Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hangover BKK

tis bkk trip, aug 8 to 11, was meant as a family holidays. the last time they visited bkk was 2 yrs ago. lots of changes eg Night-Market now is from mbk to pratunam. more china visitors. cab driver rather cheeky eg fm the airport they'll pretend to know how to reach your hotel... tis trip i paid for 2 toll, long road + jam 620 thbt! usually 400 thbt. tut-tut were take in easily 5 pax! more malls are up.

few mths ago i visited bkk, the hotel, hairsalon, some shops, restaurants etc still remember me. they infact gave me some discounts & good deals. eg a new salon staff recommended me a Cold pills, 6 thbt only. it worked! 

tis trip i visited Chatuchak, Chao Phaya River (small part only), repaired Vintage Watch, set Green Croc Skin Strap for a Ltd Edtn Watch.... most importantly my Family Members enjoyed the trip. when's our next holidays? hopefully annual holidays to different part of the world. 

as for me when'll i visit bkk, maybe next year. Happy Folks! 

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