Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sir Lee Kuan Yew & I

 I didn't purposely buy Lee Kuan Yew Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going on the eve of our 47th National Day to create special sentiments or loyalty. By chance I saw this book at the airport bookstore at a good discount off $39.90. Wish to buy this book when it's 1st launched in 2011 but due to some casual reasons I held back unlike The Singapore Story which I bought as soon as it's launched. Didn't mind its heavy weight & size, hard cover, 458 pages, put it in my hand luggage & it went with me overseas. In addition to the good discount, His Age, Idol & Fan relationship, it's worth it.

Today is 22/8/12, it took me 1 week to read every word, & watched the dvd. Now humbly I'd say I know Sir Lee Kuan Yew, the Past, Present & Future (perhaps) of Singapore better. As a fan it's my duty to know my idol better. as a loyal citizen, it's my commitment to know my motherland better. 

One point that made me most keen to get this book is Did He believe in Feng Shui? That's due to my profession. The answer is go read the book, for me to know, for you to find out. 

I'd no interest & knowledge of politics & PAP until my virgin Vote came in the 70s. That's Jalan Besar, there's Mr Sidek, Choo, Peh & Dr Lee Boon Yang. the last one was Mr Peh Chin Wah (hope spelt right). The neighbourhood didn't quite like him maybe coz each time he met the people especially the shop owners, he'll try to coax you to buy his co's shares or his property in china (some shop owners highlighted that). He's often late at schools & community functions, & he spoke with a funny accent whether in English or Chinese. Most of the times he spoke out of point. Such didn't put my vote in the opposition camp. Whoever PAP put there, my vote is still PAP. Now is even better, in my new place, it's Marine Parade, & there's Mr Goh Chok Tong. to me PAP is Peace And Prosperity, & not Pay And Pay!

Often when meet new friends or clients, their 1st remark is your forehead is like the Top Man! Especially now when my hair is also silver. Well of course His is higher & full silver.

One man's meat is another's poison: once told an elderly friend that maybe Lee's past life was the Goddess of Mercy. His reply was how can that be, the Goddess is full of Compassion! A childhood neighbour disclosed that whenever Lee appeared on TV, his uncle will either switch channel or said bad things about him.  

It's a Great Book. Thanks to Mr Han Fook Kwang & his team from The Straits Times.

Sir Harry Lee Kuan Yew is a Genius. We're Lucky to be Singaporean.    

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