Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rolex & Friendship

LEE (maybe last male virgin in s'pore) spring cleaned his flat 2 yrs ago n found this 70s or 80s Rolex S/Steel Auto Watch that he got a decade ago! Not an avid watch person, he already long forgotten this watch! Shook it n it worked! He wore it then. About a yr ago he showed it to me. I was amazed for we've Identical Watch, just that his was auto, model 15XX n mine's self-winding, model 6694!

Last week he came with the sad news that he pulled the Crown too hard that it came off n he couldn't find its parts!!! That happened some months ago. He didn't want to spend perhaps half a thousand dollars to get it repaired at the official agt. He wears another watch n put the Rolex aside.

Upon hearing that i offered to intro him to a good master watchman. Lee was worried about the repair bill. He was more than willing to Give Me the Rolex for FREE! This's his Kindness & True Friendship.

We went to see the watchman last week. The repair cost was only a quarter of what the agt might charge. Lee said since he'd given me the watch, it's up to me to repair or not. He didn't take advantage of that reasonable fee. 

Today I went to collect it. Well Done by the master craftsman. Now I've a manual n an automatic Vintage Rolex of the same model. This kind of Watch & Friend will not Fade! You can read more about Lee in an earlier post, Brotherhood Kindness Keeping in Thailand; about Watches in What's The Time. If you're interested to buy some of my watches, please go to 

On sep 8, i showed Lee the Born-Again Watch. He's astonished that it could live again & praised the master watch repairer. From his eyes & in his heart, I saw his sentiments for the watch was still there. My sense was right. When i offered to return him the watch, he accepted it & returned me the repair cost. I feel that both He & the Watch have a Special Bond!

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