Monday, August 27, 2012

PM Lee Hsien Loong & Pregnancy

PM Lee's National Day Rally Speech last night inspired me to pen this page about Having More Babies. my focus will be on from the vip point of Feng Shui & Traditional Chinese Belief.

1.   Interior: 
a.   Stove represents Woman's Health, Fertility, & Career. Basic Rules are No Water or Liquid items should 
      be Opposite the Stove (stove position is determined by woman's dob), i.e. Fridge, Washing Basin, 
      Washing Machine etc. If they've to be in line, there must have a gap of at least 30cm or 1 foot. No Cloth
      to be Hung above the Stove. No Pipe or other fittings too. 
      city view at boon keng dbss 4-room apt's stove & fridge space is opposite each other & the kitchen is 
      truly mini! the stove position was right so my client agreed to move the fridge to the living area, & the ID
      created a bar area there.

b.   Bed position is about Relationship, Character, & Career. Also base on the couple's dob to determine.
      Quite common, the man to sleep this side, & the woman that side. Wrong Bed Position could cause the 
      couple or 1 of them to be extremely Active but would not help in fertility. It only make the other 1 afraid.
      this couple in an east coast apt highlighted that after they produced the 1st boy, over the years they failed
      to produce anymore, even they'd medical help by checking & going home in daylight so to make love, 
      they meant to make baby. upon hearing their urgency & checking, i advised them to switch sleeping
      position. shortly they told me the Great News. the 2nd boy was born & as heavy as the bro, almost 4kg.
      the grandpa nicknamed him Pork Seller i.e. Fat.

c.   Mirror Must Not Directly Face the Bed. It'll reflect off all Energy, bad or good! Even in other areas 
      including office, your Front, Back, Side, Top & Bottom Should Not be Faced with Mirror!

     a full length mirror faced a couple's bed directly. shortly the baby was lost. told them to cover up or 
     remove it as the bed position was right. some years later, they got twin!  

d.  Fertility Area is in every property. This's permanent. There's also Annual Fertility Area base on the Year,
     In 2012, the Fertility Area is in North-East. South in 2013. Thus at this area Do Your Job! 

2.  Display: Whether Art, Figurine or Photo, people trust it'll Bring Luck. Here share with you some popular
a.  Pear, Green or Yellow is ok. Not to eat it but to display (not the real fruit). It means Kids.
b.  Chopsticks is Fast Kids. Collect more pairs.
c.  Put lots of nice photos or posters of Babies (Not Puppy or Kitten) in your master bedroom &/or in the 
     Fertility area.
d.  Goddess of Mercy that carries a Kid.
e.  Laughing Buddha with many Kids.
     (for Religious reason Don't Put Kwan Yin or Buddha in the Bedroom).
f.  Eight Deities. 
g. Kirin.

3. Extra Points:
a. if the gynaecologist suggests operation then please Choose An Auspicious Date for some days are 
   against operation &/or your dob. But if it's Natural Birth then don't bother, it's God's will.
b. choose the Right Chinese Name for the Baby. such naming will be based on dob, nos of strokes, and
    elements. usually i'll highlight also What's to be Avoided during childhood.
c. if you're more concerned then check the baby's sleeping position etc.
d. i do have Specialized Feng Shui Package for Kids etc.

I hope this Article will help you, also Help Singapore To Have More Babies. 

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