Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vintage Watch

in gen any watch i.e. 30 yrs old up can be known as Vintage. such have Collection Value. estd Brands will command Better Value. Vintage Watch collection is a common collector's choice. 
you must have a good Repair or Service Man standby. the trouble with Very Old or Vintage watch is Hard to Find Spare Parts! 
a friend spent 30k to buy an Annual Calendar PP, no more in production. the agt suggested it should be sent back to swiss for a full svc. tat costed my fr another 3k n he waited for abt 6 mths! the dents on the bezel were not repaired coz not requested! as he got sweaty hands, every alternate yr he gotta change its leather strap, i.e. 2k!
once i saw a Vintage Seiko watch, i chk with its agt. the tech expert gave me a list of models that already no parts. she advised me Don't Buy Any Old Seiko!  
Vintage Watch especially pass down certainly has Sentimental Value too. if it's out of order 1 day & beyond repair, Keep It. who knows in the future, its manufacturer might want back old models. you'll be rich! my dad's Vintage Parker Fountain Pen didn't win the Oldest Parker Pen Awards when Parker had a contest to look for the Oldest writing instrument here, i won Consolation!
your spouse will feel gay n safe when realise that you like Old Things! Lol! 
here you find some of my Vintage Collection. if you like it, it can be yours at the right price:

1. Longines Tank. 70s. Qtz. Brown Croc Strap. $1188.

2. Omega Seamaster. 60s. Automatic. Org S/Steel Bracelet. 2-Tone. $1888.

3. Rolex Precision 6694. Self-Winding. Wine Colour Strap. $1988.

More Collections inc soon-to-be Vintage & Ltd Edtn in 

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