Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bad Cab, Chinatown & Chao Phaya River

unique low seater bowl at the River Pier Public Toilet 2 thbt to enter
See Chinatown & Chao Phaya River seems possible in a day as the map showed it's near to each other. 
we checked with tis young man driven metre cab about our destination of the river where we can walk to chinatown in the evening. after a few mins, he stopped at a land & showed us the std tourist map. we tot he jus wanted to confirm tat part of the river. then he said HE'LL DRIVE US THE GEMS FACTORY & WE STAY THERE FOR 10 MINS. NO NEED TO BUY ANYTHING. THE FACTORY WILL STAMP ON HIS CARD & HE GETS FREE PETROL. PLEASE HELP! 
I hated SUCH! told him NO Way! he drove to the main road then switched Off the metre! i questioned his action. he said since we cant help him by going to the gems factory, we've to get another cab. 
we're still at pratunam area. the moment we alighted, a fat smiling guy came. told us the same thing but we pay 50 thbt only. my group felt ok to visit the gems fty! u-knw-wat eventually we felt 10 mins not enough!!  

we alighted at Chinatown & tat fat cab driver told us tat cross the road turn left will be the River Pier. instead of the original plan of strolling the river then seafood dinner at chinatown, we're excited abt chinatown just liked b4! shop lah! eat lah!

i brought my damaged Vintage Watch for tis trip for some kind of feeling told me tat it can be repaired in BKK though most said Cant in S'pore (yet to chk with d agt)! 
i saw many old watch shops here. went in to a modern looking one, the owner-couple were well-dressed. showed them wat i got. they said can be done, they need 2 days. i dun hv d time! how abt a few hrs from now i requested. the time was 1pm, she said come back at around 4pm, cost around 4000+ thbt. inc: change org circuit board, cleaning, new battery, & checking. she told me her shop comes with 45 yrs of reputation! THANK YOU! back home it would have costed me at least double the amt. well it isnt the $ tat counts! 

we saw the River Pier so tat part of Chao Phaya River was visited. haha! 

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