 20% Discount for New Full Geomancy Job, from Now to end Feb. If Job 
    can only be done after Feb, 30% Deposit is needed now.


a. General: Year Forecast, 12 Zodiac Ranking, CNY Day 1 When/Where to Visit/Pray, Work 
    Rest/Resume Period, Area/Trade Summary: $50.

b. 12 Zodiac Summary: $50.

c. Personal Reading by email/post $60 (add $10 for oversea posting). Face to Face at my place $160,
    at your venue in SG $320. Item 3a included.

* Cheque made payable to CHEONG GEOMANCY CONSULTANTS, & mail to 330 Ubi Ave 1 #04-653, S'pore 400330. Please indicate your Name, DOB, Address, & Service Type. Kindly allow about 2 weeks for processing. 

2018 Auspicious Wedding Date is Ready.

All Enquiries Welcome. T: 67450023. E: mastercheong@gmail.com.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

2019 Auspicious Wedding Date

2019 Auspicious Wedding Date is Ready! As usual HK trained Master Danny Cheong selects the Most Suitable Date for You. Come with the Couple's & Parent's Date of Birth (Hour not needed), English or Chinese calendar. On-the-Spot Consultation. For Anniversary & other VIP events too.


a. 2017/8 $100   
b. 2019    $200  
(If same year 1 charge for ROM/Ceremonial)


$50 each (usually select at a later date)


$100 each

Mon-Sun, 11am-8pm. Ph 67450023. E: mastercheong@gmail.com
Blk 330 Ubi Ave 1 #04-653, S 400330

By Appointment Only. Book Now! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Why Come Singapore?

The 2 giants, Mr Trump of USA & Mr Kim of North Korea picked Singapore for their historic meeting on Jun 12, 2018, further confirmed this Lion City is a Treasure!
Updated 19/6/18.

Singapore has no high mountain to climb, no pinkish coral to dive, no snow to ski, no great sunrise or sunset, no fake goods, & nothing that cheap. Historical & Natural sites few too.

This Lion Garden City speaks English, Chinese, Malay & Tamil in general. Common Chinese Dialects are Cantonese, Hakka, Hainanese, Hokkien & Teochew. 

Popularly known as The Little Red Dot is Summer daily. In addition as International Food Haven, the Local Food are very well received. My HK relative pre-arranged Chicken Rice date. They jumped on Bak Ku Teh (Pork Rib Soup), Satay (Malay BBQ), Bo Bo Cha Cha (Sweet Dessert) & Coconut. Not forgetting the Chilli Crab. Gold is bought too coz it's purer here. Many buy Branded Luxury Goods here for fake goods/shops are plenty in their countries. 

Great S'pore Sale in June, & various Trade Fairs are True Bargain. You might win the Lucky Draw too. The Night Safari Zoo is a 1st in the world. So is the F1 Night Race. An oversea pal wished to come watch the F1 & Concert. You can spend a full day at Sentosa Island & Universal Studio. SG Flyer, Ferris World, will lift you to the sky.

On arrival or departure, enjoy the world class Changi Airport. Pick up some Duty Free Goods, They said Cheapest. If one loves to enjoy the Hotel, Great! From Budget to 6 Star, plenty Hotels. 

Economical Shopping in Bugis to Luxurious Buy at Orchard. Raffles City in the middle. All are linked by good public transport, MRT, Air-Con Bus & Cab. 

Many Holy Religious Places for Buddhist, Christian, Muslim & Hindu. Nice Architectures. Waterloo St, commonly called 4th Road, Goddess of Mercy Temple, attracts numerous Locals & Foreigners daily. 

Chinatown is remade. Sichuan hotpots or steamboat easily found. People's Park Complex still vibrant. If you sleep little, head to Geylang. Lots of Chinese Food & Happenings, Not recommended for Kids.

Little Thailand, Golden Mile Complex, gathers many Thai Workers, Shops & Culture. Coach to Malaysia & Thailand.   

Little India, Serangoon Rd. Ideal for Tourists to explore Indian Culture.

Little Philippine, Lucky Plaza, many Philippine Workers especially on weekends. Her Culture too. Little Myanmar-Peninsula Plaza, Little Indonesia-City Plaza Geylang, Little Vietnam-end Geylang, the communities speak.

Geylang Serai & Arab Street are the Malay roots. Nice to explore all these areas.

Horse Racing & Casino are available at Marina Bay Sands & Resort World Sentosa. Free Entry to Casino for Tourists. Music & Dining by the Singapore River, Clark Quay & Boat Quay. 

As a multi-racial nation, major Festivals of different races are celebrated. New Year, Good Friday, Vesak Day, Labour Day, Hari Raya Puasa/Haji, Deepavali, & Christmas are Public Holidays.

Welcome too, if you wish to study or work here. Good Education & Employment.

Below Photos will Bring You to Singapore. 

 Casino Marina Bay Sands

 Mid-Autumn or MoonCake Festival

New Hip in Old Shop

 Marina Bay & Surroundings

 MerLion Park

 Water Bridge

 Exotic Housing

 Treasure Pot

 Theme Event/Expo

 Chinese New Year Goodies Chinatown

 Crab Dish No 1

 Friendly S'porean

 Raw Fish Salad Must Eat CNY

 Beautiful Sky

 SG Modern Founding Father Sir Lee Kuan Yew

 Feng Shui Monk Rev Hong Choon

World Class Performance

 Indian Roti Prata


                                                                 6 Star Hotel St Regis

                                          Bright Hill Temple, SG Largest Buddhist Temple

                                                                  Chinatown by Day

                               Joseph Schooling won SG 1st Gold in Olympics 2016 Butterfly Event

                                                             International Buffet Hotel

                          Old Taoist Temple that can arrange Ghost Marriage off Tanjong Pagar

                                                        World Largest Fountain Suntec

                                                             F1 Night Race World 1st

                                                  Durian King of Fruits Daily in Geylang

                                                       Enjoy SG World Class Airport

                                                             Delicious Chinese Noodle

                                                                  Garden By The Bay
                                          Suang Lim Monastery SG Oldest Buddhist Temple

                                                      SG Sling World Famous Cocktail

How can you don't come to visit such a world class cosmopolitan country? Very Safe & Good Government. Moreover the Feng Shui is Good here. Get some Good Luck.

You Must Come Always. See You in Singapore.



Sunday, August 14, 2016

Why Go Oversea?

 Feng Shui Rigel's China Plant

 LadyBoys Show Phuket

 Grilled Lobster Phuket

 NightLife St Phuket

 Famous Beach Phuket

 Croc Briefcase BKK

 Cultural Shock BKK

 Cheap Shopping BKK

 Famous 4-Face Buddha BKK

 Relax BKK

 Lens Changed in Batam, $60 in 4hrs. SG Treble.

 Temple Visit BKK

 National Food & Gift BKK

 Invitation by NZ Tourism Board

 World Biggest Sleeping Buddha BKK

 Bright Sky & Buildings BKK

 Common Phuket Scene

 Dongguan My Roots China

 Best Roasted Goose in Dongguan

 Roasted Pork & Shark Fins BKK

 King Rama 6th's Palace

 Must Massage BKK

 Mega IT Mall BKK

 Visit Friend Sawadee Krap

 Big Buddha HK

 Good Dried Seafood Guangchow

 World Heaviest Solid Gold Buddha BKK

 Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha BKK

 Duty Free Purchase

 Accompany Pal to Batam

 Fruit Plantation Malaysia
 Feng Shui House in Ipoh

Love Locks Gt Wall of China

a pal asked why always go BKK, what's the attraction? common reasons for travel include Work, Relax, Shopping, Food etc. some go for Theme Parks, Religious Visits, Historical Buildings etc. Of course some head to Exotic Food & Activities.  some visit Friends & Relatives.

an uncle joined the China Eating Tour by Restaurant Assn. he complained the leisure visit to view mountain & river was wasting time! another relative only likes Shopping in Modern Cities. someone returned from Halong Bay & remarked so slow moving, & she witnessed robbery! 

my HK relatives know SG very well. they call & pop over the next min! a friend who settled down in USA comes SG every alternate year to visit her relatives & friends. they also witness the rapid change of the Lion City. someone wishes to watch F1 & Concert here.

2 years ago brought a good friend to BKK. that's his virgin flight! although he's relatives in Sydney, never been there before for he didn't want to trouble them though was invited. picked BKK coz i'm quite familiar. his only request was don't catch flight before 9am for he afraid can't get up that early. also maybe no cab at 6 am! he lived in Sengkang. had few meetings with him before booking. explained to him Pratunam was like Bugis, Siam Sq meant Orchard Rd etc. told him what to expect.

in these 2 years other than church activities to Malaysia by coach/car, he didn't fly to anywhere. base on this request, i'm looking at HK. he's much magnetized by HK dramas/movies that he must visit Yau Ma Teh Police Stn, Ladies/Temple St, Ocean Pk & Macau. he feels early planning is risky as no one knows the nearer happening. that's quite tough. we're still planning.

well before you travel oversea, make sure you know what kind of activity you want. do expect the unexpected & enjoy the Cultural Shock.